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  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness6 days ago

    The intensity was there, however I just don't understand how you can workout in a spot like Zoo culture with so many "genetically blessed" individuals that nobody says anything about proper form to help their boys out?! It's ok to use techniques like high volume and cheat reps.. but if you are going to cheat on a rep there is still a right and wrong way to do it. So, if you want to learn how to fully utilize CHEAT reps for muscle and strength gains, check this out: 💥FULL PROGRAM💥:

  2. I hate shitting

    I hate shittingDay ago

    If drew durnil worked out

  3. Spurgeon’s gym progress

    Spurgeon’s gym progress2 days ago

  4. Ansel Hansen

    Ansel Hansen2 days ago

    Hi Scott. Again probably visiting this channel after a year or more, crazy stuff happening in my life, college sucks. Been a fan since 2017. Anyways ima keep watching your channel and get back on the fitness world track. Stay safe.

  5. Eliazar Shaw

    Eliazar Shaw3 days ago

    Plain and simple: Isaiah isn't watching enough of your videos to take in the information. It's a must to do a research before putting out a video.

  6. Yulius The Julius

    Yulius The Julius3 days ago

    Is that a safe haven from the virus?

  7. PifchoBG

    PifchoBG4 days ago

    man cave looks more like a kid room. i like it :D

  8. Ben Robinson

    Ben Robinson4 days ago

    A good choice of exercises executed with terrible form. When you have 'fitness influencers' making videos like this, it's no surprise half the people in the gym don't use proper form.

  9. Nandakishore D

    Nandakishore D4 days ago

    Make your own freaking content Scott, this is becoming repetitive and lazy tbh.

  10. Darkkzoth

    Darkkzoth5 days ago

    from what i see from isaiah the names scks as his workout and should prioritize compound movements since more muscles are workin and its more exhaustin but he is not natty so he can get away with doing crapy sets and half reps and still lookin like decent i dont see any thickness i see a not natty guy lookin sht he could look way better if he could workout properly and not showoff on insta for girls thats the people we dont want

  11. Master

    Master5 days ago

    i always thought those (8:15) were called Cable Rope Pullovers.

  12. Leon Sandro

    Leon Sandro5 days ago

    Lol Bryce looking like phineas and ferb 😂

  13. TheC4RB1N3

    TheC4RB1N35 days ago

    Learn from this Isaiah, really good advice Scott🛸

  14. marcus archuleta

    marcus archuleta5 days ago

    is 3900 calories too much for a 17 year old that just started training 7 months ago? body weight is 206 and my body fat percentage is around 20%. im also trying to lean bulk

  15. MahEl

    MahEl5 days ago

    Bro you need to cut down to at least 15% if not lower before you bulk. You’re just gonna get fat

  16. Gabriele Mazzoli

    Gabriele Mazzoli5 days ago

    Dbz collection! Let's go!

  17. MrLugar45

    MrLugar455 days ago

    Ego lifting, half reps, weird exercise order.. that's all normal at their age. In fact, they train better than I did at their age (I only started training at 20, which I assume is about their age in this vid).

  18. Jake Hall

    Jake Hall5 days ago

    I am a strength and conditioning student right now and watching your videos definitely correlates with what I am learning in the classroom. Crazy how people put their trust in people who look big rather than the ones that are actually qualified. The standard needs to be changed.

  19. Sir FishVI

    Sir FishVI5 days ago

    Tour please

  20. Saiyan Lifestyle

    Saiyan Lifestyle5 days ago

    Check out Ryan Humiston. King of half reps

  21. Moose92411

    Moose924115 days ago

    Johnny Shreeve (hopefully I spelled that right) did an interesting critique on these clowns. Their sets are super quick, and he points out that the time under tension is horrendous

  22. Moose92411

    Moose924115 days ago

    I Gould give that video about nine thumbs down. That was clown training. They could have cut the volume in half and upped the quality.

  23. K17L53

    K17L535 days ago

    your mancave is goals

  24. Luke Lu

    Luke Lu6 days ago

    Try streaming 8 hours daily for 6 months and then review the chair :D

  25. Fadecountier

    Fadecountier6 days ago

    I love this channel, I Started at home in my room with one of Scotts Iron Gym Videos.....What a channel that changed my life. Keep up the AWESOME Content and oh man these Tik Tok Kids are SOOOO CRINGE!!

  26. DaR1Us

    DaR1Us6 days ago

    I saw Moji Oluwa's (from the Miami Muscle channel) video on lat pulldowns and he doesn't go as far down as you,saying it deloads the muscles.Any thoughts on this?

  27. Dark Fusion

    Dark Fusion6 days ago

    This channel has changed over the past year.. just constantly talking about other people now

  28. Hazer Yameen

    Hazer Yameen6 days ago

    Loved the vid Scott more vids like this

  29. Xavier Robinson

    Xavier Robinson6 days ago

    There's too much content from you and other quality fitness USlikesrs to have bad form and to design a workout this bad... Then to make it 1000% worse upload your bullshit for new trainees to see

  30. hfb921

    hfb9216 days ago

    I think maybe the dislikes are because they’re training in a gym with no mask in sight in the middle of a pandemic. Especially in LA where all gyms are closed and only outside training is allowed.

  31. Hannes Bornman

    Hannes Bornman6 days ago

    While I agree that the form used here suck, I do not agree that you should use full range of motion on all exercises always. It depends on the goal. If you are looking for scapula retraction on every exercise, you will surely not overload the lats sufficiently as the lats can usually handle more weight. So I would usually incorporate a movement where I focus on the bottom end of the movement and a lighter exercise that provides for greater rom to focus on the top end.

  32. Czechbound

    Czechbound6 days ago

    If they'd taken the time to refer to Scott's free "How to Videos" from 8-10 years ago, younger Scott would have set him straight. I still go back to those videos time to time to check my form isn't deteriorating.

  33. Himjyoti Goswami

    Himjyoti Goswami6 days ago

    Isaiah Miranda= Mickey Mouse on Sarms

  34. Matt

    Matt6 days ago

    Where do you stream??

  35. Evan McLeroy

    Evan McLeroy6 days ago

    Half rep, half rep, half rep 🤣😂😄

  36. Santiago Rios

    Santiago Rios6 days ago

    Are you ok look sick as f***

  37. Skizzyy OC

    Skizzyy OC6 days ago

    I like how you put clips on how to properly do the exercise

  38. Anu Hankio

    Anu Hankio6 days ago

    Great advice on correct form Scott 💪

  39. Justin Evans

    Justin Evans6 days ago

    "half rep, half rep, half rep" triggered my pt test ptsd 😂🤣

  40. Justin Evans

    Justin Evans6 days ago

    I love how all the guys I watch, Scott, Derek, coach greg, are all kickin back and talkin shit while these jokers are in the gym puttin in "work" 😂

  41. Terrance2541

    Terrance25416 days ago

    Let's see that collection!

  42. Logan Seaburg

    Logan Seaburg6 days ago

    I really like these type of videos!

  43. Mr. Adam

    Mr. Adam6 days ago

    Scott, you legend make that video show the collectibles ha ha. Good video.

  44. Strength Hacks Coaching

    Strength Hacks Coaching6 days ago

    Scott needs to make some Rock Band videos for his gaming channel, like if you agree

  45. eyoub hashemi

    eyoub hashemi6 days ago

    i love this type of content and the way you set up is it just seems more relaxing to watch and more engaging. hope to see more of this

  46. David Thurgarland

    David Thurgarland6 days ago

    Man..Isaiah Miranda has become quite the USlikes pariah! And I get it..we all see straight through his natty claims (despite being hypogonadal at 20yrs of age), we all notice that he's a bit immature, has poor form in the gym and seems to want to take his top off constantly in public gyms... but I kinda feel for the kid. He's getting A LOT of negative attention. Shit..the kid's gonna develop a complex (assuming he's not a raging narcissist..and perhaps that's a bit of a coin toss). I'm not sure what my point is..I guess I just recognise he's only a kid.

  47. Philip Cohen

    Philip Cohen6 days ago

    I think most word agree that pull-ups and bent over rows would would be at the beginning of the workout

  48. DevTheGod29

    DevTheGod296 days ago

    They're both weak af and they juice I'm stronger than them both

  49. Philip Cohen

    Philip Cohen6 days ago

    Got his pump the shirt comes off

  50. Cash Flow 2K

    Cash Flow 2K6 days ago

    Form Nazi 😂🤣😂

  51. Wayne D

    Wayne D6 days ago

    Miranda isn't really "big", he's just peeled af. I don't think he'd really even have to know much about lifting to get that physique if his diet were spot on. The *really* interesting Zoo Culture training video is the Mantello/Bernardo back video from about a week ago

  52. XzRe

    XzRe6 days ago

    Mr Herman, I recently watched a video of yours where you mentioned how easily influenced 15/16 year olds getting into fitness are and why people with a big platform should be responsible with the messages they put out regarding steroids etc. I've been watching your videos since I was 16 years old and you were making tutorials in your blue shorts 😂 I'm now 23 and I am so thankful that your channel was the first fitness channel I found because by watching your videos, you taught me everything I know and more. I have my gym mentality from watching you all these years to go and give it your all every time. I remember looking up how to get bigger arms, more gains you name it when I was a kid. And I tried so many stupid things. But because you were my "mentor" I never looked in the direction of anabolics and I never will. Just know that you've made a difference in one person's life just by being the energetic and passionate person you are. Thank you.

  53. Knight T

    Knight T6 days ago

    "Train back" lmaoo

  54. MightyBull Fitness

    MightyBull Fitness6 days ago

    I agree! You plateau sooooo quickly when not using full ROM

  55. Lars Umlaut

    Lars Umlaut6 days ago

    Eh this was a little nit picky imo. I do half and 3 quarter reps on a lot of things. It protects the joints in some cases. I have socket damage to my shoulder for example if I go all the way down on pull ups and hang there I can risk a dislocation. The damage actually occured when I used to go all the way down on the pull ups. That said, I still think they are tools for taking gear, especially at 21 or 22 or whatever lol...

  56. Jose Garnier

    Jose Garnier6 days ago

    I feel bad for Bryce. He seem like he somewhat know something is not right about the form but got no one telling him. But hey as long as you do something to get that habit down and worry the details as you go on rather than overloading with information and give up before you even get started

  57. ;

    ;6 days ago

    12:27 You recommend, that we do the barbell bent over rows heavily, when we're fresh ("So it only makes sense to do it, when you're fresh, right?"), but in one of your last videos you recommended, that we do squats with lighter weight, before we do it with a heavier load. Do you see my confusion now? Perhaps, I'm misinterpreting something. Just correct me, if I'm wrong.

  58. ;

    ;4 days ago

    @SK470_07 Why is better to pre-exhaust with the same movement?

  59. ;

    ;4 days ago

    @SK470_07 Scott said this in his video: "So it only makes sense to do it, when you're fresh, right?"

  60. SK470_07

    SK470_075 days ago

    @; coz Iseiah did a lot of pulldowns and pullovers before doing rows, essentially speaking he did a lot of isolation work (relatively more specific for lats) before his rows(which are a compound movement) , he wasn't pre exhausted just plain fatigued by that point. Plus if you wanna pre exhausting it's better to do with the same movement.

  61. ;

    ;5 days ago

    @ScottHermanFitness But why does it then only make sense to do it, when you're fresh, as you mentioned in the video above? He might've wanted to pre-exhaust his back too.

  62. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness6 days ago

    There are many ways to train. In that video you mentioned, we were using high reps to pre-exhaust the legs to make the heavier sets more intense. You should try different techniques like this from time to time to switch things up. Always remember its ok to try new things as long as you have a plan or reason for doing it / are tracking your progress.

  63. DankWeedist420

    DankWeedist4206 days ago

    LMFAO those “lat pulldowns” he was doing. He’s never gonna get big if he keeps that up

  64. Mark T

    Mark T6 days ago

    All of the dislikes is Isaiah creating new accounts to give more dislikes LOL

  65. Aviel C.

    Aviel C.6 days ago

    not a single deadlift, disgusting

  66. Brandon Montgomery

    Brandon Montgomery6 days ago

    Yea Scott I be big cheating on my lat pull downs, not even gonna hold you but they definitely include the attachment going all the up and down to the chest 😅

  67. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness6 days ago

    Cheat reps have their place! As long as you do some good sets too!

  68. Shaolin M

    Shaolin M6 days ago

    Isabelle Miranda knows his truth, he want people’s believe he’s natural 😂

  69. Tom Lazorik

    Tom Lazorik6 days ago

    People have got to stop taking PED’s as a qualifier for being a “fitness influencer.” What happened to getting properly certified due to having knowledge based in the craft? This is dangerous territory... I love aesthetics, but it’s become far too valued above all else in regards to health.

  70. Fit Moose

    Fit Moose5 days ago

    Sadly because of all the support they get, there are so many unknowledgeable influencers who are on PED's and most don't admit it. Then there are actually knowledgeable natties who get brushed over because they don't have such extreme results compared to the fake natties. It's messed up tbh, kids can get a lot of undeserved attention for taking PEDs they don't need, and being idiots on the internet.

  71. Tom Lazorik

    Tom Lazorik6 days ago

    @ScottHermanFitness very discouraging for those with legitimate passion for health and wellness ☹️☹️☹️

  72. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness6 days ago

    Social media apparently bypasses education as long as you “look” the part. Its disgusting

  73. Chris Wright

    Chris Wright6 days ago

    The DBZ life is the only life for us Scott. Show us your collection.

  74. Anthony Romzek

    Anthony Romzek6 days ago

    More critique videos!

  75. Ryan K

    Ryan K6 days ago

    Cant this kid talk without smiling?? Jason Blaha looks better

  76. OGsie247

    OGsie2476 days ago

    Let’s see it 💪🏼

  77. StarWarsThoughts

    StarWarsThoughts6 days ago

    Ahhhh and both of them are/were on shit What a surprise......influencers..

  78. TheCatseyepub

    TheCatseyepub6 days ago

    Not sure why you are critiquing kids,ez targets Try someone more established, like Doug Brignole or even that hack Athlean x You've been a presence for a long time, step up your game and take on men , not silly kids, if you dare

  79. shofarian starfall

    shofarian starfall6 days ago

    They aren't just kids. They are influencers of thousands of kids.

  80. TheCatseyepub

    TheCatseyepub6 days ago

    @ScottHermanFitness I agree, but they are kids. Most folks aren't paying attention to them. Guys like Brignole,Israetel, Contreras,nippard.. They are the ones who it would be interesting to hear your thoughts, not simpletons like these kids. That's easy targets.

  81. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness6 days ago

    LMAO. i have criticized Jeff and many others. However you are very ignorant if you don’t realize this young generation is lowering the bar with their terrible advice they are giving/showing their millions of fans. Also, “the established” guys like myself, for the most part, are not spewing BS. Because we are at the top for a reason 👍

  82. azimuthclark462

    azimuthclark4626 days ago

    Best advice from an old gym rat...slow and low. Full range or motion. Full stretch at the top and bottom. If form is bad, lower the weight, . Brad should he helping these guys get good form, not test shots

  83. azimuthclark462

    azimuthclark4626 days ago

    Where are the Vet's to show these guys the proper way? This is pretty weak as fk. Terrible form, they are using too much weight. And the routines are not well thought out.

  84. mrtreize013

    mrtreize0136 days ago

    what happened to training?? half-repping and taking tren for days...

  85. GokuPlays

    GokuPlays6 days ago

    I know your pretty lean Scott but iv watched videos from years ago where your definitely abit leaner , any plans on shredding down in the future? would be great to see

  86. Strength Hacks Coaching

    Strength Hacks Coaching6 days ago

    I think he needs to bulk up, it's not smart for naturals to get shredded all the time

  87. Dragon_of_the_Stars

    Dragon_of_the_Stars6 days ago

    Every once in a while; I have to remind myself to go back to the gym on an off day (once or twice a month). Sometimes, just to do a Form focus only day. Cut down to 50-25% of my highest weight range. Then just focus only on the mind body-connection (First 2-3 sets are slow/steady; next 2-3 sets are fast after I've got the right feeling/practice). I have you to thank the most for reinforcing that idea (mind-body connection) in my head, from watching you for so long on here. I'm still no shredded mofo, cause well; I do love my food. But man does it feel great to be shaping up slowly, properly. Thanks again Scott Herman! And where's the Vegeta armor shirt, lol! As well, when you and MASTAR getting together again, haha.

  88. Soruwindx

    Soruwindx6 days ago

    I couldn't help but look at that collection behind you. 👀

  89. Daniel

    Daniel6 days ago

    You shouldn’t expect anything more from a bunch of skinny teenagers wearing extra small gym shark stringers 😂.

  90. Grettel Ponce

    Grettel Ponce5 days ago


  91. Greg Doucette my favorite natty tren trt dad

    Greg Doucette my favorite natty tren trt dad6 days ago

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  92. Anthony Romzek

    Anthony Romzek6 days ago

    No more Rikky cameraman :(. Hey Scott, 3 things. 1, I’ve been getting recommended your videos from like 11 years ago haha. 2, have you ever thought about creating a subreddit? Like r/MuscularStrength? and 3, would it be possible for you to do a video about your post-workout stretches? Should be a fairly easy and fast video to make, my back has just been stiff and I think it’s the muscles. Thanks!

  93. Dana Hallock

    Dana Hallock6 days ago

    Yeah their form is terrible. I’m a female and only been in the lifting game for 5 years but even my form is better than that on those lifts 🤣. Thank you for the great video!!

  94. Brandon A

    Brandon A6 days ago

    Enhanced kids who don’t know how to train. I do 12 sets on a back day and am toast., and I am enhanced as well.

  95. El Ess

    El Ess6 days ago

    The "training" video was pathetic just like Isaiah. Have to give a shout out to Jonni Shreve for his coaching up coaches videos - tik tokkers take note!

  96. Jade Cleveland

    Jade Cleveland6 days ago

    Thats a stupid amount of volume! I recently started doing full body workouts 5-6 times per week with only 3-6 sets (Usually 3) per body part per session and it feels so much better than doing traditional splits. I feel fresh through out my workouts and I'm able to go hard on every single set. Quality > quantity.

  97. clamum

    clamum6 days ago

    I'm thinking about moving to a full body workout soon (started lifting a year ago and been doing the bro split basically, hit each body part once a week). What's nice about what I'm doing is it's so much easier to warm up just that one body part. With a full body I'd have to warm up the whole body, or at least do some warm up when going to a new body part/exercise. Maybe a couple lighter weight sets would be sufficient before the working sets?

  98. TheRealBandito

    TheRealBandito6 days ago

    2:00 Jesus that like/dislike ratio 😂

  99. Wayfarer

    Wayfarer6 days ago

    Scott "Greg Douchette" Herman

  100. Tommy Anne

    Tommy Anne6 days ago

    A lifetime natty (Scott Herman) reviewing a fake natty (Isiah Miranda) training a former fake natty (Bryce Hall)! Which one makes the most sense to watch and subscribe to? (Retorical question but the answer for those who were unsure is my man Scott Herman)

  101. Banter

    Banter6 days ago

    Scott is iconic for USlikes fitness. Thanks bro for making consistently good content

  102. john lopez

    john lopez6 days ago

    Scott: scapula... Isaiah: is that a sarms?

  103. Kevin Hernandez

    Kevin Hernandez6 days ago

    How can that other kid, see?

  104. Zenkakuji

    Zenkakuji6 days ago

    I'm making progress following good form and breathing using your targeted exercise videos. Using progressive weights, I started out with lower weights initially to really get the form and breathing down. Making a lot of progress with this solid foundation.

  105. Mick Donalds

    Mick Donalds6 days ago

    Scott has a rockband drum set? Noice!

  106. Adam W.

    Adam W.6 days ago

    Those seated rows had like a 6inch range of motion... kids these days... seriously makes me sad

  107. anysimmers

    anysimmers6 days ago

    The one that's doing the barbell rows more upright is essentially doing a poorly executed (no offense) Yates row. I do Yates rows but also do a more horizontal row with dumbells.

  108. BigDaddyCool42

    BigDaddyCool426 days ago

    If I find myself doing half reps I will lower the weight. Or really focus and just do 1-3 reps with best form I can. Instead of trying to rep out 8-12

  109. el JoeKER

    el JoeKER6 days ago

    I don't subscribe isaiah but after I watched this video, is it weird I check out and the actual video got taken down? lol

  110. Michael Polera

    Michael Polera6 days ago

    And not a single full rep was done that day...


    POWER TREINO6 days ago


  112. anysimmers

    anysimmers6 days ago

    Yes Scott, please do a video on your collectables. I'd really like to see all the DBZ stuff. Keep making those Sayian Gains everyone💪💪

  113. Truth And cruelty free living

    Truth And cruelty free living6 days ago

    full ROM is important but so is TUT and CT. always trained full ROM but doin "half reps" with constant tension definately progressed my training on. been training for many years tho so cud just be switching it up that worked

  114. Matthew Pacheco

    Matthew Pacheco6 days ago

    It’s a video response but I’m still learning tips on certain movements 🤷🏽‍♂️leave it to Scott

  115. IRMxFitness 27

    IRMxFitness 276 days ago

    Oh this should be freaking WUNDAHFUL

  116. AHeroAlmost

    AHeroAlmost6 days ago

    Isiah killed his own channel pretty much ... Haven’t seen a like to dislike ratio that bad in awhile ...

  117. Alex Will

    Alex Will6 days ago

    I noticed that too. He doesn’t have a recent video with more likes than dislikes. It’s a shame to see. That’s why you need to be surrounded by the right people

  118. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness6 days ago

    He has the passion and the drive, maybe just needs better guidance. I hope he finds it