Really starting to feel like the last Natty OG in this USlikes Fitness game.
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  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness10 days ago

    Maybe I'm just harder on myself than most people. But when I feel stressed out, demotivated or depressed I don't automatically think I need drugs to fix my body. But unfortunately, it's just so much easier to think that your problems are due to things that are out of your control VS taking responsibility for your own actions and making a plan to be your best version of yourself. I don't know if Brandon needs TRT, maybe he does, but I just felt that from his own explanations of how he's feeling with his life & business that he just lost his drive / motivation and instead of reaching inside himself to regain that confidence he once had, he is letting others convince him TRT is the only way he can feel like a man again. But the real issue is that more and more Fitness USlikesrs, many of them already in AMAZING shape, are jumping on the TRT trend and it's getting harder to tell who actually needs it and who is abusing substances like SARMS to drop their total T so they can legally blast and reach supraphysiological levels of testosterone through a TRT clinic. I guess only time will tell if these decisions were the right ones, but lately it seems like fitness is becoming more about drugs than it is about passion and hard work.

  2. DawgFL

    DawgFL8 days ago

    @zeus111 Yea i guess i should have highlighted that my post is irrelevant to the person in the video.

  3. Tim Silvers

    Tim Silvers9 days ago

    With you 100%, Scott.

  4. zeus111

    zeus1119 days ago

    @DawgFL That's great for people who have a serious issue with their test levels, but Brandon Carter is just another narcissistic social media junkie who wants to take his ego to the next level.

  5. DawgFL

    DawgFL9 days ago

    It's nice to be able to say "just dig deeper" or "there's other things you can fix". But at some point that's not always the best route. You COULD spend the next 10 years making every little tweak here and there to try to "feel better". But we're human. Our brains, and body are controlled by hormones and bacteria. And we have jobs, and lives, and things that need to be done. TRT is a very safe thing to do especially nowadays and especially under doctor supervision. If you think i might actually be a problem I encourage you to go forward with it. Don't wait to thrive in your life because people are telling you that you just haven't tried enough. Also, people who haven't experience low testosterone really do not know what it feels like. Its like walking around and living life on 5x gravity. As if the earth is just willing you to be pushed into the ground.

  6. G.S. JAWA

    G.S. JAWA10 days ago

    In the middle of your video an ad popped up for Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Are you looking forward to seeing it Scott?

  7. Just busting your balls

    Just busting your ballsDay ago

    When my testosterone gets low, I watch videos of sheep.

  8. Hayel Zandani

    Hayel Zandani2 days ago

    I just came here for the last name pronounciation

  9. DJand wolfbrandt

    DJand wolfbrandt2 days ago

    Hey Scott any chance you do a workout video with resistance bands?

  10. Todd William

    Todd William2 days ago

    Scott, what happened to the vid you were gonna make showing your testosterone levels?

  11. David Long

    David Long3 days ago

    Dude you have a fetish for people using test and speaking out against it... it’s like some weird witch hunt. Yeah a lot of people are abusing it but our test levels as men are nowhere near to what they used to be a hundred years ago. We all essentially have low test because our NATURAL test levels have been repressed due to the toxic modern environment we live in today.

  12. aead toms

    aead toms3 days ago

    T AAA RT

  13. Benn Conner

    Benn Conner4 days ago

    True. Do people’s tests level actually just decrease because they age or are there other factors that are at play. Most people tend to lead more unhealthy lifestyles as they get older, i.e they tend to put on more weight, eat less healthy, do less exercises, ect. These lifestyle factors would surly contribute to lowering ones test levels over time.

  14. Juan K

    Juan K4 days ago

    What a dumbass

  15. Ben Robinson

    Ben Robinson4 days ago

    While TRT is obviously beneficial/needed for some, most fitness USlikesrs aren't in that category. I mean, come on! When you look at their physiques, I highly doubt their t-levels would be low, unless they were already abusing something. Furthermore, if your t-levels actually are low, you should look at your lifestyle choices first, and only go to medication as a last resort. If someone wants to abuse drugs to make themselves look better, I don't personally have a problem with that. But when people lie to themselves and others about it (especially people with a big following), it's a whole different issue entirely.

  16. Gotah Gemini

    Gotah Gemini5 days ago

    this was a really good video- I hope you can reach out to more youngsters who just need an excuse to take trt or any other similar substance. Keep up the good work!

  17. Mark

    Mark6 days ago

    Wow very informative Scooter 💯🤘😃

  18. djv

    djv6 days ago

    He scammed all his followers from the start

  19. Carl S

    Carl S6 days ago

    When you're as big as those guys, you don't have low T. They may have lower T than they want, but it's not low T. If it were, they'd be hard gainers and much less muscular. They're just coming up with excuses to use or to legitimize what they're already using.

  20. Falk 7272

    Falk 72726 days ago

    If I was to take any workout Programm to the gym right now, all I'm gonna end up with is a flat nose and potentially a couple bruises from running into the closed doors 😱🤔 Gotta stick to training at home for the moment 💪🏼

  21. Mu Jones

    Mu Jones8 days ago

    12:50. Best part of the video! Congratulations Scott. You're so right, man. Find the problem, think about the solution and get it done! The end. Move on and don't put your hope of getting better in a synthetic hormone. Thanks, man! You're awesome.

  22. Island Hermit-RP

    Island Hermit-RP8 days ago

    He was probably never natty i would only take trt when i hit my 50s

  23. cybrsage

    cybrsage8 days ago

    I say it all the time, do not do this stuff unless you have a pro card. You can easily become married to the needle...till death do you part. It also passes me off because these are the people who make it harder for those of us who need it to live.

  24. FreedomFox1

    FreedomFox18 days ago

    As a guy on TRT, I see Brandon Carter as very different than Isaiah Miranda. Between his crushed testosterone levels and elevated liver enzymes, it was very obvious that Miranda had taken AAS. We don't know what Brandon Carter's testosterone levels are, but I agree that it does seem like his symptoms are mild. But let's keep in mind what he does for a living. Most guys who need to max their physique to make a living are going to need TRT eventually, largely because the increasingly large caloric deficits needed will crush testosterone levels. He can't afford to wait until his physique starts to decline... he obviously wants to get in front of that. Scott, I hope you will consider doing some educational content about TRT that sticks to the facts. Your informational show with Derek made TRT sound scary... I was so scared to start TRT, yet it's been the best decision I've ever made. My lifelong anxiety, depression and low energy have largely subsided and my fibroymyalgia has improved significantly. I even saw total resolution of a mild heart condition (mitral valve regurgitation, a common cause of heart murmur). Lastly, my muscle mass increased dramatically. Of course everyone is different with respect to symptoms (for example, I never had sexual dysfunction). I see young men all the time who for sure have low testosterone... almost zero muscle mass and hardly the confidence to even look you in the eye. These men are suffering, and yet the medical system rarely catches these cases (I didn't get treatment until I was 35!). These young men will probably bump into ScottHermanFitness while trying to get in shape. Scott, you're in a perfect position to help direct men to potential medical treatment, if they have the symptoms of low T and if they fail to have a normal response to diet and exercise. You're in a position to help guys who are being totally failed by our medical system (which will happily feed them antidepressants, viagra, sleeping pills and narcotics for the rest of their life). Society is ready to throw these men away without a second thought... SOMEONE needs to advocate for them, to tell these guys to fight for the treatment they need, and I think you're the perfect man for the job :)

  25. Brandon Carter

    Brandon Carter8 days ago

    You made some really good points in this video. 🏆 Especially as it pertains to younger guys. Was born in 1982, I’ll be 39 this year. I wanted to make that video more for guys around my age. There’s so many guys who are ashamed to be on TRT when they really need it. I figured that if I shared my story, maybe it could help some other guys around my age feel more comfortable getting help (if they need it). I have talked to so many older guys who are actually ashamed to be on TRT. My friend from the TRT clinic said he has a ton of clients who have the medication shipped to work so their wife’s don’t know about it 🙁 My hope is that if more guys like me come out and are honest about it, it may help with the stigma that’s attached to it when older guys are on it. My intention was never to glorify it for a younger audience. I actually tried to fix the problems I was having naturally for all of 2019. I slept more, changed my diet (even stoped keto for a while to see), and my training. Nothing helped. So that’s when I went to doctors. Like you, my goal was to stay natural for as long as possible. And if it were not for the chronic lethargy, I would have started natty. But being tied sucks. I spent all most 2 years in a state of chronic lethargy. I want to go as hard as possible in business to give my son the life I didn’t have. 👶🏽 I want to have the energy to run around the playground with him for hours and build memories that will last his whole life. I don’t know if I “need”, TRT... I’m sure I’d “live” without it. But if it will help me accomplish those 2 goals, then I believe it’s worth it. Again, I enjoyed the video and you made some really solid points 🙏🏾

  26. Kamil M.

    Kamil M.3 days ago

    @Kool i did if you read above. Huanarpo macho + black maca powder, or you can try yohimbe bark, that is not to be messed with! Also panax ginseng and tongkat Ali, tongkat Ali has shown to increase testosterone!

  27. Kool

    Kool3 days ago

    @Kamil M. Give some examples mate

  28. Kamil M.

    Kamil M.5 days ago

    @Max Cen yeah man, there is so much natural stuff that’s actually really Poerwful

  29. Max Cen

    Max Cen5 days ago

    man theres a spiritual change going on i the world and inside of our bodies. Thats why you are tired. TRT wont change a damn thing

  30. 000 007

    000 0077 days ago

    How old is your son ?

  31. Michael Primo

    Michael Primo8 days ago

    Great video Scott 👊🏿

  32. DadBod Fitness

    DadBod Fitness8 days ago

    Dude great video. Really spot on advice and wisdom. People (and I include myself) always look for the easy option. We live in an environment of instant gratification. People don't want to work hard to make things better they want the easy solution. More power to you Scott. Love the content and keep it up.

  33. Frank Hardy

    Frank Hardy8 days ago

    Brandon Carter always came across as snake oil salesman.

  34. ladev91

    ladev918 days ago

    Keto is bad for testosterone.

  35. Clayton Crain

    Clayton Crain8 days ago

    You da man Scott

  36. Gunnar Barbakken

    Gunnar Barbakken8 days ago

    Do more car videos 😁

  37. Anti Philosopher

    Anti Philosopher8 days ago

    Don’t know this dude but I like him after this.

  38. Ug Buga

    Ug Buga8 days ago

    He is one of the dudes I followed when I got started with fitness at 13 and his videos helped me develop not just my physique but my self esteem as well . But I got turned off his content when he went that scammy make 6figures if you follow his "system" type dudes. But his old videos reminds me of my teens and gives me nostalgia but now he just comes off real scammy

  39. Jack Sparrow

    Jack Sparrow8 days ago

    Of course you have low testosterone if you're blasting since forever.

  40. Jack Sparrow

    Jack Sparrow8 days ago

    Brandon sounds like 95% of Reddit's r/testosterone users: "I'm tired, depressed, I have low energy, I have no more sex-drive and no more morning woods, my dick will fall, I want to start TRT"

  41. Ty M

    Ty M8 days ago

    If his T levels dropped his physique would have dropped.

  42. Brian Leatherman

    Brian Leatherman8 days ago

    As a man in his mid 30s who started and tried to stop trt I can say with confidence, wait as long as you can. I regret starting it as early as I did but now I’m so miserable without it.

  43. चिंग चोंग पिंग पोंग

    चिंग चोंग पिंग पोंग8 days ago

    Wait so you mean I can now legally take steroids while still maintaining my fake natty status, and people wont be able to question me about it because I have a doctors note? Wow sign me up I feel tired.

  44. I. L.

    I. L.9 days ago

    I just wish these people would just be honest. What they're broadcasting with these disingenuous excuses is "I think you're stupid enough to believe my fibs."

  45. JLOL

    JLOL9 days ago

    you can tell in the interview with ben that hes off cycle, he stopped the juice, his testosterone dropped, and then he got tested and now hes gunnu jump on trt

  46. Platinum Bars

    Platinum Bars9 days ago

    What is that dark patch on your chest?


    PAULDADUDE9 days ago

    totally agree with you Scott, these people if they don't have real symptoms should just admit they wanna do a cycle, because having 1000 ng/dl testosterone naturally won't really give you much more gains than if you had like 500, but guys who take trt to get there levels up there have an advantage because they can maintain that level all the time.

  48. Christopher Russell

    Christopher Russell9 days ago

    Tee Aaaahhhrr Tee injections

  49. d k

    d k9 days ago

    10:04 except 2pac.

  50. Jaime cucalon

    Jaime cucalon9 days ago

    those neck veins

  51. Brian Alonso

    Brian Alonso9 days ago

    Just came to hear Scott say TEE AHH TEE

  52. ewetoob blowes

    ewetoob blowes9 days ago

    Hey. Maybe we will all learn something. Geez. He’s more entertaining than a lot of fitness youtubers.

  53. RoaringTruthBear

    RoaringTruthBear9 days ago

    Just leaving a comment for the youtube devils

  54. tesina21

    tesina219 days ago

    I'm 33 and have been able to increase my testosterone levels naturally by lifting heavier (getting stronger), correcting micronutrient deficiencies, sleeping more, and lowering stress with daily meditation. You're a big inspiration to me Scott. You've never taken the easy road/shortcut and are always trying to improve yourself mentally and physically in a natural, healthy way. Appreciate your honest take as usual.

  55. Wes Gunton

    Wes Gunton9 days ago

    Start of video Scott is already angry with the neck veins popping out. 😄🤣😂😆

  56. TheDoctorChee

    TheDoctorChee9 days ago

    Guess those test boosting shakes that Brandon touted years ago didnt boost his test enough 🙃

  57. Michael Polera

    Michael Polera9 days ago

    Dude don't try and justify you going on something, just be honest and say you wanna take your already great physique to the next level. More people will respect you for it 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

  58. Santos Marquez

    Santos Marquez9 days ago

    Great video Scott. This series of videos are interesting as I never thought you'd be giving your pov on him. But I see why now. This could be really dangerous for the future bodybuilders bc of free IG videos & Google hosts. Well said & great content. Stay healthy Scotty 😁👍💪

  59. frankg461

    frankg4619 days ago

    My lack of sleep literally was the one thing I was missing that sabotaged my gains.

  60. Le0

    Le09 days ago

    is it tru that you really lose muscle as you age???

  61. Leandro Barriobero

    Leandro Barriobero9 days ago

    I feel these guys are looking for a short cut and they are just lazy with no direction. They have self image issues in my opinion.

  62. Delu Miah

    Delu Miah9 days ago

    I was born with a toy I'll never get bored of playing with even if the other half does.

  63. theflyingninja1

    theflyingninja19 days ago

    Dude taking away the one thing that set him apart from the 10,000 other fitness USlikesrs. His natty status. Now he's just indistinguishable from the rest. But, his life. I don't watch his stuff anyway.

  64. Brown Dog Fitness

    Brown Dog Fitness9 days ago

    You are such a smart guy, Scott! I'm 54, had my T checked a while back, turned out normal. Probably just had too much stress. Keep up the great work!

  65. Gajinder Jaswal

    Gajinder Jaswal9 days ago

    Stay natty!

  66. Evan King

    Evan King9 days ago

    The reason Brandon Carter is so tired is it takes a lot of energy to feed that giant EGO....Hey Oh...Seriously TRT is being exploited and overused. The TRT clinics, out here in So Cal are populated with athletes and wanna be athletes lookin for an edge. The middle aged lifters with money ,Testosterone becomes a Gateway Drug. They often go on to Growth Hormone, EPO and eventually to Horse Hormones and illegal designer drugs. I see it all the time and went there back in the 80s myself. Keep pitching natural training and living healthy, you are doing a great service.

  67. thomassmyth65

    thomassmyth659 days ago

    2020 destroyed me mentally, I'm tired all the time, has he talked to anyone about mental health issues, maybe he's just depressed, this guy's issues seem deeper than what is presented

  68. Christopher Bryant

    Christopher Bryant9 days ago

    I'm with you scott.. I'm not always looking for drugs to fix my body. Honestly the other thing I'll take is Tylenol for headaches. Forget that vaccine too... lol

  69. p g

    p g9 days ago

    You wanna hop on the sauce so bad its tearing you from the inside out my guy

  70. TrueGaming

    TrueGaming9 days ago

    I believe that Brandon has only come out now due Greg exposing the big leagues and Brandon isn’t stupid enough to put himself in bad situation, so therefore he’s come clean in a discreet way so he can retain his dignity.

  71. Brian Gutierrez

    Brian Gutierrez10 days ago

    Scott, did you get a hickey from a squid?

  72. Brian Gutierrez

    Brian Gutierrez10 days ago

    I was just wondering what happened to him. I even forgot his name.

  73. MrPreZidentZ

    MrPreZidentZ10 days ago

    he wasn’t natty anyway, dude got gyno in his left nipple not that long ago, must have screwed up his AI on cycle

  74. Frank Hardy

    Frank Hardy8 days ago

    Brandon is as natural as Mike Chang.

  75. TrueBagel

    TrueBagel10 days ago

    Do you think there is scientific support for cupping. I know athletes do it but it always seemed like bs. Never heard of athletes using hikies to recover

  76. Sawarynk

    Sawarynk10 days ago

    I love it when shredded, strong, "natty" dudes claim low test levels. That's not how low test looks.... I mean come on?

  77. Sawarynk

    Sawarynk6 days ago

    @Messan Sessinou yeah basically low test would make one chubby (or at least bloated with water) and both strength and muscle mass would start going down

  78. Messan Sessinou

    Messan Sessinou6 days ago

    Isn’t testosterone level the main reason why women don’t naturally built as much muscle as men? Their excuse is weak.

  79. TrueBagel

    TrueBagel10 days ago

    Best thing about Brandon Carter is since he is a bad lier its easy to see why he hopped on

  80. Andvari

    Andvari10 days ago

    They're just looking for excuses to jump on gear.

  81. Nake Fatty

    Nake Fatty10 days ago

    Why are you angry?

  82. gothops

    gothops10 days ago

    Brandon Cahhter on T Ahh T!!

  83. Charles Junior

    Charles Junior10 days ago

    That's why I don't smoke or drink. "I really don't want to rely on outside substance to keep my body going.

  84. Sam Moore

    Sam Moore10 days ago

    You can tell how great of a parent Scott is and boy if I can be half as great for my child, I'll be happy!

  85. MightyBull Fitness

    MightyBull Fitness10 days ago

    I need to watch your channel more! Derek and you motivate me to stay natty

  86. Sam Ashley

    Sam Ashley10 days ago

    The ad at the end of your video was from a company selling TRT 🤦🏽‍♂️ this is what’s wrong with USlikes.

  87. Jonathan Fairfield

    Jonathan Fairfield10 days ago

    People forget that Brandon Carter was once the bodyweight only workout guy, then admitted he actually trains in the gym too. Then he was the intermittent fasting guy, then admitted he actually eats whenever he wants. Then he was the keto only guy but then later said actually you need a calorie deficit no matter what diet you are following. Then he said he was natural but now says he’s going to start TRT - do you see the theme here?

  88. Austin Salada

    Austin Salada10 days ago

    Scott's looking smaller and smaller in every video. I think it's time you jump on TRT Scott

  89. Ryan Wisbey

    Ryan Wisbey10 days ago

    I don't give a fuck, so I don't get stressed, easy. @50 you get like that.

  90. Roy Herdez

    Roy Herdez10 days ago

    Good word Scott.

  91. Dwayne Forrest

    Dwayne Forrest10 days ago

    Super curious y do some of yur Rs have an accent and others dont?

  92. frank andrlik

    frank andrlik10 days ago

    keep keepn' it real scott!!

  93. Mike B

    Mike B10 days ago

    "LeTHARgy" ...

  94. Steven Willshire

    Steven Willshire10 days ago

    Agree with you Scott. I like making TRT more main stream and acceptable but these fitness "influencers" are making it sound like such bullshit. Take TRT just dont be an asshole and say its because your test is low. Show years of bloodwork showing its a problem before you claim this shit.

  95. Max Sewell

    Max Sewell10 days ago

    I like Scott’s take which is just be honest. The way to fight this is to make a video about how to know if someone is lying about needing TRT. Idk if you made something like that, but it would be a good summary of this trend of Dead Natties.

  96. Mr. Adam

    Mr. Adam10 days ago

    Scott the G.O.A.T.

  97. sam fox

    sam fox10 days ago

    I am taking trt doses for fun. Maybe his blood work indicates he could need it but I think you make Fair points now so I am a little bit more inclined to agree with you.

  98. StarWarsThoughts

    StarWarsThoughts10 days ago

    Most reasonable excuse/reason ever iM tIrEd

  99. MonkeyOfWAR

    MonkeyOfWAR10 days ago

    Thanks fitness dad

  100. Abhishek Mahendru

    Abhishek Mahendru10 days ago

    Its so insulting that I worked from zero weights to lifting over 200lbs and built myself thanks to you, Scott. Here is this guy, like couple of others, who uses tired excuse to be on TRT. Epic fail on his part.

  101. D Man

    D Man10 days ago

    Derek from 2019 called, he wants his haircut back

  102. Eddy San Remo

    Eddy San Remo10 days ago

    This whole movement of jumping into the the trt mode at not even 40 years old is ridiculous. What would have done those men 50 or 80 years ago? Those fitness models looking like top notch athletes and being genetically gifted let down by their own bodies.... Meanwhile I'm in my late forties, 20% body fat, training, working, not sleeping enough, not eating perfectly like those guys and wouldn't think of injecting to feel better if it was not talked everywhere on USlikes fitness channels. AGING is part of the path guys! Keep up with the good message Scott. We need people like you.

  103. kiddo

    kiddo10 days ago

    Get on tik tok!

  104. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness10 days ago

    Already am bro! ScottHermanFitness 😎

  105. Ηνωμένες πολιτείες Αμερικής

    Ηνωμένες πολιτείες Αμερικής10 days ago

    “Brandon CAAAHTAAH is hopping on T AAAAHH T”

  106. chistopher louw

    chistopher louw9 days ago


  107. CMBelite-FR

    CMBelite-FR10 days ago

    What is trt ?

  108. J G C

    J G C10 days ago

    Yeahhhh. He wasnt in there for health reasons whatsoever. He wanted the gains.

  109. Elena Pastorinni

    Elena Pastorinni10 days ago

    Next trend: I want to sleep 2 hs and feel like superman. "Why I started using amphetamines, trembolone, trt, hgh, anavar and cocaine". Damm....

  110. SinHurr

    SinHurr10 days ago

    Is that a birthmark or a bruise on your chest? Don't remember seeing it before.

  111. SinHurr

    SinHurr10 days ago

    Oh cupping that's way more mundane than I was expecting

  112. C Layne

    C Layne10 days ago

    Life is funny. I thought being active, exercising, and eating right prevented the need to go on TRT.

  113. Eddy San Remo

    Eddy San Remo10 days ago

    Same here. It must be that when you are too good at those things, it's becoming a reverse curse. Don't do too much...

  114. Tip Of The Iceberg

    Tip Of The Iceberg10 days ago

    I’m kinda sick of seeing this negative crap. Honestly. Can we just go back to videos of you doing YOU

  115. Samuel Davis

    Samuel Davis10 days ago

    Being tired is part of aging... something that certainly becomes noticeable by the time you hit your 40s. Grow up and accept it lol

  116. MightyBull Fitness

    MightyBull Fitness10 days ago

    Scott would be a good baldie when he starts losing hair 👍😂

  117. Anna Karenina

    Anna Karenina10 days ago

    Why do ppl go on these steroids and other performance enhancing drugs? Is the extra muscle really worth all the side effects? Max out your natural body through healthy fitness and be proud.