My Little Girl Is... DATING!? || DAD MODE ACTIVATED!!!

Kids grow up so quick and as a Father you can only hope you've prepared them to handle things on their own with a good head on their shoulders.
But in my daughter Chrystal's case... I just hope the boys are ready because I taught her not to take any BS! We don't play games in this house! haha
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  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness4 months ago

    Kids grow up so quick and as a Father you can only hope you've prepared them to handle things on their own with a good head on their shoulders. But in my daughter Chrystal's case... I just hope the boys are ready because I taught her not to take any BS! We don't play games in this house! haha

  2. NGU Fitness Motivation

    NGU Fitness MotivationMonth ago

    Amen brother... have a 15 and 10 yr old!

  3. Chase Scherm

    Chase Scherm4 months ago

    Relationships may not be perfect, however love is. Love is perfect in the way it has all the same positives as negatives. It is the balance of life and death, wrong and right, through religious means, the life of God.

  4. Ratus

    Ratus4 months ago

    how old are you? I thought u were in your late 30s...

  5. BR C

    BR C4 months ago

    You guys sound like Great parents!! Love how you handle a cute teen daughter. Much Respect!

  6. timeismuscle

    timeismuscle4 months ago


  7. Jorge Horna

    Jorge Horna3 hours ago

    Feel you bro, my 16 year old started dating since last year. I would rather support her than having her hiding anything from us. Good that you support her as well!

  8. Kane Spangler

    Kane Spangler11 hours ago

    I couldn’t put my finger on it but it’s a muscular Todd Chrisley 😊

  9. Zaccy

    Zaccy4 days ago

    man i feel bad for the fella..

  10. david olson

    david olson6 days ago

    Better invest in ponchos bro. Only wearing ponchos put those things away your someone's daughter 🤣

  11. Isaac

    Isaac9 days ago

    Hey chrystal 😅

  12. Hazer Yameen

    Hazer Yameen12 days ago

    Man of culture as well

  13. shatadroo dutta

    shatadroo dutta14 days ago

    Hey you are cool and all but.......CAN I PLEASE MEET YOUR DAD ????

  14. Devon Ray Hillary

    Devon Ray Hillary15 days ago

    😀😄Interesting video about dating experience! I even like the real-live cat in the background.💕

  15. Rohit Singh

    Rohit Singh16 days ago

    U look like brother more then dad

  16. JP'S Lizard World

    JP'S Lizard World20 days ago

    A fear of most fathers is for his daughter to date a guy like him... Lol

  17. Mohd Abu Qamar

    Mohd Abu Qamar21 day ago

    Scott is a loser too According to Ricky

  18. ScottM

    ScottM25 days ago

    how old is your wife 65?

  19. Karan Chopra

    Karan ChopraMonth ago

    Lmao I'm almost 25 and would also be afraid of driving in the rain, I feel attacked. Interesting video though.

  20. Razvan Radu

    Razvan RaduMonth ago

    That’s how family should look like , like a group of friends that want only the best for each other . Great job man .

  21. Scott Thorpe

    Scott ThorpeMonth ago

    She's 20 years old how about you stop Cradling her like a baby. Shes a grown woman and doesnt need to be treated like a little girl. All you can do is Let Her Go and hope she finds a good man that treats her right and if he doesnt be their for her to help pick her up if she needs it and kick the guys ass. If you can't stop her from showing off her girls and wearing tops like that how you going to stop her from dating men you don't like? Like I said she's a grown woman treat her like it and don't treat her like a child.

  22. Mike Adams

    Mike AdamsMonth ago

    Click bait title insulating it was HIS daughter. I feel betrayed.

  23. Keyboard Warrior

    Keyboard WarriorMonth ago

    Scott’s the type of dad that is super friendly and seems like he’d do anything for you but if you screwed his kids over he would throw you out and tell you to walk home in the rain 😂

  24. The Reflex Mobile Disco

    The Reflex Mobile DiscoMonth ago

    Why in America do you treat a 20 year old young adult girl like a child? Yes as a parent you look out for your child but "my days" over here it just comes of condescending watching this. When ever I watch American films I think this? You see these young adults driving around in cars then they go home to the parents like they have to justify everything! What's with that? At 20 I was working, gigging some weekends and going to the pubs and clubs. The main thing is when living under your parents house is you respect any of there house rules etc but you guys seem to baby your kids into adulthood.

  25. Info Collector

    Info Collector5 days ago


  26. YouTube TV

    YouTube TVMonth ago

    So how many of her girlfriends tried to hook up with you?

  27. Justice Warrior

    Justice WarriorMonth ago

    This guy is acting like an over protective clown for a girl that isn't even his and could literally be dating him!! Literally WTFFFF This is the most awkward shit I've ever seen!! She's not 3 years old she's freaking 20!!! And she's not your daughter and you keep trying to act like you're 50 years old but you still look like a teenager!! You have some issues man

  28. Info Collector

    Info Collector5 days ago


  29. Justice Warrior

    Justice WarriorMonth ago

    Ok this is 100% going the step-dad Pronhub way...

  30. Justice Warrior

    Justice WarriorMonth ago

    Dude I thought you were 30 WTFFFF

  31. erimin5

    erimin5Month ago

    Of course u said alot of BS. That's how you got her mum.

  32. Shaswat Das

    Shaswat DasMonth ago

    How he hugs his daughter 💪

  33. Tip Of The Iceberg

    Tip Of The IcebergMonth ago

    Clothing choice just SCREAMS self respect don’t they

  34. Joseph Oracoy

    Joseph OracoyMonth ago

    Jesus! Scott, you never age! I freakin envy you! been watching your vid for like.. damn so long lol

  35. F.A.T.H.E.R. with a GoPro

    F.A.T.H.E.R. with a GoProMonth ago

    You are a clown.

  36. mustang 04

    mustang 04Month ago

    Thats sad to see how scott treats her like a daughter but she still calls him "scott"? And i could see that shes a bit awkward

  37. Александр Морозов

    Александр МорозовMonth ago

    Well, if something going to happen it will, overprotecting can really make worse sometimes.

  38. Mahdi Menallah

    Mahdi MenallahMonth ago

    Her date is Lucky , for first she is a nice looking person I bet from both sides and second for his free membership in her dad's highly reputed gym. The full package I believe 😁

  39. Thiem Tran

    Thiem TranMonth ago

    I'm very proud of you bro.She is so beautiful.

  40. Owen Nxumalo

    Owen NxumaloMonth ago

    What a dad . Wish mine was there .

  41. Leo Xavier

    Leo XavierMonth ago

    I’ll treat her right, I can drive stick and change a tire I’d drive through 10 Ft of snow to meet up

  42. Bob Job

    Bob JobMonth ago

    17:50 Funniest taken movie ever

  43. IJ Mathew

    IJ MathewMonth ago

    13:24 lololol we are 6.1 k likes away 🤣🤣🤣



    Its not your daughter its your step daughter.

  45. Ben Castellano

    Ben CastellanoMonth ago

    Guys like this just make me want to punch their lights out just for shits and giggles ✊🏻

  46. a Star Wars Scoundrel

    a Star Wars Scoundrel2 months ago

    I bet people never assume your father and daughter. I know some young, healthy looking parents that whose kids are often assumed to be their younger siblings.

  47. Konrad Zach

    Konrad Zach2 months ago

    At 25 you should be out of college already with a degree ? Yea good luck buddy. Unless your parents got bread your shits out of luck.

  48. El Estudio de Beau

    El Estudio de Beau2 months ago

    I thought she was his sister.

  49. Duh biee

    Duh biee2 months ago

    I love the way Scott handles these situations , sounds just like me and I’m 20 doing this with my 16 year old sister !

  50. Azoz Fs

    Azoz Fs2 months ago


  51. TheMrKlassy

    TheMrKlassy2 months ago

    Bout to get turnt out on Tinder

  52. Matthew Davidson

    Matthew Davidson2 months ago

    I can change a stick and drive a tire!

  53. Let’s Talk About

    Let’s Talk About2 months ago

    Step daughter.... 😏

  54. Theo Uhrik

    Theo Uhrik2 months ago

    Damn, Scott is BLUNT AF

  55. LamboSenpaii - Hypertrophy Junkie

    LamboSenpaii - Hypertrophy Junkie2 months ago

    savage HAHAH!

  56. Bill Roy

    Bill Roy2 months ago

    Scott read The rational male by Rollo Tomassi!

  57. Wolfferoni

    Wolfferoni2 months ago

    I agree with a lot of the advice given. That age gap thing is really important because of power dynamics. It's hard to see the issue when you're young so no matter how many times you're told, it won't really sink in until you get to be that age i.e. 25 in this case, and realise you wouldn't date a 20 year old. I did the same thing, dated an older guy when I was young and didn't know better. Thankfully nothing bad happened but looking back, it was creepy. Late teens and early 20s are times of a lot of growth and life experience so a few years mean a lot more than say, a 30 and 35 year old .

  58. Loot Crater

    Loot Crater2 months ago

    I know Scott is an old OG fitness youtuber, but he still looks like he's in his 20s.

  59. Loot Crater

    Loot Crater2 months ago

    Holy crap, I googled his wife. She looks great and she has a adult daughter!

  60. HuskyDoge26

    HuskyDoge263 months ago

    She bad

  61. Jeffrey D

    Jeffrey D3 months ago

    ....pretends he DOESNT want to plow her......awkward

  62. Zoomer McBoomer

    Zoomer McBoomer3 months ago

    He needs to pass a 10x10 squat workout without crying in your gym with you. But for real, I know it's a cliché that the girls who get played have "daddy issues" but it is true that if there isn't a father figure in a woman's life and she doesn't get love from him then she will seek love and attention from another man who often doesn't care about them as much as a father would and can break their hearts. I know many "feminists" like to say that they don't need a mans opinion, yet they keep talking about how they are always being heartbroken. Good on you Scott.

  63. AlaniPouDenXanei

    AlaniPouDenXanei3 months ago

    Florida people always walking around with a gun ready to shoot a guy for jetskiing

  64. AlaniPouDenXanei

    AlaniPouDenXanei3 months ago

    Why do you tubers still use auto focus

  65. AlaniPouDenXanei

    AlaniPouDenXanei3 months ago

    I know how to drive stick and how to change a tire, just letting you know..

  66. Sk Sameer Salam

    Sk Sameer Salam3 months ago

    I gotta say the editor of videos has a good sense of humor 😂🙌🏻

  67. Sk Sameer Salam

    Sk Sameer Salam3 months ago

    "but Erica is 11 years older" that made me LMFAO

  68. Sk Sameer Salam

    Sk Sameer Salam3 months ago

    Those neck veins are lit man 😂..i love em

  69. Sk Sameer Salam

    Sk Sameer Salam3 months ago

    The caption in the beginning was awesome 🤣

  70. Olivia Joses

    Olivia Joses3 months ago

    Girls just want respect and true love. Keep searching Crystal Settle for only the best girl!! Stay strong 💪

  71. Lil Jesus

    Lil Jesus3 months ago

    I love how you say "Car"

  72. Lil Jesus

    Lil Jesus3 months ago

    Scott would you ever do The Real World again or Big Brother in the future?

  73. BMX Boii Likws

    BMX Boii Likws3 months ago

    I still cant believe your over 25

  74. 3Runner95

    3Runner953 months ago

    Scott outangling his daughter

  75. Naim H'dden

    Naim H'dden3 months ago

    Legend Scott wearing a deeper v-neck than his daughter

  76. Montemex23

    Montemex233 months ago

    Simp ! why take car3 of another mans seed?

  77. ondra svoboda

    ondra svoboda3 months ago

    Stepdaughter you say? I N T E R E S T I N G

  78. ProviderMusic

    ProviderMusic3 months ago

    Scott is oblivious shes banging dudes on the side lol im sure he would rather not know

  79. San Jos

    San Jos3 months ago

    Shittttt man, i thiught you were like under 30 or something...

  80. Shoaib Khan

    Shoaib Khan3 months ago

    Scott to his daughter: “this guy is GAHHBAGE!”

  81. ahmad mousa

    ahmad mousa3 months ago

    what if a man didn’t tell his potential wife that he had a daughter. would be the end of that relationship lol.

  82. Ace Liu

    Ace Liu3 months ago

    Wow.... 35? Working out really do cut 10 years or more off your face. Looking much younger then your actual age.

  83. TRA

    TRA3 months ago

    Crystal must be a teenage pregnancy

  84. Crypto Stef

    Crypto Stef3 months ago

    We're dating the step father. So when we meet him we will get him a bahbell :)

  85. customisedfitness

    customisedfitness3 months ago

    The greatest parents are those who bring up someone else`s kid! Period. I have a biological daughter but not sure I could do what you do. Biggest respect to you!

  86. Ivan Drago

    Ivan Drago3 months ago

    I have 5 daughters and 3 are of dating age (14 years or older). Nothing was more nauseating than the first time I heard two of them talking about how sexy a dudes arms were when we were at the gym.

  87. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    I hear you. I dont get this generation. They think dudes painting their nails is sexy/manly... LMAO 🤣🤣🤣

  88. Ernesto Gonzalez

    Ernesto Gonzalez4 months ago

    This world is fucked nowadays man for real 🤧

  89. Obsessivefanboy

    Obsessivefanboy4 months ago

    Alright I was about to ask how do you have a daughter when you look so freaking young??!?

  90. James Ramos

    James Ramos4 months ago

    Hmm. You are a good dad and person. I will sabscribe😁

  91. Anteater23

    Anteater234 months ago

    I’d date her but she would have to wait for marriage.

  92. Anteater23

    Anteater234 months ago

    Am I the only person that hates v necks?

  93. jaka mahadika

    jaka mahadika4 months ago

    me, a single 26 years old man try to find a beginner gym workout ended learn how to be a good dad. but thank you Scott, it's a good lesson for me

  94. Jake Williams

    Jake Williams4 months ago

    Scott's a straight savage!!! Straight up coming out with the guys will hit it and quit it line 🤣🤣🤣 I'll be the same one day warning my daughter away from all them players 🤣🤣

  95. phanindra babu

    phanindra babu4 months ago

    Your daughter? How old are you You looks like you are in your 30's 😯😯

  96. Zalez

    Zalez4 months ago

    17:40 Scott had the toolie on him?😳

  97. mike Ismyname

    mike Ismyname4 months ago

    Omfg dude I wish Scott could be casted in the boys season 3 lmao he would be perfect maybe like a friend with the deep or something

  98. TaxEvasion

    TaxEvasion4 months ago

    At 26 (m) I've stopped dating, I'm actually really fed up with it. You have a sweet and reserved daughter Scott, any dude would be lucky to date her. You and Erica seem like really cool parents too. She'll get snatched up by a decent bloke soon enough, girls like her never remain single for long.

  99. luca P

    luca P4 months ago

    Before he said its his step daughter I was thinking he was a dad at 15? Wow..then he's like its my stepdaughter and im like ok that makes sense.

  100. Preston Garvey

    Preston Garvey4 months ago

    Does Scott not realise how hard the dating market is for most guys? men need to have the abundance mentailty with women due too how many times we get shit on by a girl who gets 500 matches in a day. So its easy to say you have to be this specific way and meet these requirments.

  101. gary102673

    gary1026734 months ago

    Lord - I had to sit through a Vshred advertisement to watch this video. WTF.

  102. Shreddinator

    Shreddinator4 months ago

    haha very entertaining. But tell me why did you not set any tags in this video?

  103. Swagsuke Uchiha

    Swagsuke Uchiha4 months ago

    You are a hot dad

  104. Jugg Dekaprio

    Jugg Dekaprio4 months ago

    One minute mom I’m helping dad out back oof 🥴

  105. Jugg Dekaprio

    Jugg Dekaprio4 months ago

    One minute mom I’m helping dad out back oof 🥴

  106. Daney Raju

    Daney Raju4 months ago

    Dude..... you were a simp after all..... and you look younger than her.... and your then gf, now wife lied about a 12 year old daughter.... simp lord braaaaahhh

  107. Joshua Klesel

    Joshua Klesel4 months ago

    I absolutely love this. Scott i am you to a T when it comes to things like this.

  108. Chase Scherm

    Chase Scherm4 months ago

    That charlie count be giving me the laughs