If GYMSHARK wants to be relatable to “REAL PEOPLE” then why not use real people instead of “Plus Size” models in their ads? At the end of the day GYMSHARK is still a fitness brand and the people representing the brand should be, to some degree, into fitness.
They have over 4million followers guys. I’m sure they get messages daily from “average lifters” who might not be the most muscular or the leanest in the gym, but still hold dear the values that showcase their love for fitness and taking care of themselves.
In my opinion going after “Plus Size” models is a cop out. To be a plus size model you have to STAY plus size to remain competitive and get work. This means, as much as they say they “exercise and eat right”, they are training to maintain a look that pays the bills. Not too fat, not too skinny.
In all my years I have never worked with a client who didn’t see steady progression whether they trained twice a week or 6 days a week. Consistency drives results and working out to “stay plus size” (overweight) just makes zero sense to me.
It’s a loaded subject and I’m sure I am going to catch hell from “Body Positive” activists. But if you actually WATCH the video, I think you’ll better grasp my stance on the subject.
(0:40) Nelly’s IG: pCEpOxSBJnMY/
(5:43) Nelly’s Story:
(10:40)- Sonny Interview(s)


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  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness5 months ago

    If GYMSHARK wants to be relatable to “REAL PEOPLE” then why not use real people instead of “Plus Size” models in their ads? At the end of the day GYMSHARK is still a fitness brand and the people representing the brand should be, to some degree, into fitness. They have over 4million followers guys. I’m sure they get messages daily from “average lifters” who might not be the most muscular or the leanest in the gym, but still hold dear the values that showcase their love for fitness and taking care of themselves. In my opinion going after “Plus Size” models is a cop out. To be a plus size model you have to STAY plus size to remain competitive and get work. This means, as much as they say they “exercise and eat right”, they are training to maintain a look that pays the bills. Not too fat, not too skinny. In all my years I have never worked with a client who didn’t see steady progression whether they trained twice a week or 6 days a week. Consistency drives results and working out to “stay plus size” (overweight) just makes zero sense to me. It’s a loaded subject and I’m sure I am going to catch hell from “Body Positive” activists. But if you actually WATCH the video, I think you’ll better grasp my stance on the subject. ------VIDEO LINKS------ (0:40) Nelly’s IG: (5:43) Nelly’s Story: (10:40)- Sonny Interview(s) ---------------- JedNorth supports natural athletes! So why not support them? Use my code *SCOTT20* for 20% Off the Entire store! -

  2. Evan W

    Evan W4 months ago

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m all for this. Just went onto the Jed north site on your recommendation. To have a look at that you are promoting. However all models depicted on the site do not look natural. Based on your comments. There is a heavy bias towards the brand you are promoting. I have no affinity to either or. Have always enjoyed your content. Keep at it mate.

  3. In Coath We Trust

    In Coath We Trust5 months ago

    Hey Scott. Would you consider making a video about Athlean-XX. i.e. a program designed by Jeff Cavalier aimed at women. It has a ton of misinformation and nonsense.

  4. danilo holly

    danilo holly5 months ago

    Thank you Scott for opening our eyes!!You are absolutely right. We live in a world where everything is displayed on social medias and everyone can find a 'niche' for him/herself and make money. As is tough to be shredded year round I guess being a model plus size would be too.Body display in this case is something that would be possible just thanks to instagram,because there are a lot of lazy people,not confident of their bodies and they look to a profile like Nelly's as an idol. 'I hate exercise and eating vegetables,why am I doing this to myself?I like sugar and junk food.I will eat it and do whatever I want ,drink and smoke because out there there are plenty people like me that feel the same and will support me.I'd rather be a happy unhealthy than an unhappy healthy.

  5. Kevin Reil

    Kevin Reil5 months ago

    Exactly. Not everyone is an IFBB pro.

  6. BigDaddyCool42

    BigDaddyCool4216 days ago

    I’ve refused to buy anything gym shark because of Steve Cook. Because he’s a front runner in sports.

  7. ewetoob blowes

    ewetoob blowes17 days ago

    I really enjoy Obi at gym shark. He seems to have a good attitude and I like his workouts.

  8. Blacked Out

    Blacked OutMonth ago

    The plus size trend needs to stop ✋ it’s unhealthy just like being a steroid user .. natural athletes should be promoted so people get motivated to be healthy and good looking

  9. Saransh Saxena

    Saransh SaxenaMonth ago

    If you don't look good, you should feel like shit. That's what drives you forward! That's what inspires you to lift weight and eat clean till you achieve a good enough physique and you're proud of yourself! And the fact is, it doesn't take more than a couple of years(max.) to become proud of yourself. Honestly, Benny here doesn't inspire me. Guys like Steve Cook do that.

  10. Justice Warrior

    Justice WarriorMonth ago

    There's 600k likes.. That's because if there was a dislike button it would have 10 million!!!

  11. Justice Warrior

    Justice WarriorMonth ago

    From promoting fitness steroids to promoting obesity

  12. Justice Warrior

    Justice WarriorMonth ago

    Model?? Disgusting

  13. Johan Karim

    Johan KarimMonth ago

    Even gymshark did not think of it @4:03. They clearly had other intentions.

  14. Kid Sasuke Official

    Kid Sasuke OfficialMonth ago

    Gym Shak

  15. K.G.B

    K.G.BMonth ago

    I have never seen fat gymshark male athlete.

  16. MostEpicCompilations

    MostEpicCompilationsMonth ago

    How can this dude have 2.5m subs but only 40-50k views on his videos.... hmmmm someone buying fake subs here !

  17. woody walton

    woody waltonMonth ago

    10:05 “fail! that’s not happening here.” hahaha dude i love you. You’re not about the emotional bull crap and facade the companies/media tries to pull. you are honest and logical and that’s golden. stay golden scott

  18. Vrerelious FellShadow

    Vrerelious FellShadowMonth ago

    So she did everything except exercise, Okay then .I will do anything but try to work out and put in work, I'm confused.

  19. shazad Khaliq

    shazad Khaliq2 months ago

    The true natty still giving us the knowledge that can never be doubted salute 👏

  20. CPLB

    CPLB2 months ago

    2:05 my Doc's comment👌🤣

  21. Dee Gold

    Dee Gold4 months ago

    📠 !

  22. esnips123123

    esnips1231234 months ago

    They just became the planet fitness of gym wear.

  23. redwillissuperman

    redwillissuperman4 months ago

    What’s “Plus Sized”? 6’5 and 300lbs?

  24. Tiffany Princess

    Tiffany Princess4 months ago

    Shiiit I’ll take Ashley Graham’s body in a minute 😎

  25. anstormtube

    anstormtube4 months ago

    Please do a video on "Fat Thor" belly

  26. Venom Bunny Fitness

    Venom Bunny Fitness4 months ago

    On the point! 🔥 Such a truth revealing video…admirations! 💜

  27. Jesse Porras

    Jesse Porras4 months ago

    What they're trying to say is you don't have too look a certain way to work out

  28. Eliazar Shaw

    Eliazar Shaw5 months ago

    I truly doubt that she wholeheartedly embraces her body as is.

  29. Priscilla Horne

    Priscilla Horne5 months ago

    What does any of this matter? Y'all act like big people who is going to the gym can't wear their gear! I support anyone who is starting their fitness lifestyle 💪

  30. BERC_389

    BERC_3895 months ago

    You can get fat in the stomach because of to much stress... It triggers Cortisol...if you have no stress you can lose weight around the belly

  31. Titzkarabit

    Titzkarabit5 months ago

    Ok but 5:58, you can't say you had 3 eating disorders bulimia, anorexia and binge eating when bulimia = anorexia + binge. She had/has 1 eating disorder, bulimia.

  32. JDBarraza

    JDBarraza5 months ago

    "Don't be happy with who you are. Be happy with who you could be."

  33. savage doritos

    savage doritos4 months ago

    I think its the other way around

  34. Andrew DiGiugno

    Andrew DiGiugno5 months ago


  35. Matt was

    Matt was5 months ago

    I like Alphalete. It is much better than Gymshark and have good fitness role models representing them

  36. Martin Liongson

    Martin Liongson5 months ago

    At the end of the day, you’re going way in too deep on this whole Gymshark marketing thing. Marketing is what it is, and you’re smart enough to know that. I enjoy your content Scott, but you also need to admit that you’re doing these types of videos for views. I can’t decipher the difference between you doing these types of hate videos to make money and Gymshark’s marketing. Get back to educational stuff cause that’s what made you worth watching in the first place. Sorry man, not enjoying these unproductive pieces at all.

  37. Triton827

    Triton8275 months ago

    Couldn't agree more. Scott is being very disingenuous with these videos. Doing the very thing he is trying to blast others for. The insulting part is that he thinks we're dumb enough to overlook it. I'm this close to giving up on this channel for good.

  38. Alex Tintor

    Alex Tintor5 months ago

    I think you are right about your opinion on the body positive movement; i also agree it would be more relaitable to hire inspirational people. But at the end of the Day, they are still a bussiness Just like modeling, and it needs to sell not to apeal to your personal spiritual wellbeing or growth; its all about catching the eye and the wallet. If anything i would disagree on body positive models existing at all, i mean, im not extremely fit nor i consider myself handsome or anything, But If i wanted to see normal people i would take a stroll not watch an ad. I think modeling should have standards, thats not bad its Just rational. Plenty of beautiful people do not model for a living, so If you dont want to do what it takes Just dont do it, do something else

  39. Dillon Williamson

    Dillon Williamson5 months ago

    money talks $$$

  40. Mikeyy90

    Mikeyy905 months ago


  41. chrishaineswhalley

    chrishaineswhalley5 months ago

    Scott! Can you please make a video about deadlift techniques for people with long lower torsos vs. people with long upper torsos? Or does one technique work for all body types? P.S. ur awesome!

  42. GeneticXFitness

    GeneticXFitness5 months ago

    They are jumping on the Social Justice wave. It gets attention and it gets money. That’s good for any business. Corporations have no integrity. It’s about money money money 💰

  43. Husniye Yildiz

    Husniye Yildiz5 months ago

    Why do you get those huge vains in your neck when you start talking?😁

  44. Everardo S

    Everardo S5 months ago


  45. a51mj12

    a51mj125 months ago


  46. jay Roowe

    jay Roowe5 months ago

    Wtf wrong wit ur neck

  47. Enrique Pascual

    Enrique Pascual5 months ago

    Pedro had it right 👍🏽

  48. drmego

    drmego5 months ago

    but hey, that's just a theory, A GYM THEORY. thanks for watching.

  49. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness5 months ago

    Now I need to go watch Game Theory 🤣🤣🤣

  50. Thomas Megabezemboy

    Thomas Megabezemboy5 months ago

    imagine thinking some huge clothing company cares about your feelings

  51. Eric Manso

    Eric Manso5 months ago

    People think Plus side model are fat But they work out a lot Then u have the really fat ones who think then plus side but really obese

  52. shinydarknight01

    shinydarknight015 months ago

    Gymshark is probably changing because Ben Francis just sold 20% of the company. Big companies never think about people they only think about new ways to get money out of them

  53. Conrad Dekoning

    Conrad Dekoning5 months ago


  54. Johnny Sage

    Johnny Sage5 months ago

    Her being featured in gymshark is great.. but being a gymshark athelete.. nope.. but it's just my opinion..

  55. Iceman ire

    Iceman ire5 months ago

    Yeah I've stopped buying Gym Shark stuff because of their support of violent Marxist movements.

  56. Tash veen

    Tash veen5 months ago

    Whenever I hear a fitness youtuber telling that he is super skinny and i see that photo of him being super skinny...In my head, I'm like so what am I a matchstick...🙄

  57. Kevin R.

    Kevin R.5 months ago

    Scott, cannot the same criticisms be made of Jed North? The ads they played during this very video - as well their Instagram page - solely contain dudes that are STACKED & JACKED and chicks that are PERFECT 10's w/ big, firm asses. I'm not defending Gymshark, but I'm honestly asking what difference you see b/w the two?

  58. Nick E Fitness

    Nick E Fitness5 months ago

    This is a great video, love your view on things.

  59. Mez Meryz

    Mez Meryz5 months ago

    You smart smart man.

  60. Tim Bren

    Tim Bren5 months ago

    They used to train tellers to spot counterfeit money, by showing them the real thing till they were so familiar with it they could spot a counterfeit instantly. Continue to show us the truth, and we’ll spot the counterfeit. Most of these people I never heard of anyways until now.

  61. Anonymous Man

    Anonymous Man5 months ago


  62. Niall Crocken

    Niall Crocken5 months ago

    Third times the charm, Scott videos need to be out the masses! Everyone’s blinded by the gahbage

  63. Niall Crocken

    Niall Crocken5 months ago

    And another to boost the algorithm

  64. Niall Crocken

    Niall Crocken5 months ago

    Commenting to boost the algorithm

  65. TheRealBandito

    TheRealBandito5 months ago

    that lady had a lipo for sure, those hips/butt look real and are similar size to 2019's before the alleged lipo

  66. Žan Gjuveleg

    Žan Gjuveleg5 months ago

    The plus size industry deceives people into think that they propagate body positivity thru plus size models but they show only those plus size models that have an hourglass figure.

  67. TheRealBandito

    TheRealBandito5 months ago

    Well, why not market to overweight and obese? They also need clothes to workout why not sell to them? 🤷‍♂️

  68. TheRealBandito

    TheRealBandito5 months ago

    The only plus size athlete that I know are powerlifters.

  69. Pig Mingus

    Pig Mingus5 months ago

    My issue with body positivity is that there's often a strong false/disingenuous message encompassed in it. What's wrong with saying... "my body is far from perfect but that's okay, it doesn't bother me" ... or ... "I'll never look exactly like I want to, but that's cool I'm still content with my appearance" ...? The thing with saying 'all bodies are beautiful' is that nobody actually believes it, it's just a nice fluffy idea. So instead of just accepting our physical imperfections the way we accept the other imperfections in our lives, we just repeat that meaningless slogan and still feel shitty about ourselves deep down. Thus the only purpose such a sentiment ends up serving is either; 1) as an excuse to give up on working out/eating well when our motivation falters 2) a way for attractive people to deny the social privilege that comes with being attractive; "nah man, we're all beautiful, that girl bought me a beer because I ooze positive vibes" Overall the whole movement seems to me like something that had a lot of good, socially useful potential but got hijacked and abused pretty much as soon as it reared its head. There are better ways to address our self esteem issues that don't involve trying to delude ourselves.

  70. shovelware

    shovelware4 months ago

    Who tf read all this

  71. New Bie

    New Bie5 months ago

    whats going on nation????

  72. Shayy Butter

    Shayy Butter5 months ago

    The psot really helps women like me who are more on the curvy side - see ourselves in gymshark outfits. Tbh I feel like I don’t look good enough to wear the gymshark outfits, BUT her post was very inspirational. I like how theyre really trying to get into the body positivity movement. I think shes beautiful and I loved the post, its very relatable

  73. Vishal Singhania

    Vishal Singhania5 months ago

    Hello Scott, hope you are safe and this pandemic thing is not causing much problem. I wanted to ask if wearing heavy clothes , wrist bands and shoes all the time and during the time of training kind of like Goku does will be helpful? I would like you to help me with all the information you can provide regarding above topic as it will help me because I am planning to do so, atleast the wrist band thing, not sure about the clothes thing because as per Google search a heavy fabric like Goku's clothes doesn't exist.

  74. Moose92411

    Moose924115 months ago

    Damn dude, you went DEEP this time! And yes. That is, in fact, what she said.

  75. Seth Johnson

    Seth Johnson5 months ago

    everything about this. Yes!!!!!!!

  76. brandon parmentier

    brandon parmentier5 months ago

    The comment at 4:52 is so important. I have always felt the same way, that once you're in the gym, regardless of your appearance, it's understood by everyone else that you belong to something that's designed to make you a better person. For the most part, I believe most gym-goers feel the same way. I've never had the 'perfect' body, and I probably never will. I've come to accept that fact and I know that by going to the gym 5 times a week, I'm much further along than not going because I might be ashamed I can't bench or squat like everyone else.

  77. JAKEBrakeModel94

    JAKEBrakeModel945 months ago

    It’s just corporate wokeness. Same thing that is taking over the world right now

  78. Jolly Misanthrope

    Jolly Misanthrope5 months ago

    Gymshark sounds like a nickname for the pervs that go to the gym to creep.

  79. Spike Sparkle

    Spike Sparkle5 months ago

    I don't think they're after the 'regular looking people who go to the gym' market, I think they're after the 'regular people regardless of if they go to the gym' market. Like Nike, Adidas, Champion used to be just for athletes or Carhartt, Dickies, Levi used to be just for blue collar workers, the real money is divorcing your brand from ANY niche and breaking into the broader, non-specific apparel market. Seems like Gym Shark thinks it's established the brand awareness, marketing strength, and manufacturing infrastructure to make the move.

  80. Jonathan Yen

    Jonathan Yen5 months ago

    Comment for the algorithm. This video was insightful and probably a good video to watch to be a more aware person. Thanks Scott.

  81. Raymond M

    Raymond M5 months ago

    I first noticed gymshark by following Nikki whatshername. It appears to me that GS is similar to Harley Davidson, in that they market to non-riders who want to wear their clothing and buy other gear, like wallets, coffee mugs, etc.

  82. C S

    C S5 months ago

    I used that intimidation as a means to push forward. I have begged Gym Shark and other gym clothing sellers to make clothing for me. I need pants bc I wear knee pads. I don’t want crop tops, tee backs or drop armpit styles. I don’t have the typical look. I have two inches across my back from lifting. I need spandex. I can only find black, gray, or navy pants. Nothing cute, no prints, no light colored tops available.

  83. Trias Mchenry

    Trias Mchenry5 months ago

    Your mind is the right place and don't get me wrong, I know gymshark is just another money hungry company but what they're trying to do is use these models as way of saying you do not need to be a serious 24/7 hardcore athlete to wear these clothes. If you are being active in anyway shape or form, these are the clothes for you

  84. Wayne D

    Wayne D5 months ago

    Gymshark's Teaching Men's Fashion by promoting the Dad Bod as more stylish than SARMs Arms

  85. no-trick-pony_lockpicking

    no-trick-pony_lockpicking5 months ago

    Gymshark exists since 2012. For the last 8 years they haven't give a f.. about their models often even publically admitting they are on roids. There is only one thing Gymshark cares for. And that's revenue. They got a lot of shit in the last couple of weeks. So they did a quick image shift until the situation cools down. Or maybe they earn more money like that. And if not, they will be back at the roid--train. Just look at their IG in ~1 year. Pretty sure it will look like before.

  86. Greg R

    Greg R5 months ago

    body positivity = lack of accountability. if 'you' are all about 'loving your body' then take care of it - add muscle which is useful (helps you do stuff) and get rid of fat which is useless (dead weight, just keeps you a bit warmer in winter, go buy a $20 sweater). if people honestly loved their body, they wouldn't allow it to carry avoidable fat. key word being avoidable. McD? latte? calories that turn into fat if you watch GoT and other garbage on netflix all month long. if people don't love their own body enough to take care of it, why are they expecting me to love their body???

  87. Tript D'man

    Tript D'man5 months ago

    Turned the captions on and it said gym shock

  88. Rob Baldwin

    Rob Baldwin5 months ago

    I guess the real question is why does all the Gym Shark clothing range look like shit? I assume they want people to exchange money for them, yes? That's the deal? Nil Pois.

  89. notyourbae 19

    notyourbae 195 months ago

    So do I get this right ? Gymshark sponsors fat girls now but when I applied having a NATURAL SHREDDED BODY they didnt accept me? Lol I'm done with gymshark for good

  90. Biffy

    Biffy5 months ago

    If they want to be relatable to “real people” or overweight people, they really should offer more sizes in their clothing...

  91. Vanilla Spice

    Vanilla Spice5 months ago

    Cause gymshark seems to just want money and will post any body type person just to get people to buy there subscription

  92. Vanilla Spice

    Vanilla Spice5 months ago

    They don’t care enough to think into it the way you are man

  93. Bayo106

    Bayo1065 months ago

    very good video, Scott. This is very important. I'm tired of companies pimping young girls and women's insecurity. It's a really bad thing

  94. James Robert

    James Robert5 months ago

    I certainly agree, i think the message is you can still wear gym shark clothing, even if you’ve never stepped foot in a gym. BUT, on the other hand the gymshark clothes are designed to fit the athletic physique, therefore i would certainly use lean muscular people to model my clothing. I personally am more likely to buy a pair of running shoes if they are worn by usain bolt, rather than worn by peirs morgan for example.

  95. matthew gonano drums

    matthew gonano drums5 months ago

    Mahhkkettin campayn

  96. Delta Fx Training

    Delta Fx Training5 months ago

    Great video Scott. I've seen a lot of people cover this topic but you have done it differently and gone over a lot more things than anyone else did. Very informative.

  97. Harry Banner

    Harry Banner5 months ago

    No shit it’s all for 💵 💵💵💵

  98. kratos killsyou69er

    kratos killsyou69er5 months ago

    lmao gregs comment

  99. Graham3748

    Graham37485 months ago

    This is why I love your videos. Honest and sincere views coupled with integrity. Love your channel dude.

  100. InTheNameOfZah

    InTheNameOfZah5 months ago

    Never liked gymshark. So glad I never bought from them.

  101. John Doe

    John Doe5 months ago

    In the end it's all about el peso. Chasing current sjw agenda brings money.

  102. Steve Bowley

    Steve Bowley5 months ago

    love the non BS straight talking Scott! keep em coming!

  103. Michael Polera

    Michael Polera5 months ago

    "Gymshark just trying to make more money HARDER THAN LAST TIME!" - Coach Doucette

  104. Nasrullah Khan

    Nasrullah Khan5 months ago

    Very well said about the gym starters 👏

  105. kakul kukal

    kakul kukal5 months ago

    Coach greg is the only athlete the gym shark need

  106. skippy down under

    skippy down under5 months ago

    they are just targeting the current buying market. and trends .

  107. Mick M Meij

    Mick M Meij5 months ago

    Gymshark is following the money

  108. {Tonii}

    {Tonii}5 months ago

    When I started training I wanted to become a Gymshark athlete. Now I am not really sure about that. Clothes are really good, not a bad word about that but they just promote fcking fake nattyes and that is the worst thing for me when it comes to bodybuilding.

  109. Darwin O

    Darwin O5 months ago

    peer pressure and people judgement can be nightmare to walk in to the gym, people will stare and judge you everything u do at gym...

  110. bthornton96

    bthornton965 months ago

    The issue with the first post was and still is the fact that gym shark built their brand on the physiques of fake nattys. But now they want people to love their body and be okay with the way they look. As if the last 5 years of marketing just didnt happen. This second post is just insulting imo and is a clearly pandering for more money.