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  1. J.R.

    J.R.10 hours ago

    Whought aoer ya from Boston?

  2. Aiki Noob

    Aiki Noob10 hours ago

    Comon bro your from Mass. Stop ranking other men. Thats wack

  3. Zak

    Zak10 hours ago

    I don’t experience pain it just feels uncomfortable

  4. Alpha C

    Alpha C11 hours ago

    shut the hell up don’t talk bad about my boy alpha

  5. Kane Spangler

    Kane Spangler11 hours ago

    So just to clarify if they lie about it then they’re a piece of trash and if they tell the truth then they’re a piece of trash

  6. Kane Spangler

    Kane Spangler11 hours ago

    I couldn’t put my finger on it but it’s a muscular Todd Chrisley 😊

  7. Kane Spangler

    Kane Spangler11 hours ago

    Holy shit that’s a wicked accent 😋🍀

  8. Siraj Carlis

    Siraj Carlis12 hours ago

    My son rlly trynna hold on to that accent.😭As he should.

  9. Kass' Thor

    Kass' Thor12 hours ago

    You lost me at "Planks are fun".

  10. Garay Power

    Garay Power12 hours ago

    First time doing it & I got to say I love this leg workout!! something different from my regular USlikes trainer, thanks guys

  11. Fuckwithmycrew 1997

    Fuckwithmycrew 199713 hours ago

    Your wrong about everything

  12. Lupton Pittman

    Lupton Pittman15 hours ago

    Sets of 20 with 90 seconds between sets? Ok, so I’ll be using the bah, and only the bah

  13. Maaifoedie De La Rey

    Maaifoedie De La Rey15 hours ago

    Just keep in mind Jeff focuses on prevention of injury and technique, not about weight quantity. He's made a lot of videos focusing on use of light weights as well. The guy's a physical therapist.

  14. yochonon paley

    yochonon paley19 hours ago

    ya ill work on my caaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbs

  15. ItsJay

    ItsJay20 hours ago

    Hey Scott great video - can you do these if you have lower back injury? thanks

  16. Yuri Borg

    Yuri Borg20 hours ago

    What The f*** bro!!??? You stepped over the barbell and put your feet on it!!? Were you trying to piss off Pavel Tsatsouline!!? Anyway Great video 👏👌👍♥️

  17. Nicholas Howison

    Nicholas Howison21 hour ago

    I hate this drama. Just give us good information that leads to gainz.

  18. D KM

    D KM21 hour ago

    I love this guys accent haha

  19. Glennis Whitting

    Glennis Whitting22 hours ago

    What do you think of achieve the height that you desire using Mobotallor Secrets? I notice a lot of people keep on talking about Mobotallor Secrets.

  20. Domz Collesso

    Domz Collesso23 hours ago

    This is so wrong you can't low bar squat with a very upright posture

  21. muaaz nadeem25

    muaaz nadeem25Day ago

    Is it for upper chest

  22. SchaeFTW

    SchaeFTWDay ago

    pull as haaad as u can, hook the baaa and pull

  23. Andrew Lucas

    Andrew LucasDay ago

    Great exercise, horrible accent.

  24. Nag Sampath

    Nag SampathDay ago

    I want that lateral head which one do you suggest dips or close grip bench press Brother.. I do have good strength but having a hard time building that lateral head... Any suggestions...

  25. Galih Candra

    Galih CandraDay ago

    I can feel my elbow popping

  26. TRW

    TRWDay ago

    Stupid video Scott, all you are doing is activating you forearm muscles, it doesn't have anything to do with your triceps.

  27. Joseph Castillo

    Joseph CastilloDay ago

    My triceps gave up before anything else. Turns out my hands are too close.

  28. Aaron Marquez

    Aaron MarquezDay ago

    Cant wait to stahhht... jk aside thanks for your vids very helpful

  29. BlueBox 29

    BlueBox 29Day ago

    I don’t know why but my wrist kinda hurt when I do this exercise. Any tips?

  30. ATARi _HMB

    ATARi _HMBDay ago

    Didn't he do a segment with CT Fletcher? Pretty sure he's still good at what he does, and probably used the weights for editing purposes.

  31. Abdullah Alsultan

    Abdullah AlsultanDay ago

    Body shaming is the worst excuse for losing weight.

  32. nauta2527

    nauta2527Day ago

    This dude is a massive twat lol

  33. just some dude

    just some dudeDay ago

    I cant walk to the shower....

  34. Audi Shahrizan

    Audi ShahrizanDay ago

    What's going on Asian

  35. Ash Ember

    Ash EmberDay ago

    Im a kid mid teens and hate my body and I’ve been working out and u have taught me a new thing to do

  36. bryce armstrong

    bryce armstrongDay ago

    Why don't all these channels just support each other. They have all been guilty of using fake weights, or teaching people bad habits. Focus on your own shit and support your peers. Its really getting annoying

  37. Liam

    LiamDay ago

    Lol his traps arent very promising

  38. Brian Malibu

    Brian MalibuDay ago

    Your vids are clutch

  39. Brian Malibu

    Brian MalibuDay ago

    Thank you for making your videos short, simple, and effective 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 it’s been helping me on my fitness journey

  40. alex Livers

    alex LiversDay ago

    I feel like this exploded after quarantine.

  41. mo

    moDay ago

    Amazing content bro thank u 🙏🏾

  42. Pragul'sTechYT

    Pragul'sTechYTDay ago

    does this train forearms apparently too?

  43. Ciccero Sanchez

    Ciccero SanchezDay ago

    I have a feeling this guys going to be big

  44. Carlos pierola

    Carlos pierolaDay ago

    Stop hating!

  45. I hate shitting

    I hate shittingDay ago

    If drew durnil worked out

  46. Just busting your balls

    Just busting your ballsDay ago

    When my testosterone gets low, I watch videos of sheep.

  47. آرشیدا Barmaki

    آرشیدا BarmakiDay ago


  48. Michael De Luna

    Michael De LunaDay ago

    slap for this newb great vid

  49. koral orozco

    koral orozcoDay ago

    I do have a combo hack squat machine , but I will love to have a smith in your opinion.. should I sell my hack and get the smith in stead ?

  50. Markll

    MarkllDay ago

    I just started back working out and I love this one it suits all levels and very intense thanks bro you just got a new subscriber 💪💚

  51. chris rocco

    chris roccoDay ago

    after watching many many channels...boy do you look NATURAL

  52. Yulius The Julius

    Yulius The Julius2 days ago

    Just went to Jed North and wrote a "AND BEFORE WE GET STAHHHTED" comment as instructed.

  53. Spurgeon’s gym progress

    Spurgeon’s gym progress2 days ago

  54. Ahmed Abdullah

    Ahmed Abdullah2 days ago

    jeff knows some shit. who cares what anyone can bench/squat etc. what interests me is anatomy technique and form

  55. Utkarsh Awasthi

    Utkarsh Awasthi2 days ago


  56. Aaron Richardson

    Aaron Richardson2 days ago

    You're a flog, David is a legend