Can You REALLY Utilize" RPE" To Build Muscle? || RESPONSE TO NIPPARD & ATHLEAN-X

Can you effectively use the RPE scale (rating of perceived exertion) to build muscle? Seems like a lot of big names in USlikes Fitness are on both sides of this argument. But why? If we're all on the front lines of delivering to be, what we believe to be, the best tips for building muscle... then why would we disagree?
So I did my best to look at both sides of the argument, combined that with my 22 years of gym experience and you know what I found out? I agree AND disagree with both sides. That's the beauty of having your own stance on a subject when debating. You get to express your own opinion and everyone gets the chance to grow a little and understand each others training mentality better. I hope by the end of this video you all will have a better understanding of what goes through my mind when training or creating programs for my clients!

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  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness2 months ago

    Can you effectively use the RPE scale (rating of perceived exertion) to build muscle? Seems like a lot of big names in USlikes Fitness are on both sides of this argument. But why? If we're all on the front lines of delivering to be, what we believe to be, the best tips for building muscle... then why would we disagree? So I did my best to look at both sides of the argument, combined that with my 22 years of gym experience and you know what I found out? I agree AND disagree with both sides. That's the beauty of having your own stance on a subject when debating. You get to express your own opinion and everyone gets the chance to grow a little and understand each others training mentality better. I hope by the end of this video you all will have a better understanding of what goes through my mind when training or creating programs for my clients! Try my CHEAT AND RECOVER program for 7 DAYS FREE! -

  2. Coach Milcha

    Coach MilchaMonth ago

    Well lets say that you are on a program where you train every day and you are not on juice. You HAVE to implement RPE just to survive the training. I have found that just dancing around the line where you can not handle any more training is the best option for regular people. You have to count into your RPE your regular job and your mental health. It is all fine and dandy but the people that need most help and advice are the regular folks, and just blasting yourself every time will get you to leave the gym really fast and never come back. It is actually complicated, but i would recommend using RPE but base it on the day itself.

  3. Shinryu 1981

    Shinryu 19812 months ago

    Ahh-Peeeh-Eeeee! 馃挭馃憤

  4. F L

    F L2 months ago

    You left Coach Greg out just train harder than last time whether it鈥檚 one more rep one more set adding weight to the bar any combination intensity matters over what kind of program you do as long as you bring intensity you could build muscle on any program especially for beginners

  5. Sk Sameer Salam

    Sk Sameer Salam2 months ago

    This is the first time I heard of RPE

  6. Tanmay Fadnis

    Tanmay Fadnis2 months ago

    Hi, Scott, Which Treadmill are you using (background)?

  7. Kriszti谩n T贸th

    Kriszti谩n T贸th6 days ago

    For me, I need to use RPE to make sure I dont kill myself and can actually recover. There have been times in the past when I had so insane of a leg workout that I could barely walk for a week and my next 2 leg workouts suffered because of it. Back then, I realized that while its important to train hard, its usually better to sometimes leave 1 maybe 2 reps in the tank, otherwise my next workouts would suffer and would be less beneficial in the long run

  8. Vinit Somaiya

    Vinit Somaiya7 days ago

    Soctt is all over thr place

  9. Lodi Petmalu

    Lodi Petmalu15 days ago

    You got older! You should workout your eye bag

  10. ewetoob blowes

    ewetoob blowes24 days ago

    Thank you! I haven鈥檛 been here for awhile and this was the common sense I like to hear! Whatever gets you excited, thru the door! Yes please!

  11. Dylan Duke

    Dylan DukeMonth ago

    Wait, you've stopped doing full body workouts?? Can you do a video on why

  12. Jack man

    Jack manMonth ago

    I don鈥檛 fuck with Jeff Nippard! Even just look at him! That鈥檚 what you want to look like??? Dude works out damn near everyday and looks like some average stocky dude

  13. Anthony Khoury

    Anthony KhouryMonth ago

    Did you know that Nippard actually linked in his books some of your youtube exercise tutorials? That shows respect ,i would like to see you two do a USlikes video together.

  14. FacePull TiToX

    FacePull TiToXMonth ago

    Agree. That'd be an awesome video

  15. miloice74

    miloice74Month ago

    I might be old school, basically if we are training hard and couldn't do another rep without compromising form, that will be the RPE. I have always prefer to train super hard leaving the gym feeling its the best I could do. With age, the joints is getting more inflamed and harder to recover. I just have to use lighter weights, slowing it down and making every rep count, getting the pump with less weight. The gym at my place, only have dumbbells up to 20kg now, so, its volume and slow controlled motion in superset to compensate with the lighter weights. Even with lighter weights, my shoulder problems are bothering me with too often training. I experimented 5 day per week full body workouts with lesser reps, more rest. It was good for 6 weeks, then, my shoulder issues resurface. The energy level for each day differs, it doesn't matter that I am curling 16kg on one day and 20kg on another. Each time, I kicked my ass hard, unless injury and pain creep in, and the workout have to end early.

  16. Eduard Ritok

    Eduard RitokMonth ago

    i just watched your 7 years old video, gosh, you turned old quickly in the face!馃槄馃槄 we are getting old haha ... time goes fast

  17. Siddharth Deshmukh

    Siddharth DeshmukhMonth ago

    Bruh stfu i subbed to a fitness channel not a 18 year old drama channel

  18. Dustin

    DustinMonth ago

    I never use RPE. Honestly I know what my close to max is. I use this to do a percentage and lift with explosive push or pull and do negatives lately. So I lift with good moderate weight and maximize my muscle to be under tension. Lift to failure is good IMO for your last exercise for the specific muscle group as long as you rotate your exercises just to keep things fresh. It comes down to know you are legitimately training hard while not sacrificing form. I see too many times trying to lift heavy to look cool but have shit form. I've seen people not grow over months or lose weight due to bad workouts and diet.

  19. Dustin Hetrick

    Dustin HetrickMonth ago

    I've been lifting for 14+ years and have competed a few times. I never really cared about PR's. I just lifted as heavy as I could for a set range for that exercise that day. You're totally right that your strength levels fluctuate every day and throughout the day, so I don't get all worked up about "how much" I lifted. Your strength also depends heavily on what exercise(s) you did before that fatigue your muscles.

  20. Floods0fTears

    Floods0fTearsMonth ago

    Nippard trains five full body trainings per week, day after day. If he was to go all out on his sets he wouldn't be able to recover in 24 hours. Going all out and not using RPE is so much more convenient on body part split or push, pull, legs. I would probably use rpe and go easier on my sets if I was doing full body workouts too. Just a thought.

  21. Dramatheone

    DramatheoneMonth ago

    Rpe is good for strength training and powerlifting.

  22. Rahat Khan

    Rahat KhanMonth ago

    Bro wtf happened to your accent

  23. scott P

    scott PMonth ago

    Everyone says I'm Scott's long lost brother since we're both named Scott, have unique accents, and lift

  24. CR Mannino

    CR ManninoMonth ago

    Hi I'm new here, can't wait to see what you know!

  25. chris rocco

    chris roccoMonth ago


  26. justinheiple

    justinheipleMonth ago

    Both approaches do work, RPE is just better if you don鈥檛 like increasing your chance of injury for nothing extra gained, provided you actually have the experience to gauge it accurately. At the end of the day it鈥檚 a preference.

  27. Modern Warriors

    Modern Warriors2 months ago

    Great stuff as always, good breakdown

  28. Ian

    Ian2 months ago

    Hey Scott, been following you since the 2009 days. I'm 35 and I've recently come off a chronic injury that prevented me from being active and led to depression. I am also overcoming alcohol addiction as a result. I used to work out every day except sundays and have been out of the gym since 2018. By the time of my injury I would say I was advanced intermediate lifting where I was focused on time under tension and maximizing every rep with full ranges of motion. My lean weight back when I could workout for hours or run 10ks was 185. I am now 230lbs and have no energy and alot of random pains not related to my injury. I would love to get back in the gym regularly and start running atleast 5ks again and lifting atleast my own body weight again. Any advice? I know muscle memory may help me get back quicker but I'm not sure since I've been out so long. A comeback workout for those laid up for extended periods would help alot. Thank you!

  29. Gotah Gemini

    Gotah Gemini2 months ago

    I have honestly lost all respect for Jeff Cavalier, and Nippard is overly reliant on studies. Can't stand both. I like how you, Greg D and Mark Rippetoe approach training. Enkrir Elite Fitness is good too. You guys cut through all the BS and its transparent when you have a personal opinion on something. Thanks for the objective approach and discussion.

  30. qu芒n nguy峄卬

    qu芒n nguy峄卬2 months ago

    True that

  31. Micah Bloom

    Micah Bloom2 months ago

    RPE saved my life! Thank you Dr Mike Israetel!

  32. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo2 months ago

    i started working out again properly after two years and this is the first channel i came back to!

  33. Rakshit Bhoj

    Rakshit Bhoj2 months ago

    World:RPE Scott:AaahPeeE

  34. Josh Fernandez

    Josh Fernandez2 months ago

    hey scott my name is josh and a friend of mine put me onto this anime and i thought you might find some enjoyment from view this H蟽w H医伪蕥y A删医 茪h医 D蠀mbb医lls Y蟽蠀 Lif茪 Episode 1-12

  35. kr 187

    kr 1872 months ago

    Found you after 4years you motivated me to workout my life changed with bodybuilding i am not sure if you see it but im grateful and i hope you keep motivating new people to start!!

  36. Jordan

    Jordan2 months ago

    what happened to getting your test levels checked

  37. Chris Ding

    Chris Ding2 months ago

    i just hope Scott can lean something from barbell medicine

  38. Michelle Cadman

    Michelle Cadman2 months ago

    You are the best cause you say it like it is

  39. bagsmode

    bagsmode2 months ago

    I'm too anal to not keep track :D

  40. iPerSeus McZeus

    iPerSeus McZeus2 months ago

    Personally i think RPE is even Better for beginners specially more than Advanced . Cause a beginner doesn't know how hard he should be training . so the program said go (3x10) so he picks a weight he think it's heavy enough and just do 10 reps . maybe he coulda done 15 ? 20 ? who knows he doesn't think about it .. he just do the reps written in the program . but when u add RPE or RIR even if his estimate isn't fully accurate just the thought of (ye i should just leave only 2 reps in the tank) will make him actually go harder .. he he'll stop thinking about just going to 10 .. but think oh i actually could do 4 more or 6 more even .. so i am just gonna do more reps or that means the weight is not heavy enough for me . but for an Advanced lifter already know how hard he should be training even if he's not thinking about RPE he should be training hard enough not all the way to failure but not easy .

  41. Adam Belanger

    Adam Belanger2 months ago

    Great video Scott

  42. Sanjay K

    Sanjay K2 months ago

    Too much knowledge is dangerous 馃

  43. 2 Os 2 Syllables

    2 Os 2 Syllables2 months ago

    Scott when you competing on The Challenge? If they do an OG/ old(er) rookie season you in?


    BENJAMIN DEWOLFE2 months ago

    Bro, what's wit the octopus hickies all over your body?!?!

  45. sebastian velasco

    sebastian velasco2 months ago

    Why instead of cheat curls on your cheat and recover program, you do instead just more volume for the biceps overall. Instead of fatiguing the cns, and the joints with heavy loads that biceps cant handle for a concentric contraction.

  46. Robert Ha

    Robert Ha2 months ago

    Hi Scott I really like your ideas in this video... And I agree with you. I鈥檓 currently doing a program with rpe but I find that I go in anyway and go very hard completely ignoring rpe most of the time. I鈥檝e had a look at your programs but not really likeing the selections in terms of how many days they require me to go to train muscles 2x a week. I鈥檓 currently doing a lower upper program 4 days a week and have been doing it for about a year and a half now, I鈥檓 considering something new and have also tried full body but don鈥檛 like it. Do you have a lower upper program that utilises all those things you mentioned in your video with no rpe, just go in and go hard. My program is a 8 week one. Yet I go in go hard and burn myself out before 5th week. My 5th week are usually deloads.. sometimes the 4th week are my deloads

  47. customisedfitness

    customisedfitness2 months ago

    Those people who never feel refreshed & goes balls to the wall every time they are in the gym, will learn the hard way & will be forced to take time off sooner or later. What a ludicrous advice from Athlean.

  48. FacePull TiToX

    FacePull TiToXMonth ago

    Agree. If the same advice was given to intermediate/advanced lifters, they would ignore the guy altogether and they would look for legit info such as the one you can find at Barbell Medicine/Jaggernaut Training Systems, etc. However, Jeffs addressing an audience of noobs that don't know any better. The type of people who would ask for exercises to remove man boobs or some nonsense like that.

  49. Tanmay Fadnis

    Tanmay Fadnis2 months ago

    Hi, Scott, Which Treadmill are you using (background)?

  50. kwastek

    kwastek2 months ago

    I'm with Rip on this. And I prefer FAHVES.

  51. Joshy Jose

    Joshy Jose2 months ago

    May be cavalier and Scott wants the maximum gains and techniques shouldn't limit it.. But, not all of us are Mr Cavalier or Scott or even JN. The majority can land into some sort of injury if they push to their maximum without knowing what is maximum. And that can restrict them coming months. Sceptical... Do a survey in gums, specially leavers.. So with all respect, I stand with JN.

  52. Luke

    Luke2 months ago

    I think RPE is more relevant for gaining strength, opposed to building muscle

  53. John Becker

    John Becker2 months ago

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Cavaliere and Rippetoe 100%.

  54. John Becker

    John Becker2 months ago

    @Nick Tann I love how people defending RPE like to claim how "scientific" and "intellectual" it is. Rate of PERCEIVED Exertion....yea, sounds way more intellectual than programming people based off of tonnage and percentages. And before one of you says I don't know what I'm talking about, I own 4 templates from Barbell Medicine. My results were miniscule. With the programs from Andy Baker and Rip (quantifiable) I got quite a bit stronger. Don't sit here and preach about anti-intellectualism because you're some arrogant twat on USlikes that likes to regurgitate other ideas. "You shouldn't" act like you know a thing.

  55. Nick Tann

    Nick Tann2 months ago

    You shouldn鈥檛. They were both clowned for their anti intellectual positions on effort & volume informed programming. If u desire optimal results there is no way around it.

  56. Kalev Charleston

    Kalev Charleston2 months ago

    I use it as a blocklayer and on the bike, and in the Gym, the only thing I say go hard or go home

  57. Wilson Lifts

    Wilson Lifts2 months ago

    Exactly... rpe is more beneficial for strength training. You can grow muscle regardless of weight amount as long as intensity is there.

  58. Matthew Davidson

    Matthew Davidson2 months ago

    Good to hear another perspective on RPE. I think each has it's valid points, but what about injury and over training. I fell into the trap in the beginning of training to failure, except failure would either come too quick or at rep 16. Sleep, diet and mental fitness plays a big part in dialing in your time under the bar.

  59. ladev91

    ladev912 months ago

    Just do as much weight for as many sets as you can. It's that simple. You will gain muscle.

  60. Cory Norell

    Cory Norell2 months ago

    One day people will realize that things are not often black and white. Try things; use the things that work for you, discard the rest. Try shit for yourself. Think for yourself. Wake up.

  61. Sanzhar Kozhay

    Sanzhar Kozhay2 months ago

    training for the sense of accomplishment. thats a good overall life advice

  62. Brandon Teeling

    Brandon Teeling2 months ago

    Gym mirrors aren't there for checking your form or even for selfies. They're there so you can see the stupid faces you make while you struggle at the end of a working set.

  63. Matthew Wood

    Matthew Wood2 months ago

    It鈥檚 not an end all be all method but if we鈥檙e supposed to push ourselves on how hard we work shouldn鈥檛 it make sense to use a method to measure your intensity or should we just go to failure all the time? I think it鈥檚 a very good thing to use. However I think the guy that got called out for using fake weights shouldn鈥檛 have a say in 鈥渨ork harder, RPE is for pussies, destroy yourself鈥 he lost his credibility to say 鈥渨ork hard鈥 when he used fake weights

  64. FacePull TiToX

    FacePull TiToXMonth ago

    AMEN to that, Matthew. I haven't watched Athlean-X videos for years now (even before the 'fake weight's gate') I got triggered by his advice on how to breathe during a back squat and unsuscribed immediately. That's not only bad info, but potentially dangerous. I'm glad Curlean-X called him out on that one. Barbell Medicine & Jaggernaut Training Systems are great channels with very legit info. Keep it up, man 馃挭馃Φ

  65. Sahib Singh

    Sahib Singh2 months ago

    Hey Scott

  66. bthornton96

    bthornton962 months ago

    If you aint grimacing at the end of a set did you really push yourself?

  67. Rohit Thakur

    Rohit Thakur2 months ago

    I always thought dieting is expensive and 'healthy' food costs a lot. Little did I know. I got my diet plan from Agoge Diet and I was able to select foods that fit my budget.

  68. Kenan

    Kenan2 months ago

    You make lots of sense in this video Scott 馃憤 (well nothing new, ok ok stop smiling) :)

  69. Utkarsh

    Utkarsh2 months ago


  70. TheRoland19111

    TheRoland191112 months ago

    The thumb looks like gay porn

  71. Suban Subz

    Suban Subz2 months ago

    I started working out in 2013. Never had any of the moments of people calling me a pussy but also I didnt hear RPE until I went to school

  72. Jahim Uddin

    Jahim Uddin8 days ago

    I have been working out since high school (2016) and did not hear RPE until this year. I am just going to continue going to failure.

  73. Luis Aguilar

    Luis Aguilar2 months ago

    If you lose your Boston accent i will unsubscribe

  74. DevTheGod29

    DevTheGod292 months ago

    Stop beating the horse to death we already know you can use rpe and it鈥檚 basically a must and you do it subconsciously to know when to progress or go down in weight simple knowledge video doesn鈥檛 need to be 15 mins long for money just be short and concise stop rambling

  75. Nandakishore D

    Nandakishore D2 months ago

    Make your own fuckin' content.

  76. AW W

    AW W2 months ago

    Imagine wanting to argue against scientific proven information

  77. 沤an Gjuveleg

    沤an Gjuveleg2 months ago

    In my opinion is not a good advice to give a new lifter to don`t push hard. I mean, what is training if not push yourself and reach new levels. When I started to lift as a beginner I always pushed myself when I feelt I can do it I did it. Please make a video about all this youtubers that say that if you are a beginner you can grow "just by looking at the weights" becuase I feel that by doing this every lifter live some gains on the table. When I started I did 3 exercises for body part twice a week, each exercises cosnist of 4 sets for example: 1. set 12 reps 2. set 10 reps 3. set 8 reps 4. set 6-8 reps The last set was usually 6 and I pushed myself to do 8 reps, when i reached 8 reps I alway incrised the weight and start all over. With this template I was growing so much that people thought I was on PED. Nowdays I use the same old school approuch and I still make gains. In my opinion holding back in training is a waste of time and gains whether you are a beginner or not. One guy once asked me what the secret of my arms and I was told him there is no secret. Then we went to do biceps training together. First series 50kg 12 reps Second series 55kg 10 reps Third set 60kg 8 reps Fourth series 65kg 6 reps Basically he did the second set with no problems 10 reps with 55 kg and gave up, he told me I wasn鈥檛 normal and that he wouldn鈥檛 exercise with me anymore, he said I was one hundred percent on steroids. After 7 years of training, he looks the same today as he did then and later he gave up on training because he did not see results. For me just going thru the motion without focus, curling and look around is not training and I don`t care if you are a beginner or advance. PS: Sorry for my bad english and greetings from Croatia

  78. Da Reyes

    Da Reyes2 months ago

    Scott aren't you closer in age to Nippard though?

  79. chris rocco

    chris roccoMonth ago

    scott is like 60

  80. andres vm

    andres vm2 months ago

    Scot men you should talk about what you do to look young and maintain your body when youre getting old because you look like 22 bro

  81. andres vm

    andres vm2 months ago

    In my case i think you have to do some sets to failure or close to it because thats effort and if you want to change your body you have to do a lot of effort and for naturals you have to lift heavy close or to failure and believe me when you lift heavy close to failure you cant do to much volume.Im an ectomof and for me heavy,frecuency and training to failure with not to much volume has work for me well

  82. Raghav Raahul

    Raghav Raahul2 months ago check out this new youtube video on weight training

  83. nicholas ingratta

    nicholas ingratta2 months ago

    Don鈥檛 think rpe really matters either way you ain鈥檛 gonna change your body composition after you reach your genetic potential anyhow. Maybe noobs might make a slight difference

  84. NSS

    NSS2 months ago

    Go to failure, discution over.

  85. Nick Tann

    Nick Tann2 months ago

    If u enjoy mediocrity & injury

  86. mazen taifour

    mazen taifour2 months ago

    I don鈥檛 know if i鈥檓 the only one who does this but i type in my phone the weight i lifted with how many reps i did for that specific weight and i increase one rep each week until i can lift that weight for 10 reps then i increase the weight and start the cycle all over again ... this is much much easier and more appliable than rpe or 鈥渒nowing how your body feels like鈥

  87. Trust Jesus 1611

    Trust Jesus 16112 months ago

    I believe that Jeff is right!!

  88. stitches g

    stitches g2 months ago

    Which jeff?

  89. senorgato70

    senorgato702 months ago

    Funny how Scott says 鈥淎hhr p-e鈥 when emphatic but 鈥渁re-p-e鈥 when calm.

  90. Spartacus

    Spartacus2 months ago

    Good points made here by scott. I found that cheat and recover would help in bodybuilding and RPE in powerlifting. Also scott I dont think you look old lol u look pretty good for your age.

  91. Spartanaesthetix

    Spartanaesthetix2 months ago

    I Get that he's trying to come from a standpoint of what you enjoy, but objectively speaking, using RPE is just more optimal There Have been studies on training to failure and the truth is that you get the same results with both failure and leaving a few reps, only with failure your recovery takes way longer and your system fatigues faster. f you want to see results, (which is for most people) you're going to want to use RPE. You're probably not doing anything in between sets anyway. It only takes like 10-20 seconds to write it down. As for beginners, they're also just bad at technique, does that mean they should stay away from it if they don't enjoy learning it? Every skill is to be learned and you need to get to know your own body if you want good results. So I have to completely disagree with you Scott, but I do love your content and your general advice on fitness is helpful. The studies:

  92. Naufal Rangkuty

    Naufal Rangkuty2 months ago

    @Spartanaesthetix i tried it. why dont you try it instead of taking my words for it, or their words for it. maybe you'll be making new gains who knows

  93. Spartanaesthetix

    Spartanaesthetix2 months ago

    @Naufal Rangkuty I'd say the scientific literature has shown that those extra reps aren't really that beneficial and will only cause extra fatigue.

  94. Naufal Rangkuty

    Naufal Rangkuty2 months ago

    what if i tell you 2 sets to failure is better than 4 sets @ rpe 8?

  95. Massi Q

    Massi Q2 months ago

    I realized you talk about others to much instead of just focusing on what鈥檚 important to you.

  96. Huang 559

    Huang 5592 months ago

    I think what you like is actually pretty RPE-based. 鈥渋f the weight is too light, it doesn鈥檛 count, if too heavy, go lighter鈥 is an auto-regulation, and RPE is for auto-regulation. The difference is only that you always go RPE10 or above, but the 鈥淩PE trainee鈥 do RPE6-8 most of the time.

  97. Misha880

    Misha8802 months ago

    I think people tend to confuse RPE with the amount of effort you鈥檙e putting into your workouts. Effort and exertion is not synonymous. If you鈥檙e set to hit a single at RPE 8, that means that, while it鈥檚 still going to be very difficult, it should still move relatively fast, and it鈥檚 not contradictory to say that you鈥檙e putting in all of your effort to hit that single at the specified RPE. Of course, like you said Scott, this does apply more to powerlifting, but it can be utilized just as effectively when training for hypertrophy. The idea behind utilizing RPE is essentially to keep a favorable stimulus to fatigue ratio. For example, let鈥檚 say I鈥檓 to do 4 sets on bench press without changing the weight. I can take every set to failure, and end up hitting 10, 7, 5, 3 reps. My other option is to stop 2 reps shy of failure, and chances are, I鈥檇 hit 8 reps on all 4 sets and still have some left in the tank. I鈥檝e effectively done more volume all while keeping fatigue at bay and we have ample data to support that volume is the primary driver for muscle growth. On top of that, I鈥檒l probably have an easier time recovering for my next session. If anything, and this is from my own personal experience, RPE training requires MORE effort because you鈥檙e doing more work overall. Long story short, utilizing RPE training increases the overall muscle building stimulus AND reduces fatigue, so it鈥檚 absolutely applicable for hypertrophy. If training to failure is something you enjoy, one thing you can do is reserve it for your last set so that you鈥檙e not impairing your performance for any subsequent sets all while maximizing volume. Whether beginners should utilize RPE is up for debate, in my opinion, but as Dr. Mike Israetel put it, beginners don鈥檛 really need to train all that hard in order to see results.

  98. 鞖措彊氤韮渢v

    鞖措彊氤韮渢v2 months ago

    I think more advanced and more experienced you are RPE can be extremely beneficial. can save breaking your nasty plateau

  99. gothops

    gothops2 months ago

    Nippard speaks like a Poindexter lol

  100. Miguel

    Miguel2 months ago

    Nippard is correct since it's obvious that he is trying to educate us ,while AthleanX is simply trying to impose his approach. At some point it would be more beneficial to vary volume and intensity through either RPE or %.

  101. Ankit Pradhan

    Ankit Pradhan2 months ago

    Ahhh P E nor RPE


    REALDAVEMATTHEWS2 months ago

    Hey. Buddy. I tore my pec major tendon . Off muscle belly and humerus. Had surgery but unsure on what life will be like after. I'm sure you're familiar with this type of injury. I believe your buddy had something similar. Any insight would be greatly appreciated 馃檹

  103. Mr. Adam

    Mr. Adam2 months ago

    Great video my friend. Scott, the legend much respect.

  104. Mohammad Salman Khan

    Mohammad Salman Khan2 months ago

    I don't care about RPE, I only know I am fat and I need to lose weight and get my six pack. so I always do to the failure, may be its 3 rep a set of 8 rep a set. when I cant even lift 2 sets of 30s I know I am done for the day. same for Cardio, every day 30 mins. the body never wants to challenge itself, only reasob I use youtube so that I can follow all of you guys and see if I am doing anything wrong or if I can isolate myself better.

  105. Mohammad Salman Khan

    Mohammad Salman Khan2 months ago

    @Nathan I am over 20% body fat, reducing my calories as well as no cheat day for now, problem is most of my body fat is in belly and love handle area, without gym in the pandemic got me really good, so now I am trying to do some total body cross fit on the beginning of the workout, then lifting at last some high inclined interval running/ elliptical machine cardio. I do this 5-6 days a week. I did lose some weights and can see some muscle tone line but its not as fast ase dramatic. It's been 3 months I am doing this. I olan to continue this forever so Hopefully in a year I can have some muscle and less fat in the belly.

  106. Nathan

    Nathan2 months ago

    Massive emphasis on cardio, sack weights

  107. Nathan

    Nathan2 months ago

    Reduce your calories, no matter what size you r, under or 2000 there abouts

  108. Abraham Kist-Okazaki

    Abraham Kist-Okazaki2 months ago

    I think you missed one of Nippard's better points and that is introducing RPE to novice lifters can help them learn how to gauge how close to failure they are. This is very helpful if your training style is going to include partials, drop sets, and cheat reps because it will let you better know when you've reached the point to make that switch.

  109. Hh 袣褉懈褕薪邪

    Hh 袣褉懈褕薪邪2 months ago

    So you can train with hematomas??9:37

  110. H4rry Kris

    H4rry Kris2 months ago

    That's the results of cupping 馃檮


    PRALAY DAS2 months ago

    I will not skip ads(Indirect support)

  112. TypicallyUnique

    TypicallyUnique2 months ago

    Growing up, my workout partner was my best friend during football off-season. He was way stronger than me, like he was benching 225 for 8 and I was doing 95 lbs. Through time and just working out with him, I was constantly doing forced reps to failure all the time every day. Shit puts hair on your chest.

  113. Teevlook Orange

    Teevlook Orange2 months ago

    Watching this was entertaining and informative at the same time .

  114. xavier talyor

    xavier talyor2 months ago

    That part about not being able to to walk good made me laugh bcuz I remember when I did 300 squats for the first time my legs gave out on me 3 times and I was like a weak later saying did I fucked up my legs for life 馃ぃ馃ぃ

  115. xavier talyor

    xavier talyor8 days ago

    @Jahim Uddin no pain no gain

  116. Jahim Uddin

    Jahim Uddin8 days ago

    I remember when I first worked my legs out. This guy at school pushed me to my absolute limit and I could barely walk the next day.

  117. sam fox

    sam fox2 months ago

    fullbody has made me stronger than i had ever been but i miss being sore and extra cut up. but i also had major muscle imbalances back then i never worked legs.

  118. Kachucho

    Kachucho2 months ago

    Welll rpe and rir are not for beginners, they are mostly for intermediates and advanced folk, since less than half reach those 2 stages most people will either give up or mantain before needing these tools.

  119. Andre 7

    Andre 72 months ago

    Only lesson to cavalliere and douccete everyone else including this stupid are full of shit watch how piirly he demonstrates facepulls he is full of shiiiiiiitttt

  120. Victor Isaac Perez

    Victor Isaac Perez2 months ago

    So around 8:20 you said you go by how you feel. If you鈥檙e trying to do 8 reps and you get 10 then you increase the weight to get 8 reps, how is that not rpe? You are perceiving your exertion in that exercise and noticing that you do not have enough exertion so you increase the weight to match your goal. So you looked at the rate of exertion and adjusted accordingly. Rpe.

  121. Toby Bromfield

    Toby Bromfield2 months ago

    So how do you progressively overload if you never write down your numbers?

  122. FacePull TiToX

    FacePull TiToXMonth ago

    Hi Toby. Writing down numbers is a good, time-tested method to keep track of things. I personally use a combination of excel sheet + my training videos. A number only can tell you so much, whereas the visual feedback is excellent for technique-checking. Highly recommended for anyone who's serious about training.

  123. Andrew Letellier

    Andrew Letellier2 months ago

    RPE is a term that personal trainers use to gage how hard a NEW client is working. "How hard was that on a scale of 1-10" Its really that simple. If it sounds fancy, it can be used to sell programs.

  124. Jon Moris

    Jon Moris2 months ago

    Jeff nippard is a smart kid but his autistic approach to bodybuilding does my head in!

  125. Youtube Commenter

    Youtube Commenter2 months ago

    Since the beginner argument is always brought up as criticism: Should beginners who are just learning the movements really go to failure at all? Properly not, so telling them about RPE is not gonna hurt them. Also as they begin adding weight they will get closer to failure anyway, so is it really that big of a problem that a beginner will have 4 reps in reserve for a few weeks before the progression corrects it?

  126. Youtube Commenter

    Youtube Commenter2 months ago

    @Nathan Maybe your right 馃ぃ When I first started training I personally had a hard time knowing the difference between good and bad information

  127. Nathan

    Nathan2 months ago

    Honestly think you can't teach a beginner anything. They need 6 months to year a fucking about until they will listen.

  128. Rusty Nail

    Rusty Nail2 months ago

    6:30 can you explain in video to the viewers about the marks on your chest and your back I know why you doing it because am a muslim from 馃嚫馃嚘 it鈥檚 a great thing to do 鉂わ笍

  129. Ghost

    Ghost2 months ago

    @Rusty Nail

  130. Rusty Nail

    Rusty Nail2 months ago

    @Ghost 兀毓乇賮 亘爻 丕賳丕 兀亘睾丕賴 賷鬲賰賱賲 毓賳 丕賱賮賵丕卅丿 賱賲賳 丨丕亘 賷爻鬲賮賷丿 賵賲丕賴賵 毓乇亘賷 賵丕賱丕 兀賳丕 兀毓乇賮 賮賵丕卅丿 丕賱丨噩丕賲丞 馃檹馃徏

  131. Rusty Nail

    Rusty Nail2 months ago

    @ScottHermanFitness this cupping treatment more than 1400 years old also pharaohs used the cupping and Chinese, Indian thank you Scott yes I remember that video when you walk to the supermarket when you said about the marks people think this is COVID-19 馃槄馃槀

  132. Ghost

    Ghost2 months ago


  133. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness2 months ago

    They鈥檙e cupping marks! From cupping treatment which helps improve recovery! I鈥檝e talked about it in a recent video earlier this year!