Joe Rogan On Chris Cuomo “Fake Weights” || “Italians Are Stupid Strong”


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  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness4 months ago

    This was too funny to not talk about. Either Joe Rogan is trolling us or he really thinks all Italians have a super secret untapped gene in their DNA that makes them "stupid strong" in times of need. Like when you need to single-arm press 100lbs when typing at your computer... lol What do you guys think? Was Rogan in on the joke or does he REALLY think that the weights were real?

  2. Jeremy Trudell

    Jeremy Trudell4 months ago

    Joe Rogan isn't that stupid to think its real

  3. eclipsewrecker

    eclipsewrecker4 months ago

    I’m not sure how “Italians are super strong” is equivalent to “all Italians are strong.”

  4. A SZABO

    A SZABO4 months ago

    I guess he should have stayed at discussing ufc

  5. Tighe Philbin

    Tighe Philbin4 months ago

    Joe Rogan is a major fucking sell out . He caters to anyone with higher prestige than himself . He knows it’s fake but he was trying to really be convincing and confirm the validity of the weight .

  6. Sendo

    Sendo4 months ago

    @Michael Daisley Michael, a HARVARD study was done which found that 7% of content produced by CNN did not have negatives biases towards Trump. That same study placed fox at around a 50/50 split. Trump's approval rating is just under 40%. The average American agrees with Trump on 4/10 issues, which should reflect in OUR NEWS. Cnn agrees with trump in 1/15 issues. The average American agrees with trump in 6/15 issues. Fox agrees with Trump in 7.5/15 issues. Yes FOX news is biased, but they are 5 TIMES LESS BIASED THAN CNN. That analysis of statistics is the basis of rationale... Any rational human being would look at those statistics and say "It is okay to bash trump, 9 out of 15 times, but it is not OK to bash him 14/15 times." It is the role of the news to be the portent of the American people.

  7. Max Weber

    Max Weber2 days ago

    This not a 100lbs weight (I am 101% sure, it is obvious). I am convinced Joe knows it is fake. Joe is smarter than that. Your explanation is good. Cuomo is a friend and Rogan is probably defending his friend.

  8. Big G

    Big G3 days ago

    This is a joke. Fake journalist...fake weights....Joe pandering to his masters. Dont think so Fredo

  9. Piotr Marcinkiewicz

    Piotr Marcinkiewicz4 days ago

    It's as fake as CNN!

  10. Greg Cappitte

    Greg Cappitte6 days ago


  11. Bob Cat

    Bob CatMonth ago

    Thank you for pointing out that he's in a wheely office chair.

  12. K4lr0b

    K4lr0bMonth ago

    Joe Rogan podcast is mostly fake crap since he signed with spotify. Not really worth listening to anymore.

  13. The Sordid Singer

    The Sordid SingerMonth ago

    Clearly this was meant to be a joke. Cuomo’s name on the weights & his reactions say enough if you’re capable of reading between the lines. Now Joe Rogan on the other hand must be smoking crack or something? Very few people are Dumbell pressing 100lbs in each hand, much less making it look like it barely weighs anything.

  14. hiddenhandmusic

    hiddenhandmusicMonth ago

    Lol, this was funny as hell I enjoyed it

  15. Tech Realm

    Tech RealmMonth ago

    Favorite part of the video is when he said CNN is fake news and it is 100% the truth lol.

  16. Lax Doucette

    Lax Doucette2 months ago

    Used to respect Scott as one of the fitness OGs until he started making his deluded political beliefs apparent. Clearly tried to suppress them (EG unfollowing Trump on IG) in order to gain followers but just couldn’t help himself. Palpable irony in the fact that you call CNN ‘fake’ but one would assume that your primary news source is probably Fox.😂😂😂 Stick to lifting and gaming dude as your smearing of CNN just makes you look like an imbecile. Also, as a prominent influencer, try using your platform to spread unity and bring people together instead of furthering the political divide between Americans.

  17. IJ Mathew

    IJ Mathew2 months ago

    "CNN fake news" 🤣 Yup

  18. Ace3567 The Curious One

    Ace3567 The Curious One2 months ago

    A fake news reporter using fake weights. Makes sense.

  19. IJ Mathew

    IJ Mathew2 months ago

    Pretty accurate

  20. The One

    The One2 months ago

    Hell no I'm 6,3 245 & (I) have trouble this guy's a fack I think half the UFC wld have trouble doing 10-20

  21. gian carlo Navarro

    gian carlo Navarro2 months ago

    Maybe he is using ultra instinct.

  22. ASD3Libertad

    ASD3Libertad3 months ago

    I’ve been subscribed to this channel around 8 years now and used it for the occasional new workout idea. It was good stuff. Your new pattern of putting out social commentary vids with a controversial edge in an attempt to garner more views has already gotten tedious. I’m out. Hope being a USlikes hack works out for you.

  23. MultiPets

    MultiPets3 months ago

    Just for calling CNN fake news I'm going to finally subscribe

  24. Claudia mariani

    Claudia mariani3 months ago

    You are all embarrassment to real Italians pagliacci

  25. Tyler Gonzales

    Tyler Gonzales3 months ago

    😂😂😂”CNN FAKE NEWS”

  26. Bass Lover

    Bass Lover3 months ago


  27. Chatham Mulligan

    Chatham Mulligan3 months ago

    10:00 the first option is correct, joenlater admitted he was wrong LOL

  28. Chatham Mulligan

    Chatham Mulligan3 months ago

    9:30 sadly, Joe was not in on the joke lol 😆 he really was that stupid! He kind of apologized a week ago about being naive and foolish

  29. Chatham Mulligan

    Chatham Mulligan3 months ago

    The money turns Rogan into a moron

  30. Chatham Mulligan

    Chatham Mulligan3 months ago

    Your awesome, Rogan is one of the stupidest successful people in the world

  31. Ray Rivera

    Ray Rivera3 months ago

    Can't believe Joe though the Cuomo skit was real. It wasn't even meant to look real. It's is fishy indeed.

  32. Caleb L.

    Caleb L.3 months ago

    I love the use of cnn fake news

  33. WrackAmole

    WrackAmole3 months ago

    Isn't that inyusha on the top?

  34. Jason Vegan

    Jason Vegan3 months ago

    Soooooo where can I get myself a pair of those fake natty 100’s? 😂👍

  35. defman85

    defman853 months ago

    Cuomo shouldn’t be a stranger to fake news and demonstrations.

  36. Adam Chi

    Adam Chi3 months ago

    Even that stooge Rogan seemed to stay away from the topic of a one-arm overhead extension with a hunnit.

  37. Claustroflowbic

    Claustroflowbic3 months ago

    Did anyone ever stop to fucking think that it was just a staged joke

  38. Brett

    Brett3 months ago

    Scott - you are correct about Chris Cuomo giving fitness advice when he should not. By the same token perhaps you should not voice political opinion (fake news comments).

  39. big papi

    big papi3 months ago

    cuomo always came off like a asshole dude,i guees this confirms it.

  40. KillJokeWhoosh

    KillJokeWhoosh3 months ago

    Fake weights for fake news.

  41. Daniel Angel

    Daniel Angel3 months ago

    Rogan is always high anyway haha

  42. Fraggin Bastich

    Fraggin Bastich3 months ago

    Subbed since you called CNN fake news.

  43. Alessandro Peveri

    Alessandro Peveri3 months ago

    Italians do it better mate!! 😬😬😬

  44. Andy Drew

    Andy Drew3 months ago

    To be fair to Rogan he simply saw a quick snapshot of the photo. Just by quickly glancing at a photo you likely would have no idea it’s fake. However once you see the video it’s immediately clear that it is fake. I could be wrong but that’s my guess as to why he was defending Cuomo

  45. Bo dhi

    Bo dhi3 months ago

    It's obviously a joke. How is this a thing?

  46. Stefano Nori

    Stefano Nori3 months ago

    Why offend the Italians ??? Speak in the singular...

  47. David H.

    David H.3 months ago

    I JUST found out about this, so, excuse my ignorance please. First thing I notice is Cuomo's body language and facial expressions which seem pretty tongue-in-cheek. Then I notice the weight doesn't say 100 says, "Cuomo Prime Time 100 Iron Grip #LetsGetAfterIt". To me, it feels like just an obvious joke with a prop weight. Did he try to pass it off as real? I am way too late to this party aren't I? Lol.

  48. Anti alluvion

    Anti alluvion3 months ago

    Tell me how Trump is good for you Scott. Quick to say fake news to world events but you provide no evidence of that view. If you can critique weights, why not triple check what you call fake world and political news. Or don't but at least speak to your expertise as people do listen to you. I respect you and you aren't a Trump parrot

  49. Elke S

    Elke S3 months ago

    CNN fake news? What? do you like Fox News?

  50. M

    M3 months ago

    Watching TikToks with hot wife in bed? Lost all respect :D

  51. Nathaniel Goglia

    Nathaniel Goglia3 months ago

    Welcome to that Spotify deal. If he questions anything from cnn he will be canceled

  52. mark w

    mark w3 months ago

    Joe roman is a turd,whats the shortest book ever written,answer Italian war heros lol

  53. The Punisher

    The Punisher3 months ago

    Why rant about It when It seems clearly a fake weight...and yeah you said It all in the beginning of this video

  54. Occam’s Razor

    Occam’s Razor3 months ago

    Don’t over analyze it. Quite simply Chris Quomo was being narcissistic. He has a chronic problem with that.

  55. Blessed Gee

    Blessed Gee3 months ago

    This video shows a bunch of wasted energy, time and alot of hate....why do grown ass men spend so much time hating on grown as men?? Guess all that test turning into estrogen but Oh yeah they want you to think they are it so you can buy into there trash...smdh??? Spend your energy better bro!

  56. Farid MK

    Farid MK3 months ago

    There is a video of a Russian man lifting 100 lb kettlebell with one arm 400 times in 30 mins. But thats a Russian athlete in Russia and a world record holder, not a soft pencil pusher politician that grew up in privilege in US. Cuomo is clearly joking and Joe has smocked too much weed that cast.

  57. ابو حمزه وعمر المصري

    ابو حمزه وعمر المصري3 months ago

  58. Michael Andrew

    Michael Andrew3 months ago

    Love that you call him out on his fake news too. Hes so fake

  59. VeNoMziV

    VeNoMziV3 months ago

    Faaah fetched 🤣🤣🤣

  60. VeNoMziV

    VeNoMziV3 months ago

    Like the video style mate

  61. Kyle Mack

    Kyle Mack3 months ago

    I love this channel hahaha

  62. jeremy Moseley

    jeremy Moseley3 months ago

    I think it’s moving up in the elite category. Money is the key. He is taking up for dweebs who have and are there. Or like in the Alex Jones podcast. He was very defensive rather than it feeling like it was in the Eddie and Alex and joe days. Though the 3rd guy was great. Kept up and couldn’t believe why he didn’t agree with some of the things Alex was saying like if we had enough robots to wipe humanity there’d be no Walmart’s we’d all be gone. And he disagreed. Maybe I’m thinking too deep. Devils lettuce maybe.

  63. Sean Sullivan

    Sean Sullivan3 months ago

    Lmao it’s super fake and CNN sucks but repeating “Fake News” over and over gets you an unsub. Keep drinking the orange kool-aid morons.

  64. Federico Galanti

    Federico Galanti4 months ago

    I smell republican

  65. bouba assil

    bouba assil4 months ago

    i think its not fake but its just 100 grams dumbbell

  66. Vercel Vlogs

    Vercel Vlogs4 months ago

    New friend here watching your video here my full support to you stay safe God bless

  67. Make Less Ogor

    Make Less Ogor4 months ago

    you had me at "fake news"

  68. Noob Hinsak

    Noob Hinsak4 months ago

    Wait, I thought it was obvious Cuomo was fucking around.... what's going on with Joe?

  69. Chiheb Bekakra

    Chiheb Bekakra4 months ago

    Even larry wheels can't move it with that speed.

  70. View ing

    View ing4 months ago

    Also tic tok is not American yet, stay away from them

  71. Alfredo Lopez Flores

    Alfredo Lopez Flores4 months ago

    Joe is high.. that's it.

  72. Omni Gains

    Omni Gains4 months ago

    Couldn’t agree more Scott. And also Greg Doucette agrees with Joe. It’s like, what is happening here 🤣 It’s so many details revealing it, just the fast twist he does with it show it has not much weight. Cmon’

  73. Dank Guy

    Dank Guy4 months ago

    cnn FAKE NEWS!!!!

  74. Abdullah Alshehri

    Abdullah Alshehri4 months ago

    Fake news 😂😂😂😂

  75. Shawn 898

    Shawn 8984 months ago

    Joe Rogan is a very successful man but he is also a fucking idiot. Joe Rogan is clueless most of the time and forms opinion based on talking to someone for 20 minutes. He's honestly a good example of what daily marajauna does to you.

  76. Rasuyu

    Rasuyu4 months ago

    Do me Inuyasha

  77. Just busting your balls

    Just busting your balls4 months ago

    Way to shut down arguments saying "fake news".

  78. pathologicaldoubt

    pathologicaldoubt4 months ago

    Yeah just as Cuomo likely shouldn’t be giving workout advice, Scott is in no way qualified to do political commentary.

  79. Michael Roche

    Michael Roche4 months ago

    That Inyuyasha shirt is awesome

  80. Richard Foster

    Richard Foster4 months ago

    Need to put the X Small T-Shirt back in the closet !

  81. Master Ace

    Master Ace4 months ago

    No matter how strong you are, pushing 100 pounds dumbbell over your head will force you to blow out some air...from either end...the italian didn't blow any air out, so I said, blow me.

  82. the stream

    the stream4 months ago

    Im not weak, Im strong Fredo

  83. Michael Chammah

    Michael Chammah4 months ago

    Nice one! I think you should keep making videos like this one and howtobeast, drama gets you twice the views compared to your regular videos about fitness advice.

  84. drabnail777

    drabnail7774 months ago

    I get the phrase no publicity is bad publicity but why would you want to advertise yourself in a negative way? Why would people now listen to your "news" now?

  85. rutniktrainer

    rutniktrainer4 months ago

    Even if his arms were strong enough to press 100 he would need to brace his body up to press it. Think about the leverage working against his torso while pressing up 100 pounds unilaterally.

  86. Jonathan Asencio

    Jonathan Asencio4 months ago

    To be honest I thought this was Joe’s cry for help since taking that deal with Spotify since we see Spotify deleted several of his episode featuring many conservatives and alt right leaders

  87. Jerrid French

    Jerrid French4 months ago

    Joe Rogan retracted his statement after talking to Robert Oberst

  88. Jeff

    Jeff4 months ago

    Fredo is the dude, training P*A Golfer; Roids Deshambeau. I took Jughead advice, I'm still suffering shoulder issues.. I've always thought Row'ghuns interviews were more set up than interviews, unless it's a wedge issue...where, Joe is ignorant, and just debats a cliche.. I would think, one are shoulder press a hundy dumbbell...I'd' think physics would take over and you'd flip over

  89. J R

    J R4 months ago

    5:35 😂😂

  90. Guadalupe Rivera

    Guadalupe Rivera4 months ago

    Fake weight

  91. Surf4life07

    Surf4life074 months ago

    I think Rogan’s a bit off his game lately!

  92. emmanuel ekpo

    emmanuel ekpo4 months ago

    Hey I want to lose weight. I’m 6’1 345lbs with my trouble areas being my mid section and chest. I have been to scared to ask before but I need some advice on what to do where to really start

  93. attatawil

    attatawil3 months ago

    Don’t eat anything or drink anything other than pure water for 4 days After that eat only low carb or no carb high fat and high protein Do a minimum of 30 min of cardio every day, and I mean push yourself, break a sweat, and increase it to 2 30min cardio sessions a day Incorporate weight lifting once you start to get the hang of the diet and cardio and you should start shrinking

  94. j sp

    j sp4 months ago

    Man I love you a million times more now for making this video!

  95. Mesa Prime

    Mesa Prime4 months ago

    Joe Rogan is literally a 3rd impostor

  96. jump body fitness JBF

    jump body fitness JBF4 months ago

    Dude i am training over 10 years! 45 kg is impossible for me to do small curl at the top of the movment 😂 my max curl with both arms is 40 kg 😂 imagine this with one arm 😂

  97. rivi132

    rivi1324 months ago

    I thinks Joe was just saying it could be done he has had similar opinions on something that is clear not true but technically it could be done. Like when he was talking about the Kennedy assassination and it’s pretty obvious that Oswald did not make three shots with that rifle Joe insisted he could have just bc he knows some guys who could have make those shots. It’s not impossible so it could be true. He is clearly wrong on this one and his last podcast he corrected himself

  98. DadBod Fitness

    DadBod Fitness4 months ago

    Thank you Scott for talking some sense! You're absolutely right. I don't understand how anyone could think that's real, especially coming from Chris Cuomo. He's been called out another fake videos as well (he claimed he one hand dunked in a pro height basketball hoop). With all of that this doesn't surprise me on top of the fact that just like you pointed out, it looks incredibly fake. He isn't straining at all. Even if I pick up a weight that I can easily press over my head, I still look like I'm actually lifting a weight and not like I'm whipping a piece of paper around. I really enjoy listening to Joe Rogan most of the time but I have no idea why he thinks this is legit. On top of that Greg Doucette is right along with Joe believing it's real!!! Ahhhhh! And I like Greg's content and he is incredibly knowledgeable. Oh well what do we do but keep reminding people to be better than themselves yesterday.

  99. sobearchitek

    sobearchitek4 months ago

    Did you REALLY just say "FAKE NEWS!?!" Really? Did you just make your platform political? I've followed you for years, and recommended you to hundreds of people. I have your app and was a Platinum member. I'll rewatch to make sure, but if you just insinuated that all news on CNN or by Cuomo is fake news (Jesus, just hearing that people have adopted that as standard thing, annoys the f.....I digress), which KINDA makes it sound like you are in support of a certain person that is in the news a lot lately - I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to say good-bye, dislike and UNSUBSCRIBE. Don't get me wrong, I'm very aware how CNN spins their news, I don't think near as much as Fox, but almost all news puts a spin on it one way or another but to say all of CNN's, or everything that Cuomo says, is fake, is just as ludicrous of a statement as Joe saying that he is strong because he's Italian. PLEASE tell me I misinterpreted something! Or.... I have to say good-bye, dislike and UNSUBSCRIBE.

  100. sobearchitek

    sobearchitek4 months ago

    @ScottHermanFitness Sorry man, I didn't mean to come at ya....I guess I am a lil touchy on the subject, to say the least. Thanks much for replying and clarifying. It SO did not sound like you, I had to reply right after I woke up on the floor. I still wouldn't say it's "fake news," because to me that implies that it's an all-out lie. I would say very very heavily spun though. I def. agree with you about keeping it out of fitness and gym. That's hard to do, especially here in the good ole' Missouri Ozarks. If I never hear another thing about either side, I'll be a happy man. I'm glad I can still love you bro and keep recommending you to people (of course after you post an official denouncement 😆)

  101. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness4 months ago

    Its not political. People on both sides know CNN is fake news. Especially Cuomo. I dont bring politics into fitness. The gym is supposed to be an escape from all that. At least it is for me 😊

  102. Hans-Ruedi

    Hans-Ruedi4 months ago

    Hey Scott, congratulation on your birthday, I wish you all the best, good health and good luck as a trainer.

  103. Ezio214

    Ezio2144 months ago

    Fake weight, fake news!

  104. Paul Byron

    Paul Byron4 months ago

    As a regular guy, about the same age as Chris Cuomo, I knew instantly that it was fake. I’m about 230lbs and muscular. Given the inertia, moving that much weight, moves me with it. And holding it so nonchalantly? Buuuuulllshit.

  105. HolyCity2012

    HolyCity20124 months ago

    I've been subscribed to you for at least 6-years. This take is so stupid that I am unsubscribing. You can't be trusted, you're just too stupid. And you're probably a fascist.

  106. William Blyth

    William Blyth4 months ago

  107. OneTake Sun69

    OneTake Sun694 months ago

    ...if you scroll pass all the fake news 😆

  108. jay tee

    jay tee4 months ago

    joe rogan sold out, the new podcast in unwatchable to me now, im considering leaving ausitn now to hahahahaha

  109. Prince 52boxing MMA

    Prince 52boxing MMA4 months ago

    Obviously Cuomo is trolling! 😆 🤣 😂

  110. biggus dickus

    biggus dickus4 months ago

    joe is a 90 iq drug addict. why does anyone care what he has to say. His redeeming trait is being able to get interesting people on his show and remain quiet.