ALE CERNA DE OLIVEIRA || Body Shaming With Diet Tips?!

A person’s inability to do their own research vs. following the herd is the reason why they fail. Change my mind.
Ale's full video:
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  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness28 days ago

    A person’s inability to do their own research vs. following the herd is the reason why they fail. Change my mind. Ale's full video:

  2. SkellyBassist

    SkellyBassist28 days ago

    Hey Scott, at first to me from the thumbnail and title, it looked like you were against Alessandra and calling her toxic, which in actuality you were against her comments. Maybe a slight title change or question mark added to the thumbnail would help? Just thought I’d tune in to let you know. And no, I don’t think Alessandra was in any way trying to be toxic, commenters just being salty.

  3. Kevin Reil

    Kevin Reil28 days ago

    Great content.

  4. Theo Uhrik

    Theo Uhrik28 days ago

    It's nice to see someone bring up this social media fitness culture toxicity 👍👍

  5. Shadow 2025

    Shadow 202528 days ago

    @ScottHermanFitness I like to mess you with you. At the end of the day you have helped me with your videos. Been a subscriber since 2013. It’s great to see you succeed!

  6. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness28 days ago

    Thanks Walter! Means a lot!

  7. Abdullah Alsultan

    Abdullah AlsultanDay ago

    Body shaming is the worst excuse for losing weight.

  8. kennet jakobsen

    kennet jakobsen3 days ago

    I dont really get why People would hate, People are funny 🤣

  9. tim kenda

    tim kenda3 days ago

    Watching this just to get interrupted with V-Shred ad 😂 like you said in your satchel video, "USlikes is just.... toxic". Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. About everything. With no foundational knowledge. Its crazy. The only thing I might say about her video is the fact that she advised against any fruit. As long as you are a fairly healthy individual, the sugar content in a lot of fruit isn't super unreasonable and the micronutrients that fruits contain are important in terms of overall health. But that comment section was WAY out of line, and her advice was generally sound.

  10. Eka

    Eka4 days ago

    Poorly worded content (should have focused on the added sugar + amount of calories vs nutritional value and how fulfilling/satisfying), but i don't see any fat/body shaming 🤷

  11. Benn Conner

    Benn Conner4 days ago

    Sugar isn’t even necessarily bad for you. Eating to many calories all the time is what dose the damage over time. High calorie dense foods are the main thing you should watch out for when trying to lose weight. These people that are resent posting are just doing to because they feel MOGED by people who are more physically superior to themselves. A big red pill in life is that It’s not necessarily how you treat people but how you make them feel that matters.

  12. Amanda Caballeros

    Amanda Caballeros6 days ago

    yes, I love you!!!! thank you for not bowing down to the madness!

  13. Siddiq Alwi

    Siddiq Alwi8 days ago

    The reality is that there are people who are insecure about their bodies but don't wanna make an effort to become healthier. They're going to look for any shortcuts they can to justify their laziness.

  14. Noe Salazar

    Noe Salazar13 days ago

    03:21 😂😂😂 glad you’re having fun with those R’s

  15. khayyam hussain

    khayyam hussain14 days ago

    Haha savage

  16. Mateusz W.

    Mateusz W.14 days ago

    The more insecure you are the easier it is to offend you

  17. azimuthclark462

    azimuthclark46216 days ago

    I've been following you for a few years, and you're still making great content. Have a great day Scott, and thank you.... one of those positive comments

  18. Coach Nizar Mansouri

    Coach Nizar Mansouri17 days ago


  19. Pixel Cataklysm

    Pixel Cataklysm19 days ago

    You sure get hungry on those even if its healthy and especially in a calorie deficit :/ counter intuitive those types of comments 🤔

  20. hellapinoy6969

    hellapinoy696919 days ago

    Off topic question. Due to gym closures because of the COVID-19 lockdowns, I haven't stepped foot in a gym since last March (11 months now). I'm guessing a lot of people are on the same boat as me, and would really appreciate an unbiased opinion from you. A lot of these USlikes "reviewers" are typically affiliated to the brands they're reviewing and make me a bit more hesitant about getting whatever it is they're reviewing. Would you ever consider making a video reviewing or recommending "home" gym equipment? Your opinion/input is always appreciated

  21. DJ Hawke

    DJ Hawke20 days ago

    New to your channel and this isn’t what I expected to see, I’m pleased you spoke out against Tik Tok comment bullying!

  22. Cruz Nunez

    Cruz Nunez22 days ago

    nice seeing you chris , great video

  23. Mohammed AlHameli

    Mohammed AlHameli22 days ago

    Most of these people on tiktok underwent surgery like liposuction then they are all in shape, but sporty clothes act as if they work out, go to the Gym take selfies and people think these are role models?

  24. danny tymus

    danny tymus22 days ago

    wife or girlfriend damn

  25. Δικαστής Φρόλο

    Δικαστής Φρόλο22 days ago

    Yo in the context of the phrase ''no good for *weight loss* '' these comment sound idiotic. But generally dried fruits in normal portions are actually very healthy for the digestive system.

  26. Joe Masterman

    Joe Masterman22 days ago

    Hey! Scott! Usually I keep quiet but I just can't! I gotta say.... Good job brother, keep it up :)

  27. Deep Kumar

    Deep Kumar23 days ago

    Those THICCC Neck Veins are offensive bruh...😅

  28. GGed_

    GGed_23 days ago

    This is like Adele's fans turning on her for dieting and losing weight

  29. TBC-x

    TBC-x23 days ago

    Are we getting upset about comments under a video on the internet?

  30. Dineth Sana

    Dineth Sana23 days ago

    Great vid as always and im happy to see that u r dbz fan :D

  31. Michael Rodriguez

    Michael Rodriguez23 days ago

    You’re so right. Cancel the cancel culture. Let them all go get fat and have heart attacks, then it will be just us left. Yay!!

  32. ShadyNixTV

    ShadyNixTV23 days ago

    This guy is the Linus of the fitness world

  33. smot2006

    smot200623 days ago

    I didn’t hear any body shaming from the tiktok girl. People suck.

  34. Nitesh Aru

    Nitesh Aru23 days ago

    Damn that dragon ball anime collection, like dddddddddaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  35. Tom Brown

    Tom Brown24 days ago

    "Body-Shaming" ??? - You Mean Humanity SHAMING & DEFILING THEMSELVES - Yes "Dumb" Like The Title of Your Video 😊

  36. Jose D

    Jose D24 days ago

    I hate how youtube didn't notify me about the vid. Like your channel Scott and I follow up regularly 💪

  37. Mitch Harrison

    Mitch Harrison24 days ago

    This video could’ve been completely made in one tip for weight loss, don’t eat too much sugar in the morning or during the day at all.

  38. Robert

    Robert24 days ago

    It is counterintuitive to think for one second that people with an extremely short attention span will actually take the time to do research. That is how and why the toxic loop develops. Lazy? Maybe. Trolling? Certainly. The double-edged sword of social media is readily apparent here. Smart people know better and will put in the time... much like fitness.

  39. ;

    ;24 days ago

    02:31 Don't tell me, you don't benefit from that, though. XD Your videos aren't that different.

  40. Mike Richardson

    Mike Richardson25 days ago

    Your wrong Scott. Its not 5% average. Its 3%. Hahaha (see my spelling error for sarcasm) Dude. Its just fucking stupid how people love to just tear people down.

  41. LidiaBellaItaliana

    LidiaBellaItaliana25 days ago

    9:05 ... LMFAO... The whole time I'm watching this... All I started thinking was how badly I want to do exactly what you ended up saying right here lol.

  42. Matt Myers

    Matt Myers25 days ago

    You’re dumb for doing a vid on this... stupid topic

  43. Shaun Martens

    Shaun Martens25 days ago

    Thanks for exposing these people Scott. You nailed it my man.

  44. Loaay123

    Loaay12325 days ago

    Speaking straight facts

  45. The Olfactory Zone

    The Olfactory Zone25 days ago

    That’s why I deleted tiktok. The toxic culture that oozes everywhere is so demeaning and constant. I don’t want to be a part of that negativity

  46. David Romero

    David Romero25 days ago

    I've seen vids from fitness youtubers who have said similar things as she did and no one says anything. if she grows amongst those USlikesrs I theorize they won't be able to say anything to her.maybe they're trying to prevent her from rising to the top?

  47. Clay Butler

    Clay Butler25 days ago

    Acai berries are very bitter. So to make it palatable, all acai products have ample sugar or will need sugar to make them palatable.

  48. fieryelf

    fieryelf25 days ago

    The amount of people I have to correct on nutrition online is insane. I always do my best to educate people the right way but a lot of people have been told stuff like "Fats Bad & Fruits Good" since they were kids so it's pretty much like changing their religion at this point. You can't even argue with them, they just won't listen even if you hit them with a mountain of cold hard facts.



    You are amazing! Thank you!

  50. S Dalby

    S Dalby25 days ago

    This has gone from a workout channel to a gossip column.

  51. Justin U

    Justin U26 days ago

    Honestly I think tik tok is a platform for borderline child porn. Shit is insane. Children jumping around twerking. Pathetic

  52. koschwarz

    koschwarz26 days ago

    She's right, those sugary foods are sugary. "No food is bad for weight loss." Actually it's also true but there are much much better foods for this goal.

  53. BigDaddyCool42

    BigDaddyCool4226 days ago

    Some people just have it really hard. And it sucks to see people who seem to have an easier life. I think that’s the main reason for hate on others.

  54. Sarcastic Genius

    Sarcastic Genius26 days ago

    The problem with the internet is that it allows everybody to be a pseudo expert. These self righteous people all want to have an opinion but if you disagree with them, all hell breaks loose. I mean heaven forbid somebody points out the fact that your breakfast choices might not be as healthy as you think they are.


    DONNIE GRANDE26 days ago

    Mike O'Hearn's bday #nattyfitness

  56. karlmacrae

    karlmacrae26 days ago

    Person: ‘this video is very toxic... no food is bad for weight loss’ Said the person after eating 20 snickers on the couch.

  57. Alex Hamilton

    Alex Hamilton26 days ago

    Most people don't think + tiktok is poisonous = very high percentage of low IQ audience members.

  58. PacmanLickThisGuysAs

    PacmanLickThisGuysAs26 days ago

    Good video scott. Keeping true to educating about fitness and keeping it real!

  59. thomassmyth65

    thomassmyth6526 days ago

    ive almost completely given up on social media except for a handful of youtube channels, so tired of all the misinformation going around these days especially with covid, i just stick to my home workouts and eat a balanced diet, keeps me going

  60. Yanuario Arias

    Yanuario Arias26 days ago

    the only time that what you eat might not mater is if your on exogenies hormones or steroids and exercising heavily 6 days a week, if your trying to produce your own hormones and exercising less then what and when you eat mater.

  61. Yanuario Arias

    Yanuario Arias26 days ago

    what you eat does mater, and carbs are not essential or needed, though you might want and desire them. were you're calories come from maters far more than how much you eat. i can eat 3,000 calories of only lean meat and lose fat, gain muscle and never have digestive issues. i could eat 2,000 calories of only carbs gain fat have digestive issue and get sick.

  62. Yanuario Arias

    Yanuario Arias26 days ago

    most dried fruits have added sugars just thought id add that.

  63. Yanuario Arias

    Yanuario Arias26 days ago

    i have over 60 tropical fruit trees in my yard, i love fruit, i will never stop eating fruit. but facts are facts, fruit is never healthy ever. fruit is fattening eating raw sugar is far better for you, the reason is fruit is high in fructose which is far more fattening than sugar. the nutrients in fruit are so small that they are insignificant.

  64. Yanuario Arias

    Yanuario Arias26 days ago

    how i eat fruit, never with a meal before or after. i eat it by itself hours before or after a real meal.

  65. Ricky Sylo

    Ricky Sylo27 days ago

    Tiktok is the most toxic and cringey platforms

  66. Miss Hitomi

    Miss Hitomi27 days ago

    Lol am I the only woman that follows Scott....?

  67. Greg Borowiak

    Greg Borowiak27 days ago

    lol you're hysterical and thank you for the informative notes about each point you made.

  68. Jay Yap

    Jay Yap27 days ago

    Good video and good on you for speaking out.. this cancel culture is ridiculous.

  69. Entertainment for all

    Entertainment for all27 days ago

    Excellent video broski

  70. TheKlamminator

    TheKlamminator27 days ago

    They're just jealous of her because she's beautiful

  71. Fit Moose

    Fit Moose27 days ago

    Oh man I just finished watching your video and I am so pissed. I don’t know how you’re staying so calm here Scott, it is so infuriating the amount of ignorance and idiocy in the “fitness” community. So many people don’t know crap and feel bad about themselves, and instead of doing something to improve their situation they’d rather blind themselves with their stupid excuses that make them feel better about being lazy. The big problem is that there’s SO MANY people like this that all back each other up! I haven’t opened TikTok in many months but I’m heading there now to let loose in the comments, wish me luck 😂

  72. Fit Moose

    Fit Moose27 days ago

    I just saw good health tips that was genuine good advice cos the foods she listed are considered healthy by a lot of people who don’t know any better! My step dad got angry at me for eating some of his chocolate granola for dessert, he said it was his “special health food for his heart” (being dead serious). I checked the label and it was literally just oats, lots of sugar, chocolate, nuts and dried fruit 😂 People need to know these things!

  73. Eva Dien

    Eva Dien27 days ago

    I'm sorry but this is why Tik Tok should disappear 🙄

  74. ZionTopSound / TheSoleCabinet @Instagram

    ZionTopSound / TheSoleCabinet @Instagram27 days ago

    I thought this was a serious fitness/bodybuilding page,.. Why you spend time on commenting videos that none of Your followers even watch. Just lost for words.. Stick to your own great material instead

  75. Bob Job

    Bob Job27 days ago

    Girl on tik tok: eat less sugar Tik tok trolls: « and I took it personally »

  76. Nicholas Ratapu

    Nicholas Ratapu27 days ago

    For me it's like you either eat to live or eat yourself to ⚠️☢️☠️⚰️👀

  77. Michael Hickox

    Michael Hickox27 days ago

    I'm a little fixed on the dragon ball z figurines in the back. Badass

  78. Lucas

    Lucas27 days ago

    it's really worrying how there are a lot of people who talk about health and fitness without knowing anything/not much about it.... this is what it's making all of us humans obese, it's the worst pandemic of it all I swear

  79. Oti Bermúdez

    Oti Bermúdez27 days ago

    I met Scott in real life and I can say he’s the nicest guy I’ve ever met, he’s the best!

  80. backspace3111

    backspace311127 days ago

    Scott have you got any stretching videos for people who sit at a desk most of their day?

  81. Sam Moore

    Sam Moore27 days ago

    Them people would take their personal trainers to court for assault because the 10 reps they had to do "hurt"

  82. Deb Gilbert

    Deb Gilbert27 days ago

    That's one of the reasons why I don't go Tic Tok. Plus it's a total time suck watching a lot of nonsense.

  83. Deb Gilbert

    Deb Gilbert27 days ago

    P.S. I totally agree with you.

  84. Kewl_Catt

    Kewl_Catt27 days ago

    People are just getting soft lol

  85. John

    John27 days ago

    the worlds soft now truly embarrassing society.

  86. 000 007

    000 00727 days ago

    Calorie in vs calories out

  87. Matthew Mckay

    Matthew Mckay27 days ago

    When are you upgrading the camera to 4k. I want to see more defenition in those neck veins

  88. Sebastien Bouffard

    Sebastien Bouffard27 days ago

    I think her point was just that some foods are sneakily high in calories despite having an healthy micronutrient profile and thus should be avoided when trying to lose weight. I don't know why people get so rude whenever they discuss about nutrition.

  89. Michael Pace

    Michael Pace27 days ago

    As a medical student with a focus on nutrition, I believe she made good points. Of course, there is more that could have been explained, but all of those foods really can be unhealthy if taken in too high of quantity. Many processed health foods have sugar snuck into them. That's why you should always check nutrition facts.

  90. Jose Garnier

    Jose Garnier27 days ago

    “All food are good as long you’re on a cal deficit” Than explain why I look like a chubby guy that can bench 125lbs to 215 squats. My chest, legs or back don’t look anything like I lift.

  91. RIchard Baez

    RIchard Baez27 days ago

    Literally when did she body shame??? LOL did she say “if you are fat you are a piece of shit” or “you better lose weight you, fat f*ck” lol people are just projecting their insecurities and being offended by everything.

  92. Porscha McRobbie

    Porscha McRobbie27 days ago

    Thanks for being one of the few who doesn't play the toxicity game. It's exhausting. This reminds me of the book The Death of Expertise....everyone these days is a self-proclaimed expert! (sad for the actual experts like you!)

  93. Super Kevv

    Super Kevv27 days ago

    Trying to be an influencer or being on social media can be toxic and snowflakes spreading hate

  94. ladev91

    ladev9127 days ago

    I thought Scott had a Spanish channel for a second when I read the title lol

  95. Stefan Boshoff

    Stefan Boshoff27 days ago

    She didnt do anything wrong. And she is HOT. I E, Scott, losers will moan and groan. Hate her= loser human being

  96. thebatmenbegins

    thebatmenbegins27 days ago

    Hi scott i still watching your 8 years old video to correct my posture and form... You are just ahead of times... Love from India...

  97. Lito Lito

    Lito Lito27 days ago

    Agree 100%

  98. panda doom560

    panda doom56027 days ago

    I really like that SSJ5 collection you got there.

  99. DIG Mindset

    DIG Mindset27 days ago

    Your facts are toxic Scott. Please keep science out of my nutrition and exercise advice.

  100. Simon

    Simon27 days ago

    Sugary treats once a week for life. 😎👍

  101. Juliana Calefi

    Juliana Calefi27 days ago

    Hi Scott, great video as always! We love you here. Just wanted to leave my 2 cents here bc this is a sensitive subject to me as well. Social media toxicity really is every where. I think the biggest toxicity really comes down to how people have been misguided when it comes to diets. People really have come to believe that you can really eat whatever you want and still lose weight, therefore being under the impression that it's a healthy diet. I personally know several people who eat sausage, cheese and bacon every day on "keto" diet and believe it's healthy bc they have lost a lot of weight. Which is unfortunate. The misconception is all around. But keep doing what you do. The awareness has to be raised that bc people are losing weight does not mean that they are healthy. Thanks Scott!

  102. j sp

    j sp28 days ago

    I love watching your videos. You’re my go to for fitness advice! Thank you for keeping it real, man!

  103. Abdul Abdulla

    Abdul Abdulla28 days ago

    Scott you are a legend for brining these kind of videos out on people who are negative towards someone that’s trying to give a bit of advice or share something good that can benefit someone’s life style and health

  104. O'Neika-Joy Arts

    O'Neika-Joy Arts28 days ago

    Diet culture is telling someone to lose weight which is what her post was about. ...diets don't work.. telling someone not to eat something makes them want it more..basic psychology..that's science...but instead of leaving nasty comments just don't follow her or watch her videos..not everything is a war...

  105. MightyBull Fitness

    MightyBull Fitness28 days ago

    Dude! Pushing out great content all the time man. You’re an awesome guy 👍

  106. nursemetzcar

    nursemetzcar28 days ago

    Dry fruit isn’t as nutritious as fresh fruit, this is obvious. Getting lit because someone says you shouldn’t eat it to lose weight is too much man.

  107. Gabriele Mangiavacchi

    Gabriele Mangiavacchi28 days ago

    the real problem is the inability of people to understand what she is really saying. For example what she says about dried fruits is not that they are bad food, only to prefer natural and fresh fruits.Bah, if noone is able to undertand a speech maybe people should go back to school(sorry for the english, is not my native language)