TRT In YouTube Fitness || The New Toxic Joke? || Special Guest Derek From MPMD

I teamed up with Derek from "More Plates More Dates" because he is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met when it comes to PEDs. You will learn more from a 20minute conversation with Derek than hours researching online. He is a very humble and kind guy and an incredible source of information and as I continue to educate all of you, expanding my own knowledge base is a never ending journey I plan to continue as well.
With TRT becoming the new "trendy" thing to do in USlikes Fitness I want to make sure you're all TRULY informed about what you're getting yourselves into. This is a life long commitment and even though it's "legal", there are still risks you need to be aware of.
But just to be clear you could need TRT at ANY AGE if you have REAL SYMPTOMS and maybe my initial stance / videos on this subject were a bit too much "tough love" for some of you. But believe me when I say that it comes from a good place. You can't replace hard work with shortcuts guys and I know if you dig deep enough, you all have exactly what you need inside to make incredible gains in the gym and in life.

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  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness4 months ago

    I teamed up with Derek from "More Plates More Dates" because he is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met when it comes to PEDs. You will learn more from a 20minute conversation with Derek than hours researching online. He is a very humble and kind guy and an incredible source of information and as I continue to educate all of you, expanding my own knowledge base is a never ending journey I plan to continue as well. With TRT becoming the new "trendy" thing to do in USlikes Fitness I want to make sure you're all TRULY informed about what you're getting yourselves into. This is a life long commitment and even though it's "legal", there are still risks you need to be aware of. But just to be clear you could need TRT at ANY AGE if you have REAL SYMPTOMS and maybe my initial stance / videos on this subject were a bit too much "tough love" for some of you. But believe me when I say that it comes from a good place. You can't replace hard work with shortcuts guys and I know if you dig deep enough, you all have exactly what you need inside to make incredible gains in the gym and in life. ------------------------------------------------ *Derek's Website:* *MPMD Newsletter:* *MPMD USlikes Channel:* ------------------------------------------------ *Relevant Informative Posts:*
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  2. tim kenda

    tim kenda3 days ago

    Waiting to hear "supraphysiological" "exogenous" "algorithm" and/or "sazule"

  3. Waqid J

    Waqid J8 days ago

    TRT is not a trendy thing. The problem is most men have hormone issues and woman as well. There are studies out there showing we have extremely low hormones compared to ancestors a few decades past. I bet you have similar levels to my dad who is 75. 600 total and 15-16 free t. I bet most middle aged men are right under 20 and told it’s normal. Most guys under 40 should sit at 20 or higher easily/ below that is jsut ridiculous. Total max on labs used to be 1500 now it’s 1100. You and I should question why is TRT so popular now. Easy. People realized their hormones are vital to health and after found the truth after testing the levels. On the other hand we do have a bunch of fuckTad’s who start TRT and don’t need it. Jsut for looks and muscles. This group of men are immature and irresponsible. They don’t even understand what T does for the body besides muscles and fat burning

  4. NGU Fitness Motivation

    NGU Fitness MotivationMonth ago

    Just came across your channel (from Derek's). Great chat between the two of you.

  5. Steel Knight

    Steel Knight3 months ago

  6. sun flower

    sun flower4 months ago

    This was such a good video!!

  7. tim kenda

    tim kenda3 days ago

    Literally two of my favorites right here. I watched Derek for years before I decided to hop on the sauzule. I waited until I was 30, had a strong base, and using information he provided I designed an as-safe-as-possible, reasonable cycle with all of the support supplements and risk management possible. I don't regret my decision one bit, and will be coming off soon. Thanks to you both for the honest discussion!

  8. Tony

    Tony5 days ago

    Shout out to the MPMD

  9. Dec0y 0ctopus

    Dec0y 0ctopus12 days ago

    Does a conference call Pulls out the Bluetooth

  10. DerekSVG

    DerekSVG19 days ago

    Came for the T-AH_T and the correct spelling of Derek

  11. John Fogarty

    John Fogarty19 days ago

    2 greats

  12. Tiếng Anh Mỹ cửa Mike

    Tiếng Anh Mỹ cửa Mike23 days ago

    Wait.. on trt I can party more often and drink more often? Sign me up!

  13. Levi

    Levi25 days ago

    So basically the key to gains is to tren hard, eat clen, anavar give up.

  14. Todd google

    Todd google27 days ago

    Derek is the man.

  15. Eric Bolt

    Eric Bolt29 days ago

    “Will learn more in 20 minutes talking to Derek than hours of online research” Dude makes hour long videos sayings the same 3 things over and over until

  16. Jake Alomani

    Jake AlomaniMonth ago

    What in Gods name am I doing wrong if Scott is bigger than me and I have been training for 4 years and the last year being enhanced.. smh

  17. Amal Madhusoodanan

    Amal MadhusoodananMonth ago

    I can't unsee Scott in the red bikini X'D

  18. Richard Williams

    Richard WilliamsMonth ago

    A VERY VERY LONG hard ROAD. pun intended when lowering casing the hard. It's not fun, was cycling from 20-26, I'm now on TRT for life at 28. I'm infertile, tried everything possible, for a VERY VERY long time. With no results. Blasted HCG - many different times, Clomid, nolva. Multiple different protocols took well over a year to the point where I was going suicidal. If you're even somewhat smart, DO IT LIKE SCOTT. Stay Natty. You'll be much healither and happier

  19. dartmf

    dartmfMonth ago

    Scott sounding a lot like a steroids missionary trying to keep people from ever contemplating the use of ped's

  20. NGU Fitness Motivation

    NGU Fitness MotivationMonth ago

    If I took a shot every time Derek said "hard"... wasted by 2 minutes

  21. mrL mrK

    mrL mrKMonth ago

    Such an amazing man

  22. BigB

    BigBMonth ago

    We love daddy Derek, he’s the man


    KALI PIANAMonth ago

    scott looks significantly younger than derek !!!

  24. Zenkakuji

    ZenkakujiMonth ago

    Great discussion on an important current topic. For myself, good nutrition including real non-processed food, quality sleep, and avoiding hidden sugars is the best foundation for the body. All things in moderation with a variety of different foods seems best to me. I also use the exercise form videos from Scott to get the most out of my time in the gym. With this strategy, I'm making gains naturally and the journey is amazing so far!

  25. Waqid J

    Waqid JMonth ago

    If you are fertile pre TRT, you only need hcg and won’t have any problems. Coming off TRT is not a must . Only a moron doctor would put his client through the harm I would suggest that men on TRT try hcg on top of TRT before getting off to see if they can get her pregnant

  26. Hayden Miller

    Hayden MillerMonth ago

    Obligatory algorithmic comment for Derek

  27. Krane

    KraneMonth ago

    The worst word in test levels is "NORMAL." The range for test in men is 300-900/1100. All of that is considered "normal" even though Guy A can have a test level 2-3 times the level of Guy B and they're both normal. Its a terrible paradigm that is in need of a lot more research.

  28. Dave Lambert

    Dave LambertMonth ago

    Bla blar babla babla

  29. Ally

    AllyMonth ago

    Welcome to Scott Herman trying on a Sports Bra.

  30. DMC-Productions

    DMC-ProductionsMonth ago

    You should already be on HcG if you want to maintain fertility with TRT. and you should already have frozen your sperm. Theres no reason to not get treatment and theres no reason to not already be on HcG.

  31. GSD07

    GSD07Month ago

    ‘Trt Hormone’ channel and ‘Anabolic doc’ just destroyed a lot of what Derek has said. Disappointed ☹️

  32. Krane

    KraneMonth ago

    For example?

  33. Tom Chen

    Tom ChenMonth ago

    I love Scotts channel so much. Love his genuine attitude towards fitness. I believe he is 100% natural. He might not lift super super heavy Weights, but all he does it human and natural.

  34. nate C

    nate CMonth ago

    Solid info

  35. Joe Powell

    Joe PowellMonth ago

    We’ll really it should be split dosed throughout the week.

  36. Joe Powell

    Joe PowellMonth ago

    Derek is the shit!.

  37. Zoran

    Zoran2 months ago

    God dammit I thought Derek knew everything.

  38. Kaen Flux

    Kaen Flux2 months ago

    You two guys are like nails on the head of two vectors, if we were to draw a chart of your stands on the topic(s) :D I got here through Derrik's channel and am so grateful for your outputs algorythm leading me here! People will always want to justify their reasons and/or proove others either wrong, or even sometimes to the point of subscribing others to their own cheaply poor justification systems (smirk)

  39. Ryan Castillo

    Ryan Castillo2 months ago

    There was a TRT add when I clicked this video.lolol

  40. Thomas Hayes

    Thomas Hayes2 months ago

    My doc keeps me from 800-900 level and I produce a kid while on the HRT. It doesn't completely shut down your sperm production

  41. Krane

    KraneMonth ago

    Doesn't mean there won't be any sperm production, just that it will be dramatically reduced.

  42. Hey Call Me Kev

    Hey Call Me Kev2 months ago

    I’m literally in the same boat rn at 23 with natural low T and my fiancée wants kids so I’m roughing it out for a couple years till I pump a baby in her

  43. filoIII

    filoIII2 months ago

    My Dr. won't do the implant.

  44. filoIII

    filoIII2 months ago

    Higher hemoglobin is bad for u over the long run.

  45. Josh Lynch

    Josh Lynch2 months ago

    The first time I heard Derek speak about the topic, I thought he was an expert in the field who professionally worked in it. I mean, he should be. The dude is legit and extremely intelligent.

  46. SM Umair

    SM Umair2 months ago

    raising awareness, amazing, KEEP IT UP!!!! way better than misleading crap for views

  47. Owam Sage Hoyi

    Owam Sage Hoyi2 months ago

    Can't believe I watched this whole thing...

  48. Owam Sage Hoyi

    Owam Sage Hoyi2 months ago

    14:45 Derek has finally mastered the Algorithim💪❤️

  49. Owam Sage Hoyi

    Owam Sage Hoyi2 months ago

    Plates for dates

  50. ind es

    ind es2 months ago

    Amazing cross over. Been following you for years Scott and now seeing Derek on here its really cool. Im glad youre open and willing to talk to people who are from other ends of the fitness spectrum

  51. Richard Silverberg

    Richard Silverberg2 months ago

    Derek,Is a rather brilliant man.Iv followed him for years.

  52. Chris Lemieux

    Chris Lemieux2 months ago

    dude yeah dude

  53. T T

    T T2 months ago

    We are watching cuz we appreciate the fact that you call these people out for acting like they aren’t on test when they clearly are.

  54. Krane

    KraneMonth ago

    Dispel the myth: TRT does not turn you into a Mr. O. Most men on TRT just look normal.

  55. Powerful Wazaif Official

    Powerful Wazaif Official2 months ago ہربندےکےدل میں (لڑکالڑکی) ہرایک کےدل میں اپنی محبت ڈالنےکا بہترین وظیفہ. پیار. اور محبت بڑھانےکا زبردست عمل....ہردلعزیز پاورفل وظیفہ ہے....سوشل میڈیاپر وائرل.....👌👍👍👍👌👌

  56. Kyle V

    Kyle V2 months ago

    What was said around 11:50 mark was me. No recovery from my workouts. Always tired even after sleeping. I think all the anabolics I use when I was younger did me in. Had a .54 LH and 349 total 9 free on the bloodwork. Started trt. Feel normal again

  57. Daniel Macanulty

    Daniel Macanulty2 months ago

    And blah blah blah is this English niadrathol juice junky

  58. plops993

    plops9933 months ago

    The reality is just about any TRT clinic will be willing to prescribe you testosterone as long as you are willing to pay for it out of pocket, regardless of what your natural test came back at. They are also usually willing to prescribe you supra-physiological doses as well if you ask for it. The reason is that you will quickly realize that you do NOT want to stay at a supra-physiological dose of test for extended periods of time (months-years). Your estrogen will start to become a nightmare to control (you'll end up either with gyno or going the other direction with heavy use of arimidex and have no estrogen which causes all sorts of problems). This is why if you talk to just about anyone who's been on TRT for years, they always settle on a dose that keeps them within the high-natural range. If they want to blast, some of them will just add a second compound to the mix. But you will rarely ever find people that want to have their TRT clinic prescribe them 250+mg/week test for years to the rest of their life

  59. Dan Mackay

    Dan Mackay3 months ago

    Had my first kid at 18 second at 24 im now 30 now bring on the infertility please 🙏

  60. Hellscream Games

    Hellscream Games3 months ago

    Good video!

  61. Jordan

    Jordan3 months ago

    you guys need to do more videos

  62. Larry Barry

    Larry Barry3 months ago

    Dude. Why are u wearing a red bra? Not judging, just saying it’s a lil creepy.

  63. S Kelley

    S Kelley3 months ago

    This is such a badass collaboration

  64. La Barbe

    La Barbe3 months ago

    Scott, your face is so effeminate, you should start taking AAS instead of talking about them...

  65. david glenn

    david glenn3 months ago

    I need more of you two brains collaborating in my life lol!!

  66. Your Dad FeroNik

    Your Dad FeroNik3 months ago

    Scott is naturally 200% natural .. period! 🙏👍🏼😎

  67. Chris North

    Chris North3 months ago

    this guy is a drama queen.

  68. Trolexander Derpingston

    Trolexander Derpingston3 months ago

    Is Derek natty?

  69. Krane

    KraneMonth ago

    Subscribe to his channel.

  70. Jason Finnigan

    Jason Finnigan3 months ago

    What boils my blood is when people say TRT when the reality is low dose steroid use. TRT is a medical protocol to treat low T just like morphine is used to treat extreme pain. If someone in their 20s genuinely has low T for whatever medical reason they would look like shit not like these so called fitness influencers! Good genetics for building muscle literally means good hormone profile

  71. Krane

    KraneMonth ago

    Actually, you just said the same thing in different terms. And TRT is more akin to insulin, for diabetics.

  72. Stephan Stefan

    Stephan Stefan3 months ago

    😂😂😂🙈Very true, there are no Androgens in the body you can take 3cialis as nothing will rise down! 20mg of Cialis Morning and 20mg Levitra in the evening and before "Wrestling" 6gr Citrullin Malat,3gr Arginin,3gr L-Ornithine 100mg Astragin to see some improvements!🤦‍♂️🙈 With 100-120mg/wk TE,half a pill(10mg) from 20mgCialis was enough for 3-4 days😂😂🙈,and for Levitra20mg the same,half a pill(10mg) all night🤣😂🙈even so, without ED pills was enough 4gr of L-Citrullin Malate...🏋️‍♂️🍀 And sometimes I didn't need anything🤣🤣🙈😎 And look how much difference, money invested, health and stress! It is unbelievable👀

  73. Truong Thuy Mai

    Truong Thuy Mai3 months ago

    Scott it’s obvious your natural. Even in good lighting it’s obvious. That’s important to you and it’s your opinion and your choice . Keep it that way . Let the rest of us progress and evolve back into the alphas society has taken from us

  74. Ajmal Walizada

    Ajmal Walizada3 months ago

    I think we should gave Derek the nick name “DOC” cause he has more information about PED’s more than most doctors.

  75. Steel Knight

    Steel Knight3 months ago

  76. Sean lewis

    Sean lewis3 months ago

    I am on self prescribed trt. 250mg test e per week and 10mg mk677 per day.

  77. Aaron Kushner

    Aaron Kushner3 months ago

    Sean, how is that working for you?

  78. Bánk Kozma

    Bánk Kozma3 months ago

    What an amazing video, I love it! 💯🙏🔥

  79. Tenzin Paljor

    Tenzin Paljor3 months ago

    I thought MPMD stood for some fancy medical degree at first before I realized it was "More Plates More Dates" LOL

  80. Chillin With TJ

    Chillin With TJ3 months ago

    Great topic and conversation ✅

  81. Jason Wood

    Jason Wood3 months ago

    Love Scott been using his workouts 💪 for years , but if you don't like it don't do it or maybe you want to but don't have the balls to let it go bro

  82. K JL

    K JL3 months ago

    This is probably the BEST discussion I have seen on this topic.

  83. AS Fitness

    AS Fitness3 months ago


  84. Ivan Drago

    Ivan Drago3 months ago

    Why kind of TRT protocol are they using? I’ve been on a TRT regimen for about 8 years and look nothing like these dudes. I’m 44 eat very clean, do strength training (oly lifting and some body building 4 days a week) and BJJ 4 days a week. I’m in fairl good shape for my age, but look nothing like these dudes on TRT. I’ll admit, I actually require it because my TEST levels barely register on a panel, but still. These dudes are jacked.

  85. Aaron Kushner

    Aaron KushnerMonth ago

    @Krane Im on TRT?

  86. Krane

    KraneMonth ago

    Well you didn't' mention your TRT dose. However, that's about how TRT really works. Most men that are on it as a you just described yourself.

  87. Aaron Kushner

    Aaron Kushner3 months ago

    Ivan, please tell me that they explain that the testosterone your doctor gives you is NOT the same as the anabolic steroids people take.

  88. Ryan Shiroky

    Ryan Shiroky4 months ago

    If u take gear at all, even trt, and u drink booze, then u deserve what u get... secondly, no doctor gonna rx trt to a kid in his 20s, ur body doesnt even reach maximum potential till like 24-25 lol what “20 year old guy” do u know “jumping on trt” lol like they can just go to their doc and say “i wanna inject test, hit me off doc” hahaha it doesnt work like that at all... My man Derek just sittin there holding in laugher, cmon dude, u needed the exposure that bad?!?!!!?

  89. Ryan Shiroky

    Ryan Shiroky4 months ago

    I knocked my wife up full blown cycle, so idk how true that shit is brooooo... life has shiwn me different...

  90. Thomas Van Aardt

    Thomas Van Aardt4 months ago

    I really don't know how people that actually dedicate their lives to being strong have the mindset to be pharmaceutically dependantly strong temporarily, cause without your natural testosterone you are gonna be screwed without your pharmacy, worst part is that the kids look up to these guys who's balls aren't actually working, the fitness industry which is supposed to promote strength and health is promoting drug dependent weakness

  91. customisedfitness

    customisedfitness4 months ago

    Not to mention, you have to feel ABSOLUTELY dog shit all day every day to even qualify for TRT legally. Do people even comprehend this?? I love how Scott puts it - There are people who REALLY need HRT / TRT and there are people who just want to do a cycle.

  92. Aaron Kushner

    Aaron Kushner3 months ago

    With all due respect to Scott TRT your doc gives you is NOT the same as the anabolics you get illegally. The dosage from your doc is no where near what "steroids" are.

  93. Felix Thecat

    Felix Thecat4 months ago

    500ng/dl is normal? lol Im 962 and use no PEDs.

  94. danny o

    danny o4 months ago

    awesome I appreciate both of yall very much!

  95. zz co

    zz co4 months ago

    Derek has such an admirable sound personality....i think his channel will now get bigger than those shoulders. Good on you Scott for giving a great guy a leg up and helping out all of us men.

  96. tony s

    tony s4 months ago

    Awesome collab. Great to see Derek getting more exposure. Great source of knowledge in an industry of bullshit and misinformation.

  97. Nick

    Nick4 months ago

    Ok Mr. Smith, where did you get all of this information? MPMD. Oh, i see. What kind of medical doctor? .....Pharmacological...Supraphysiological. Thats a lot of logic.

  98. RiporeXia

    RiporeXia4 months ago

    YOU DO NOT NEED ANY KIND OF DRUG WHATEVER ITS FANCY NAME IS! im almost 52 shredded 5% very strong very fit and above all healthy! i have one the best natural bodys around?

  99. RiporeXia

    RiporeXiaMonth ago

    @Krane i am 100% natural ive been training 37 years just check out my insta RiporeXia

  100. Krane

    KraneMonth ago

    False. You are not 5% naturally so you can dispel that myth right now.

  101. Marasma101

    Marasma1014 months ago

    Fascinating. You guys have good chemistry. Do more of these collabs

  102. Jim Bud

    Jim Bud4 months ago

    “Ruin your life for 6-12 weeks” but would they have had less quality of life for the ten years prior just to avoid a rough 6-12 weeks?

  103. TeeVee

    TeeVee3 months ago

    Months* it takes about 6-12 months to fully restore your hormones to be able to concieve

  104. Jim Bud

    Jim Bud4 months ago

    HCG right out the gate and then , l-carnitine, and proviron. If you’re still infertile on TrT then there’s an issue.

  105. Big Balls Fitness

    Big Balls Fitness4 months ago

    Trt saved my life. So did tren

  106. adnromero18

    adnromero184 months ago


  107. Steven Morra

    Steven Morra4 months ago

    Derek is straight up about his info, he`s real no bullshit! good job Derek.

  108. Charlie

    Charlie4 months ago

    Derek is the tits hands down the most underrated channel in youtube fitness.

  109. Ratio Unkn

    Ratio Unkn4 months ago

    Damn i wish i knew people like you two when i was younger. Such good honest info.


    LEGACY FITNESS4 months ago

    Bad choice of background photo... it looks like you’re wearing a braw instead of a tanktop

  111. Pasindu Prabhashwara

    Pasindu Prabhashwara4 months ago

    This crossover♥️🔨😂

  112. Pierre-Yves Chauvet

    Pierre-Yves Chauvet4 months ago

    Why does Scott Herman wear a bra and has such huge midsection?

  113. Best Pranksters

    Best Pranksters4 months ago

    Neck veins

  114. Itachi †

    Itachi †4 months ago

    Best USlikes crossover in recent years✌💯

  115. 42 Rahul Ivvala

    42 Rahul Ivvala4 months ago

    We need a video to how to get death Star delta like Derek 😂

  116. Angelina Philippova

    Angelina Philippova4 months ago

    Derek MPMD sounds like a fancy medical degree😊

  117. Mauricio Rangel

    Mauricio Rangel4 months ago

    Look at Derek so happy

  118. Robert Garland

    Robert Garland4 months ago

    What a collab!