ISAIAH MIRANDA... What Are You Doing?

Peer pressure from the people around you on a day to day basis is one thing. But social media has turned what used to be manageable into something that this young generation just can't handle.
When you have 200k followers telling you how amazing you look on a daily basis, the fear of losing that, in my opinion, is causing this young generation to make A LOT of really bad decisions.
Anything for THA GRAM right? What are YOUR thoughts guys?
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  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitnessMonth ago

    Peer pressure from the people around you on a day to day basis is one thing. But social media has turned what used to be manageable into something that this young generation just can't handle. When you have 200k followers telling you how amazing you look on a daily basis, the fear of losing that, in my opinion, is causing this young generation to make A LOT of really bad decisions. Anything for THA GRAM right? What are YOUR thoughts guys? - - - *Try any of my MUSCLE BUILDING or HOME FAT LOSS programs for free! Just click the link below!*

  2. tim kenda

    tim kenda3 days ago

    I deleted my Facebook. I was tempted to get an IG, snap etc. But honestly my life is full, I have a few solid relationships, and I'm able to focus on my passions and the things I need to work on to be the best man I can be. Im a recovering heroin addict, and the social media has a tendency to make it easy for me to compare myself to other people way too easily. "Oh if only I hadn't done XYZ I could have what that person has". Its not healthy for me mentally. Not being on it has been a huge blessing for me personally, though everyone has a different path.

  3. Gary Smither

    Gary Smither7 days ago

    It’s not like Brad is forcing them down and making them take the peds you need to stay in your lane u sound like a psycho.

  4. Jade Cleveland

    Jade Cleveland12 days ago

    I have nothing but respect for u! I remember binge watching ur how to videos back in 2011 and it really inspired me! Probably wouldnt be lifting today if it wasnt for u.

  5. Lamar34

    Lamar3418 days ago

    Bro what’s your accent? NY or Australian?

  6. White Rose Project

    White Rose Project22 days ago

    Great form on those shrugs lmao (sarcasm)

  7. david nabet

    david nabet3 days ago

    Subscribed and liked ! great words and video Scott, thanks !

  8. J A

    J A3 days ago

    Scott Herman's Boston accent: Natty or Not? P.S. What are Saaaaaams?

  9. J G C

    J G C5 days ago

    Seems like craving for attention and approval seeking behaviors are now called social media influencers. Not everyone though. There are still a lot of genuine people like Scott who aims to educate and help. Poor kid, hasnt even reached his prime years but already feels the need for hormone supplements.

  10. Damian Szajnowski

    Damian Szajnowski5 days ago

    What is this natural thingy? I got two takes: None of us are natural, since lifting weights in a program, counting chicken weight and pieces, administering supplements aren't natural. All of us are natural, we live in a natural world and invest naturally existing compounds out of natural elements. Just say using peds or not. And precise what thay means. Natural doesn't mean anything is my point.

  11. TrueBagel

    TrueBagel6 days ago

    Reminds me about how Zyzz or Aziz Shavershian passed away, Idk if you know who he is but if not I think you should look him up and make a video. He is a tragic story of what can happen if you are young and jump on PED's without knowing ur health history.

  12. Hasan Casper Labuschagne

    Hasan Casper Labuschagne6 days ago

    I came for the Boston accent. Wasn't disappointed.

  13. Gary Smither

    Gary Smither7 days ago

    This dumbass is really assuming everything how can you be so hateful towards Brad to accuse him of that when there is absolutely no evidence or facts!!!

  14. Boruto

    Boruto7 days ago

    The veins in your dam neck is distracting 😂

  15. Zolavi B

    Zolavi B8 days ago

    Why does the Boston accent seem forced and inconsistent?

  16. Horihiraku

    Horihiraku8 days ago

    - abuse sarms , abuse steroids hahahah puts "sarms" in a sentence before "steroids"

  17. Horihiraku

    Horihiraku8 days ago

    stop pushing sarms as if they work , or are anything else but worthless crap

  18. Fab C

    Fab C8 days ago

    Dang having low T being natural isnt Good so definitely these vids are to help rather tear down

  19. Juan Lozano

    Juan Lozano8 days ago

    Blessed for this video, thank you

  20. Jake Green

    Jake Green9 days ago

    That's one vascular neck

  21. Rumble

    Rumble10 days ago

    great video.

  22. Drakesden

    Drakesden11 days ago

    As soon as I heard his voice his name changed from Scott to Scout for me xD

  23. Lord Of Stuff

    Lord Of Stuff12 days ago

    Notice how Dom/Mike dont really associate with Brad anymore. Mike's a real one, and they used to be a sick duo. Now Mike is doing purely shit he LOVES, sure he's lost some clout, but it seems like he's still big chillin. Meanwhile Brads enabling young kids to start gear so he can stay relevant. Yikes.

  24. Lord Of Stuff

    Lord Of Stuff12 days ago


  25. The Bee

    The Bee12 days ago

    0:45 The hands of someone who likes to connect with iron. Never wear gloves myself either. I love when i look at my hands and they tell a story.

  26. Just busting your balls

    Just busting your balls13 days ago

    Scott is angry since November 3rd.

  27. Brian Alonso

    Brian Alonso14 days ago


  28. blekidud

    blekidud15 days ago

    You know Scott, I dont always agree with you. BUT at least you are REAL. I remember 12 years ago before I started working out, i kept looking at these jacked dudes thinking, i can never be like them. But then I tuned in to ur videos. You gave me motivation that I never knew I had. So Thanks Scott. You the man. BAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

  29. Josiah McCallister

    Josiah McCallister15 days ago

    Isaiah Miranda: “ok boomer”

  30. Charlie Veguilla

    Charlie Veguilla15 days ago

    I agree with scott this older steroid freaks are destroying the youth's whole life just so they look good yet these older steroid freads will die before 50 for sure from all the damage inside their bodies very few have perfect genes thats a very small percentage

  31. Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo

    Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo15 days ago

    When you're so triggered that you roast your own daughter lol but the man is right

  32. Micheal McGraves

    Micheal McGraves16 days ago

    Liked the video as soon as you called Bradley martyn an enabler. Dude is slimy

  33. Marky Mark

    Marky Mark16 days ago

    The neck veins are REAL

  34. Mark moffitt

    Mark moffitt17 days ago


  35. David Harrison

    David Harrison17 days ago

    Here I am just a guy looking to start getting into shape and suddenly ended up deep in this rabbit hole of issues and dramas, wtf is going on xDDD

  36. Brandon Johnson

    Brandon Johnson17 days ago

    Defiantly the best video on this so far, I quit working out for a while now so I haven’t been watching your videos lately but your defiantly my favorite fitness USlikesr by a long shot. Keep the awesome videos coming

  37. Lamar34

    Lamar3418 days ago

    APAHMENT!!! Love your accent dude lmaooo

  38. G A

    G A18 days ago

    His lifts are weak. He wants that quick fix, or should I say miracle drug to get big. First he must reach that body plateau naturally, meaning he needs to lift heavier and in improve diet, sleep and overall lifestyle.

  39. James Mcclain

    James Mcclain18 days ago

    Haha soms

  40. Gaatsu Guts

    Gaatsu Guts18 days ago

    only a few words sound very australian: start, apartment, sarms, etc... otherwise id be none the wiser.

  41. PimpSolja49

    PimpSolja4918 days ago

    What is "T ARR T"?

  42. METAK188

    METAK18818 days ago

    No no no. There is more stories like : "me as a fake natty (even I believe that I am)".

  43. Joseph Foltz

    Joseph Foltz19 days ago

    My test levels from blood work i got done at the doc are 790 and Im natty as fuck, age 28. I still look like a pretty normal dude at 6'3 180 and I've been lifting right for 8 years. Idk how everyone looks like a god with just slightly higher test levels than normal.

  44. Jeff LU

    Jeff LU19 days ago

    What are saamz? Why are they bad if they are abused?

  45. Dominic Razzano

    Dominic Razzano19 days ago

    Abusing SAHMS

  46. Damion Houston

    Damion Houston19 days ago

    Man... I swear I live on your channel! Thank you for this...

  47. William Bones

    William Bones20 days ago


  48. Lisemarie Caron

    Lisemarie Caron20 days ago

    Oj, now lets stop to make this frat famous please

  49. Taha the best😎😎👍

    Taha the best😎😎👍20 days ago

    Same old story... an excuse to TRT

  50. Punter GoStop

    Punter GoStop20 days ago

    I honestly would like to believe that Isaiah didn’t purposely crash his testosterone. I think he rather faked the results. I just find it hard to believe that he would crash his testosterone just to produce a low test to prove he is “natural”. That’s dangerous and stupid. I think the results were faked.

  51. King Quan Gaming

    King Quan Gaming20 days ago

    Holy shit I knew you looked familiar. I couldn't put two and two together. You definitely were on the real world BK lol.

  52. Iyo Bakti

    Iyo Bakti20 days ago

    Wow. I hadn't been visiting your channel for a while. Really glad to see how u have gotten even better with your talking. And a really great piece of advice u gave that isiah kid.

  53. Colton Weir

    Colton Weir20 days ago

    He might not be lying. He may have actually been natural. He reminds me of myself. My lowest test level was in the 30s and I was 27yo. Whole diet, no smoking, no drinking, no drugs, never even seen a steroid, consistent schedule, going to the gym 5 days a week. Turns out ptsd can destroy your test levels and other hormones. Since I had it since childhood, been effected my whole life. Trt made me feel what "youth" actually felt like for the first time in my life. Was literally life changing for me.

  54. Colton Weir

    Colton Weir19 days ago

    @ugotserved911 Another thing, he seems to have several possible visual symptoms of ptsd from the video footage of one of his videos that I saw plates and dates review. In conclusion, you can't dismiss a possibility of ptsd when there is compelling video evidence.

  55. Colton Weir

    Colton Weir19 days ago

    @ugotserved911 He's also super young. When I was his age I didn't even know I had ptsd, yet had it since about 7 years old. He could be full of shit. He could also be a kid, with a problem, that doesn't have all the answers and gets slandered by all of the youtube experts. Just sad to see a very real possibility ignored and someone's reputation destroyed over assumption.

  56. ugotserved911

    ugotserved91119 days ago

    Ok. So u answered it. For ur case that it. But in his case he has NO answer. He didn’t have ptsd. Dude is def on sarms

  57. Gregorio Garcia

    Gregorio Garcia21 day ago

    "I know how stupid you are based on your age"... Best line ever. I'm stealing this and using it when I lecture my kid...

  58. kukunaokala begay

    kukunaokala begay21 day ago

    huh... never knew you were on mtv.

  59. edward bascon

    edward bascon21 day ago

    Stop Yelling!

  60. DerekSVG

    DerekSVG21 day ago

    Used to watch scotts videos 8+ years ago. Gotta say the accent has really come to forfront. H-AH-T

  61. matt cicconi

    matt cicconi21 day ago

    It’s obvious that he crashed his test levels on purpose so he could justify “going public” with TRT, which is an effort to cover up his pre-existing usage of PEDs to achieve his current physique... no one puts on his level of lean tissue, at his age, without the use of said drugs lol. Just sayin

  62. RauL Alberto

    RauL Alberto21 day ago

    nice intro, nice video.

  63. Hoho Momo

    Hoho Momo21 day ago

    Your daughter definitely didn’t have her first club experience when she turned 21 hahahaha

  64. Thorsvald

    Thorsvald21 day ago

    Sad that the kid could really make something positive of himself.

  65. Phil Supremo

    Phil Supremo21 day ago

    Loved the thumbnail!!! 🤣

  66. Jarred T

    Jarred T22 days ago

    Why does his accent disappear at times


    ETHAN HURTE22 days ago

    Them neck veins tho

  68. bentley swift

    bentley swift22 days ago

    Honestly it’s so sad what the industry is. All of my friends started working out probably about a year ago. We all started saying “ oh I’d never take steroids or do anything like that” we all came to learn what sarms was and the progress it could allow you to achieve. Sadly all of my friends including me plan on going on sarms at some point. It’s just sad to see how everyone can change just by watching USlikes workouts for 6months.

  69. AgreedBog381

    AgreedBog38122 days ago

    ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ (ScottHerman.exe has crashed) STUVWXYZ

  70. Richy Axl

    Richy Axl22 days ago

    Question for you Scott. In all of my 9 years of lifting weights and working out. If I've only taken Whey Concentrate protein shakes. I'm I considered natural? Or unnatural for taking just protein shakes within my diet. I've been curious and I needed the opinion of a pro of course. Thanks brother! 💪

  71. Richy Axl

    Richy Axl22 days ago

    Stay natural folks. Your bodies will thank you for it as you get older.

  72. Kurtis Boon

    Kurtis Boon22 days ago

    Yeah this is probably all part of Brad’s drug empire. Isaiah is next level annoying though because he constantly attributes everything to his ‘insane work ethic’ and ‘3 workouts per day’. Like fuck off man you’re a genetically blessed guy with abs and good inserts but still had to take the easy check route and then lie as if we are all idiots, nah brah. Good luck with health issues and shit side effects throughout your whole life

  73. Brian Teeter

    Brian Teeter22 days ago

    Seeing the fact after weeks you don’t have close to the amount of views compared to how to’s is proof you are right.

  74. Jared Schreiber

    Jared Schreiber22 days ago

    What the hell is up with this dude's voice fading in and out of a Boston accent. Weird bro, wicked weird.

  75. Tyler Danford

    Tyler Danford22 days ago

    You pronounce your Rs....occasionally lol and then you don't. Not trying to hate on you, i just thought I was hearing things at first

  76. Meilk27

    Meilk2722 days ago

    Any of you young bucks reading this please don't waste your time following advice from fake natural Instagram influencers. I found Scott's videos after going through old Scooby's, following the advice from these two natural guys I lost 135 lb of fat and gained 20 lb of lean muscle over 2 years. No flashy bull crap no gimmicks just good training and good science. Thank you Scott

  77. marcus bergdahl

    marcus bergdahl22 days ago

    Am i lost or somthing, did the mom hide his daughter untill 11years old?

  78. Titan

    Titan23 days ago

    Even tho I’m 3 weeks late , love this video lol , these people making Scott’s neck veins pop . Natty for life !💪

  79. TalkingMagicTaco

    TalkingMagicTaco23 days ago

    I've called out that POS Martyn for over two years now. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks he's toxic.

  80. Andrew Lyon

    Andrew Lyon23 days ago

    Bradley sees $$$ signs. Let me juice this kid up and reap the benefits

  81. Tiger Hill

    Tiger Hill23 days ago

    Unfortunately some will have to get hurt or die before someone takes it seriously.

  82. trancehound

    trancehound23 days ago

    This guy is Smaught.

  83. sirus312

    sirus31224 days ago

    this is true. Those of us in our 30s usually heard 'stories' now all these kids see this on their phone 24/7 and think its alright without doing any research.

  84. Mr. Bogs

    Mr. Bogs24 days ago

    Let them take all the shit they want. Just grab a popcorn sit back and relax. Natty for life 💪

  85. Yousef Aziz

    Yousef Aziz24 days ago

    Father Scott preaching some mf TRUTHS

  86. October Madison

    October Madison24 days ago

    Just for all the uninitiated, Nelk's running joke about Bradley Martyn selling drugs to kids wasn't about recreational drugs like heroin, cocaine, etc. It was about gear.

  87. Wes Hardin

    Wes Hardin24 days ago

    Are those neck veins or breathing tubes?

  88. TWINKIE InYoMowf

    TWINKIE InYoMowf24 days ago

    sometimes he says h r t and sometimes he says h ahhh t

  89. Theo C. Victor

    Theo C. Victor24 days ago

    love the end of the video, after calling him on the carpet scott talks like a loving father to his son

  90. Hermi Martin

    Hermi Martin24 days ago

    Do you think it is bad for me to take Nitraflex? It is a pre-workout. I am new in the fitness world. pls help me.

  91. Alex amaya

    Alex amaya24 days ago

    I think Bradley set him up and basically black balled him whole career

  92. Mohamad Hariz

    Mohamad Hariz24 days ago

    Wow your daughter is 21 years old?

  93. Sitting Bull

    Sitting Bull24 days ago

    everyone - *"sarms"* scott - *"SAAHHMMMSS"*

  94. mick don

    mick don25 days ago

    Bradley Walsh needs to hold him self accountable his behavior is a Discrace as young people hang on to his every word 🤔💯1 day he will have to Answer for this behavior 🤐

  95. Dan , McGill

    Dan , McGill25 days ago

    Subscribed - Agreed 100%

  96. Tony Simi

    Tony Simi25 days ago

    Fantastic Video!

  97. Adam L

    Adam L26 days ago

    1 min in, ik hes from boston

  98. Lynson Alleyne

    Lynson Alleyne26 days ago

    Dang I can see your passion from the veins in your neck 👀😲😅

  99. DGRIFF!

    DGRIFF!26 days ago

    Wtf is Tee Ah Tee?

  100. Spencer Chase

    Spencer Chase26 days ago

    I love how Greg gives Derek the "Derek from More Plates More Dates" intro.

  101. Emmanuel Guerrero

    Emmanuel Guerrero27 days ago

    Been a couple years since I watched, u look a lil smaller bud..

  102. S L

    S L27 days ago


  103. Cencil

    Cencil27 days ago

    Scott I think you're giving SARMS way too much credit. They aren't anything spectacular. This guy's physique is trenned up

  104. lowzyyy

    lowzyyy27 days ago

    Bruh i watched you 10 years ago when i started to lift and train. Nice you stayed natty and relevant for all this years

  105. Matto niy

    Matto niy27 days ago

    Scot the only true natty I felt you on all of this. Subscribed.

  106. Devin Nakata

    Devin Nakata28 days ago

    Scott you were also once 21. You don’t know what it’s like being 21 just from your daughter. You were also once that age. Just wanted to add that on in support of your case

  107. evobusa

    evobusa29 days ago

    Somebody needed to say it. Wow, thank you

  108. Blake McMahan

    Blake McMahan29 days ago

    Is 21 considered young? Lol Oh and careful how you talk about Bradley, he doesn’t care for it. Dudes a monster and an awesome guy. Guys can be influenced and be very impressionable but ultimately it is their decision.