Greg Doucette Caught Lying?! || HIS PAST EXPOSED

Everyone wants a piece of the guy on top and right now that’s Greg. He’s growing fast, talks about everyone whether it’s good or bad (myself included) and a lot of people are getting jealous of his success.
Does that justify the things he’s done in his past? No, I don’t think so. But do I think people are on a witch hunt to bring him down for things he did a long time ago…? Seems like it to me. Cancel culture at its best!
Be sure to TROLL THE CHALLENGE on their IG page and let them know just how much trouble they would be in if I decide to take it on. - pCIjUrHGs9xJ
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  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness2 months ago

    Everyone wants a piece of the guy on top and right now that’s Greg. He’s growing fast, talks about everyone whether it’s good or bad (myself included) and a lot of people are getting jealous of his success. Does that justify the things he’s done in his past? No, I don’t think so. But do I think people are on a witch hunt to bring him down for things he did a long time ago…? Seems like it to me. Cancel culture at its best! Be sure to TROLL THE CHALLENGE on their IG page and let them know just how much trouble they would be in if I decide to take it on. - And as for my fellow gamers, come join me on my live streams! - - - - Greg Doucette Snitch Document

  2. tim kenda

    tim kenda3 days ago

    @Mel Matrix you can see for yourself that the documents in eating for gains video are fake. Also, Scott is clearly not on gear. He hasn't experienced any crazy body recomps or strength advances, pretty much since he's been on USlikes. He has a clear stance on steroids, but doesn't judge people who use them. Ive been on gear for 6 months, most of my lifting partners have been blasting and cruising for YEARS, and it is very obvious at which points they are blasting, cruising, on pct etc. Scott has been on yt for 12 years consistently, so you would be able to tell if he was cycling.

  3. Jack Herer

    Jack HererMonth ago

    @X C is it pathetic to tell other people to fact check when you cant even do the same?🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. X C

    X CMonth ago

    @Jack Herer don't be a child and create lies about others just so you can feel a bit better about your own pathetic existence

  5. Jack Herer

    Jack HererMonth ago

    @X C why dont you check them for me?😁 since you know so much.

  6. X C

    X CMonth ago

    @Jack Herer don't make up bullshit and check your facts

  7. Aiki Noob

    Aiki Noob10 hours ago

    Comon bro your from Mass. Stop ranking other men. Thats wack

  8. Kane Spangler

    Kane Spangler11 hours ago

    Holy shit that’s a wicked accent 😋🍀

  9. Jason Johnson

    Jason Johnson8 days ago

    Chat anime, gaming and fitness!? You son of a bitch, I'm in. Subscribed

  10. Tyler Seel

    Tyler Seel8 days ago

    LOOOOOOL. Scott Herman talking about cancel culture while being the fastest simp to hop on athleanx hate train is fuxking hilarious

  11. Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo

    Instructor Irving Tony Campos Lugo15 days ago

    "Everybody think they real until real walk up on 'em" Mike Epps

  12. Jordy 229

    Jordy 22916 days ago

    Chris Jones is what people think bodybuilders behave like. He’s a meathead moron. The rest of us are just people who want to look good, or win shows.

  13. Tony Gilman

    Tony Gilman18 days ago

    Hey Scott Herman I don’t think you would “have enough honor and integrity as a man to not rat out your friends”. You would take the plea deal, let’s be honest. But then again I don’t know you and I came here because of Greg.


    PETERARNOLD6823 days ago

    That voice everytime he get a bit louder, hoooooorrrrific!! Can't watch to the end.

  15. Bryant C

    Bryant C25 days ago

    Everybody has broken the law. Did you get caught yes or no. and have you learned your lesson that's what's important.

  16. Samuel Amezcua

    Samuel Amezcua26 days ago

    Pause at 0:41

  17. Konan Honim

    Konan Honim26 days ago

    Yes!! More drama !!!

  18. James Crowell

    James Crowell26 days ago

    Much respect Scott. Always reasonable and respectful to your colleagues. 💪

  19. John Trevino

    John Trevino27 days ago

    “dIRty HeAd sHOts”

  20. Kapil Sharma

    Kapil Sharma28 days ago

    Nice art. Guys do check out #WayfarerExcursions for exciting travel content. Thanks 🙌🏻

  21. DK Meah

    DK Meah28 days ago

    If no one else is going to say it I will, does Scott like DBZ?

  22. shino88

    shino8828 days ago

    USlikes fitness are all narcissistic SOBs, like popular teen girls who don't like it when a newcomer gets attention, but ironically the newcomer also joins the clique.

  23. MiKe

    MiKeMonth ago

    Professionals really lmmfao, no that funny. Your you tubers...professionals. You guys sound like bitches of Orange County minus the begging of subscribe and hit the bell m.

  24. SC Challenger

    SC ChallengerMonth ago

    he was dumb enough to get caught, so he snitched on others in order to have to serve less time. The ones that was smart enough to not get caught,, is now serving the time that he would have served.. That's sounds like a rat too me.

  25. SC Challenger

    SC ChallengerMonth ago

    @Loeto Magang naw, this is just real life. He stitched on others to help himself.

  26. Loeto Magang

    Loeto MagangMonth ago

    Yeah sure blood. Smh. This isn't the godfather.

  27. Jason Mathew

    Jason MathewMonth ago

    Greg is the biggest fake natty on USlikes my opinion. He even made a fuckin video on how to be a fake natty. Look cmon have you seen this guys garbage info you gain 8 pounds of muscle in your first year?? Lots more of dumb information that’s outdated from a geezer like Greg douchette

  28. Jason Mathew

    Jason MathewMonth ago

    Greg douchette

  29. Jason Mathew

    Jason MathewMonth ago

    Once a snitch always a snitch. You tatted on the people you were doing business with. He knew the risk everyone did. Yet Greg chose to be a rat 🐀 and that sticks with you for life regardless if your not the same person as before.

  30. kevin cornejo

    kevin cornejoMonth ago

    Why are people getting stuff from like 11 years ago leave that situation in the past lol

  31. Dylan Stafford

    Dylan StaffordMonth ago

    Thanks for this. The anti snitching community pisses me off.

  32. Scott Thorpe

    Scott ThorpeMonth ago

    Personality give t-shirts what Greg Douchette does or doesn't do. Personally I think he's a dip shit just like a lot of other USlikesrs. I like Fitness channels that talk about Fitness and fitness related topics. I have no patience for fitness USlikesrs carry on like little girls spreading rumours. For you gonna do this carry on like a little child because he said this or she said that boo hoo hoo grow up. I don't care if he's your friend, you should stay out of it what the little girls have their catfight. You're supposed to be about Fitness not about rumours and childish bullshit. If you're going to continue to carry out with this childish, may I suggest a different profession.

  33. J K

    J KMonth ago

    Who cares? Steroids shouldn't be illegal. There is no moral issue here. I don't think rich old men should set our moral standards. We'd all be cheating on our wives getting handjobs at asian massages and paying off porn stars to keep quiet. There is nothing wrong with taking steroids.

  34. George Kanatas

    George KanatasMonth ago

    I've been watching you since 2006 and I'm going to continue watching you by the way Greg's book is good

  35. BKelly Photography

    BKelly PhotographyMonth ago

    You nailed it on the bodybuilding USlikes channels .... the only ones I watch is John Meadows (Moutain Dog) or Fouad Abiad, they are just down to earth, straight to the point and it's no BS !!!!! All the other clowns need attention and drama and ... don't need that crap lol

  36. Ben Buescher

    Ben BuescherMonth ago

    Dude. You start of with a humble brag and mindless gaming bs. Clearly you’re just another narcissist drama channel

  37. Steve

    SteveMonth ago

    Fake natty

  38. Travis Maloney

    Travis MaloneyMonth ago

    His hot is in the right place

  39. RWD Channel

    RWD ChannelMonth ago

    Even the mobsters tell on each other to get plea deals or witness protection. So I think Greg telling on his associates isn't a big deal as long as he doesn't end up in the same prison with them.

  40. Mike Barnes

    Mike BarnesMonth ago

    He would have had to say each person's name in a federal grand jury to testify and it would all be on dockets. Its bull crap.

  41. Tony Huerta

    Tony HuertaMonth ago

    Grown males acting like they are still in grade school.

  42. your god is in the mirror

    your god is in the mirrorMonth ago

    Thats being a rat 100%. Even looking at the names and blinking your fucking eye is ratting... You squares need to get hip.. There are 3 acceptable answers to give a prosecutor, refuse to even speak a single word, I dont answer questions, or Fuck You...

  43. Andrew Lancefield

    Andrew LancefieldMonth ago

    Interesting that in the USA that doing the right thing is seen as ratting people out, does this count for murders etc ?

  44. saul johnson

    saul johnsonMonth ago

    I didn't just tap that like button I SMASHED THE FUCK OUT IT!!!!!

  45. christon.m

    christon.mMonth ago

    Ngl I used to love greg but now his vids annoy me.

  46. El Roo

    El RooMonth ago

    Overly repetitive, self indulgent, getting quite irritating so I unsubbed a few months ago

  47. Alex

    AlexMonth ago

    Pls don't brag about call of duty. That just shows you are trash at fps noob. Come to csgo and get your poop pushed.

  48. Alex

    AlexMonth ago

    Pls don't brag about call of duty. That just shows you are trash at fps noob. Come to csgo and get your poop pushed.

  49. Daniel Flego

    Daniel FlegoMonth ago

    I just watched this now, a month later, and the thing just blew over didn't it, how bout that.

  50. Daniel Calma

    Daniel CalmaMonth ago

    "His haaht is in the right place"

  51. G Rider

    G RiderMonth ago

    Most criminals rat out so when these soooooo called Hard Men of the world crap on about not ratting its just bull shit. Greg's made a mistake along time ago. He's done his time and remember to all the hard men out there see how hard you are when you walk that line and walk in the shoes.

  52. Dustin

    DustinMonth ago

    We just live in a world now that if you are more successful than someone else they will get any dirt they possibly can find on you, lie if they have to and do their best to make you miserable just like them "Every time someone rises up in this world, there's always some asshole trying to drag him down."

  53. Dustin

    DustinMonth ago

    He doesn't have to confirm or deny and have a lawyer that can give him the best advice he can give. At end of day most people are going to do what they can to save their own ass.

  54. PastaGainz

    PastaGainzMonth ago

    Those dbz figures!

  55. Aj Jjj

    Aj JjjMonth ago


  56. mplslawnguy

    mplslawnguyMonth ago

    All I care about is fitness information, could care less about gossip. I will never meet these people, or be friends with them. So USlikes personalities, stop with the bullshit and get back to making videos about working out.

  57. Diky Diky

    Diky DikyMonth ago

    The pool is too crowded

  58. Daniel Foley

    Daniel FoleyMonth ago


  59. fung whyou

    fung whyouMonth ago

    There's free gym in prison go sell steroids get caught PS who said they were Friend's

  60. Bryce Fager

    Bryce FagerMonth ago

    Lot of respect for both of you. I think you hit this on the head.

  61. Bob Job

    Bob JobMonth ago

    Scott and Greg are basically USlikes workmate

  62. Bob Job

    Bob JobMonth ago

    Man!!! I love the drama!!!!

  63. Enders Gone

    Enders GoneMonth ago

    I think it's hilarious people see a random document on the god damned internet and don't think it can possibly be falsified. People are literally that dumb... Don't you think some of those "ratted on people" would have come out of the woodwork by now to get some clout, money, and crash Greg's career? You know why they haven't~~ they don't exist you damn lemmings.

  64. Nathen Mixon

    Nathen MixonMonth ago

    My USlikes channel isn't about drama...Maybe I haven't got big enough to have drama. Also, he snitched no matter how you try to twist it lol

  65. Ratinb Ahmed

    Ratinb AhmedMonth ago

    Greg is the most intelligent

  66. Ratinb Ahmed

    Ratinb AhmedMonth ago

    Ou just shut up don't say anything about greg

  67. Farewell L

    Farewell LMonth ago this vid is crazy

  68. Alex Lopez

    Alex LopezMonth ago

    I will rat out every single one of you guys out. Because i will understand if you did it to me. So dont tell me nothing, dont call me with nothing, dont show me nothing. We having a beer amd watching football and thats it friend.

  69. wasup fool

    wasup foolMonth ago

    That court document is crap lol its not real because it doesn't have the crown seal at the top of the page lol, if people knew anything about Canadian law they would know that, plus most people from America don't know the possession of steroids is legal in Canada

  70. Kuno Buje Østergaard

    Kuno Buje ØstergaardMonth ago

    Coach Greg always looks like he's been sleeping on the couch, And woke up remembering what he is going to say in his next video

  71. go n

    go nMonth ago

    Scott used to post vids of how to perform exercises correctly. They where short and straight to the point.

  72. Michael Mccarthy

    Michael MccarthyMonth ago

    Your rating him out makeing this🤣😂🤣

  73. mrexon

    mrexonMonth ago

    How did you jump on the bandwagon with no more room(hangs on side dragging feet)

  74. Bowzer The Dog

    Bowzer The DogMonth ago

    Didn’t watch the video.....whiny bitches! Who gives a f about this crap.

  75. Kevin B

    Kevin BMonth ago

    Snitch fake natty greg

  76. Polish Jew

    Polish Jew2 months ago

    He’s a scumbag

  77. Mobile Gamers Unite

    Mobile Gamers Unite2 months ago

    LMFAO 😂 most of you! Still live at home!

  78. liam cuthbert

    liam cuthbert2 months ago

    man i remember when the youtube fitness industry was scott herman standing in front of a white wall telling us how to build our pecs and scooby laying on the floor with pillows doing dumbell flyes.

  79. Kenneth Goldsmith

    Kenneth Goldsmith2 months ago

    Greg is pretty low in the fitness industry. Coach / personal trainer and got caught selling steroids and his life is kinda over with age and now he bitches about other people to make money of USlikes... low

  80. Tom Bomb

    Tom Bomb2 months ago


  81. Evil Mozak aka Ibro Handric

    Evil Mozak aka Ibro Handric2 months ago

    This is how men make money these days? F..k you and that other lover you are talking about.

  82. joseph rob

    joseph rob2 months ago

    That guy dont give a shit a out you lol

  83. joseph rob

    joseph rob2 months ago

    Dude by his cookbook are you an idioit

  84. Megamus Maximus

    Megamus Maximus2 months ago

    "This has nothing to do with the US. This has everything to do with Greg Doucette diming out a close and personal friend of his after he got popped last year. The bust involving Jason happened well over a year ago, but is only coming to the surface now. The fact is that none of this would have happened had it not been for Greg flipping on a close friend of his (Jason) to save his own ass, even though Greg's charges would have been so minuscule he likely only would have got some house arrest, some fines, and a record. Jason's bust is tied to one of the large(r) scale UGLs in this country, but I will not say who out of the respect and privacy of that brand. I will politely request that if you know which lab this is tied to that you keep that information to yourself, and any speculation and/or guessing on this board will be deleted instantly. You are more than welcome, however, to let everyone know that Greg Doucette is a rat piece of shit - Everyone should have figured that out when he got roasted and was going down to the US not even 2 weeks later. When you have CBSA charges pending, the last thing they're going to do is give you back your Passport so you can run around wherever you please." - Midnight Kid

  85. Megamus Maximus

    Megamus Maximus2 months ago

    @amy ny Deluded, will you be, anmd fail, shall you become, as will Greg has he falls into the Lobster Pit, if you do not admit to your failures, admit he's a liar, and then amend your life.

  86. Megamus Maximus

    Megamus Maximus2 months ago

    @amy ny He is a hypocrite and liar. But nowhere near the kind of hypocrite or liar that you are for defending him. I hope you understand that a life of deception is the route to ruin. ;^)

  87. Megamus Maximus

    Megamus Maximus2 months ago

    @amy ny I think you fail to understand that the issue is that these address fundamental character flaws that he has not decided to fix and his slavish fans are ensuring are not fixed. And his numerous lies which resulted in failed drug tests already prove he is a liar. Wrong on all counts you are.

  88. amy ny

    amy ny2 months ago

    Whatever he did in the past doesn’t take away from his success now nor does it make him a bad coach. This dude is fantastic at what he does. He is not a hypocrite nor is he a liar.

  89. victor ryan

    victor ryan2 months ago

    You sound like you snitching on someone right now. Greg a snitch you said you don’t know him. Shut your mouth bout his business get back on your x box. Chump

  90. forgeteverythingyouknow

    forgeteverythingyouknow2 months ago

    Click bait nothingness hype - not appreciated. Try actual content.

  91. Davey Boy

    Davey Boy2 months ago

    This is some school boy shit

  92. Cosmic Code

    Cosmic Code2 months ago

    geee get to the point. it's painful.

  93. Justin G

    Justin G2 months ago

    “Most of you still live at home and don’t even know what the real world is like”.... ouch, are you saying your followers are a bunch of spoiled kids at home?!??!

  94. Justin G

    Justin G2 months ago

    Lol. So Greg was an involuntary rat but now his a voluntary rat for clicks. A rat is still a rat MATT?!?!?

  95. Chris W

    Chris W2 months ago

    They get Greg’s name wrong in the court document and use “Accused” incorrectly hard to believe they wouldn’t spell check a court document, this is what you get when a meat head tries to write / read legal docs. Something skinks when the document was provided by kali muscle. Didn’t know he was involved in Greg’s past just more USlikes fitness bs I can’t believe I wasted my time on.

  96. Hassan Yousif

    Hassan Yousif2 months ago

    Matty Fusaro on Instagram was right , when he said natty or not FOCUS ON YOUR DAMN SELF THAT'S A GUY WHO SHOULD BE ROLEMODEL RATHER THAN FITNESS DRAMA QUEENS

  97. J Moll

    J Moll2 months ago

    Greg is my doctor

  98. Shelly Frigon

    Shelly Frigon2 months ago

    Your going to distance yourself but willing to make your comment. The documents-again doesn’t say witness or testifying. It says acknowledged.

  99. Shelly Frigon

    Shelly Frigon2 months ago

    The one document they had misspelling Also the documents doesn’t say he was a witness or he testified against him. Eating4gainz thought he took a plea bargaining. and its plea hearing and it means plea hearing. Hearing the charges and responding to the charges. Look the meaning up what a plea hearing is They did a separate investigation and he acknowledged it. He did not give a statement and he did not give evidence. He just acknowledged it. People need to educate them selves and when I say that I mean earing4gainz and I really don’t care for his dumb comment about the document he showed he doesn’t even know if it’s the real deal. And yes he can be sued. If it’s not.

  100. Shelly Frigon

    Shelly Frigon2 months ago

    Legal documents has a stamp on it and it will look official. And it would have said Greg Duccette witness and testified. Apparently your not that bright also. He thinks it is a real document and he must bring the truth out about Greg Duccette. Eating4gainz can be sued. He stated he is going to show the document and tell the truth. He believes it is true when he hasn’t even explained how he got the document or even meet with him to know if it’s really him.

  101. Shelly Frigon

    Shelly Frigon2 months ago

    Move on. I was talking about Eating4gainz. Apparently you don’t know how to read.

  102. A J F

    A J F2 months ago

    Your whole comment is full of misspellings, contradictions and grammar mistakes so I guess we shouldn't take you too seriously either. Yet, we need to educate ourselves. You sound very condescending. Also, he cannot be successfully sued for reading a court document that he admittedly stated is not necessarily authentic. That's not libel.

  103. william flynn

    william flynn2 months ago

    Doushette convicted steroid smuggler and dealer in 2012.......not that long ago

  104. 》》MOTA《《

    》》MOTA《《2 months ago

    Crossfit is lit

  105. Welding Girl

    Welding Girl2 months ago


  106. brooke robertson

    brooke robertson2 months ago

    Jusy clicke the thumbnail to comment about how g@y it looks... And how the dudes eyes look.lile.he is.a.reeeeeeee

  107. Mahmoud Moussa

    Mahmoud Moussa2 months ago

    Well I show you a name you say yes isn’t that snitching???

  108. atrumluminarium

    atrumluminarium2 months ago

    You'd think that that guy's "official court document" would be spell checked for typos like "accuised" by whoever wrote it 🤷‍♂️

  109. Camden McInnis

    Camden McInnis2 months ago

    Sammy The Bull Snitched! A guy who killed over 19 people. 19 confirmed! I'm not a snitch but I sure as heck don't think I'm harder than a guy who killed 19 people + people

  110. Zero2Champion

    Zero2Champion2 months ago

    This is my answer to your question ScottHermanFitness.

  111. SM _ FIT

    SM _ FIT2 months ago

    I wanna be one of Scotts neck veins when I grow up LMFAOOO.

  112. NazBuddy

    NazBuddy2 months ago

    Also you're jealous

  113. coldfire22

    coldfire222 months ago

    The sad thing is Greg basically said all the stuff that Chris brought up in his own video titled "my past" or something like that. Its not new info. And Greg's friends Jonni posted the messages he and Chris had about this. It seems Chris really just wanted attention. Pretty sad really.

  114. Nicholas Donin

    Nicholas Donin2 months ago

    Illegal business doers getting sanctimonious about other people's illegal activity? Idt any of these people were "friends". Just business partners. Back scratchers vis a vis.

  115. Nimbe Cortez

    Nimbe Cortez2 months ago

    I told the cop that pulled me and mom over when i was 11 that she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, does that make me a rat 🐀? Im worried...