Increase Your Calves Size & Strength NATURALLY in 7 Days!

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  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Enjoy quick tip videos like this that get right to the point? Let me know by dropping a like and commenting below! *Article Version Of Video* *PREVIOUS video on BICEPS*

  2. Harnoor Singh

    Harnoor Singh3 months ago

    Make video on Bhuwan Chauhan

  3. Nicholas Cauton

    Nicholas Cauton2 months ago

    I would say jump rope is a great alternative to increasing calve size and strength. But other than that, awesome stuff. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  4. Bobby Peterson

    Bobby Peterson2 months ago

    I just did this for 5 weeks and measured my calves again and they are the exact same size, but they did get wayyy stronger

  5. Vp Football

    Vp Football2 months ago

    I had 2 surgeries on my foot /ankle . Had a boot on for 3 months (6 NWB) I need to build up my calves again and I hope i can do this ๐Ÿ™Œ

  6. Arshith Devanand

    Arshith Devanand3 months ago

    Great tips

  7. David Rodriguez

    David Rodriguez3 months ago

    Greg needs to watch this

  8. Karan Deogharkar

    Karan Deogharkar3 months ago

    Do it for chest

  9. Jacek Szulist

    Jacek Szulist3 months ago

    I trained calves last friday, couldn't walk normally till monday...

  10. Mahmood42978

    Mahmood429783 months ago

    I find my calves respond better with just doing body weight for many reps.

  11. ํ•™์‚ฌ X ํ•™์‚ฌ

    ํ•™์‚ฌ X ํ•™์‚ฌ3 months ago

    I got to think โ€˜Omarโ€™!!

  12. Kemeshen Padayachee

    Kemeshen Padayachee3 months ago

    Hi Scott. Thanks for the gains. PLEASE make the triceps vid.

  13. Daniyal Salman

    Daniyal Salman3 months ago

    Bold of you to assume I train calves Scott....


    FAZE MATRIX TV3 months ago

    nice stuff buddy

  15. Mike T

    Mike T3 months ago

    Perfect video subject to watch right before hitting the gym.

  16. Salty Hater

    Salty Hater3 months ago

    In 7 days? In 7 days you can do like 3 workouts, i doubt you see any differences after 3 workouts. Get your shit toghether Scott and stop putting stupid titles

  17. sidharth sangwan

    sidharth sangwan3 months ago

    You roast others for click bait type thumbnails and you also that same thing what the sense hermon?

  18. jabarjeet sekhon

    jabarjeet sekhon3 months ago

    With big calves say goodbye to slim, skinny and tapered pants. All you fit is straight pants. I even stopped trying on the other ones.

  19. SoullessPolack

    SoullessPolack3 months ago

    I don't know any other fitness youtube dude who has as many subscribers as you do and still responds to so many comments on a regular basis. This continues to impress me. Bravo senor, and thanks for what you do for this community.

  20. Adam G

    Adam G3 months ago

    Complete bull shit lol

  21. Tomer

    Tomer3 months ago

    Streching before training will harm your results... stertch after the session.

  22. Drew Dunnihoo

    Drew Dunnihoo3 months ago

    Glad you're back to uploading! I was missing seeing new videos from you in my subscription feed

  23. PifchoBG

    PifchoBG3 months ago

    I hear a lot of the word "hurt" in this, i dont like it

  24. H Athlete4ever

    H Athlete4ever3 months ago

    This is perfect for me today because today is my leg day.

  25. wildcard749

    wildcard7493 months ago

    scott i swear youre a psychic or something

  26. Chad Phillips

    Chad Phillips3 months ago

    Howโ€™s this guy have 2.4m subscribers but his views and likes and comments are in line with someone that has 30k subs........ hmmmm. Fake subs?

  27. j

    j3 months ago

    Bro. Itโ€™s corona time. We donโ€™t have That kind of Equipment at home

  28. Adam G

    Adam G3 months ago

    Lucky my gym is like a zoo. No person cap and no floor arrows. Just go in smash some iron and have fun

  29. Gunnar Barbakken

    Gunnar Barbakken3 months ago


  30. Luke Lu

    Luke Lu3 months ago

    Scott, tell me please difference in drop sets and cheat & recovery are they both same way effective? Why?

  31. saad ghafoor

    saad ghafoor3 months ago

    No gym in the uk anymore ๐Ÿ˜ข

  32. Dze ko

    Dze ko3 months ago

    Awesome series.. Love to see one on traps.. That's the most lagging part for me

  33. Astrid S

    Astrid S3 months ago

    Your accent has changed from when I started watching your videos

  34. Deep Kumar

    Deep Kumar3 months ago

    Calves ๐ŸŒ‹

  35. Anglerr.E.D

    Anglerr.E.D3 months ago

    Your chest is huge. How is it that thick?

  36. jump body fitness JBF

    jump body fitness JBF3 months ago

    For me i found training it with 24-30 reps with little or no rest is the best in my opinion with slow reps.. believe me your calves will be sore for long time ๐Ÿ˜‚ for me training it with heavy weights didnโ€™t helped me at all idk why..

  37. arkaz g

    arkaz g3 months ago

    name of shoes please xD

  38. Donkey King

    Donkey King3 months ago

    What if my calves only increased in size because I kept getting mcdonalds for monopoly.

  39. Krazy4K3vin

    Krazy4K3vin3 months ago

    Do forearm pls

  40. Vishnu Ganapathi

    Vishnu Ganapathi3 months ago

    What if my gym doesn't have a seated calf press machine??

  41. m1 last

    m1 last3 months ago

    Thanks goldmember

  42. catabol

    catabol3 months ago

    One of your triceps videos (I can't remember it's name, unfortunately) hugely helped with my triceps size & strength. I'm also lacking in calf size, and I'm sure this video will also help me with my goals. Thank you very much Scott!

  43. Chris Wright

    Chris Wright3 months ago

    Weโ€™re bringing likes OVER 9000!!!!

  44. bthornton96

    bthornton963 months ago

    You wamt your calves to blow up naturally start doing 20 to 30 min of LISS on the treadmill with a 12 to 15 incline 6 days a week.

  45. Naan Bread Or No Bread

    Naan Bread Or No Bread3 months ago

    My gym doesn't have seated calf raise machines :(

  46. Thomas Dubรฉ

    Thomas Dubรฉ3 months ago

    Nice video man. Great tips

  47. Triton827

    Triton8273 months ago

    Any more videos planned with your daughter?

  48. Ritik Yadav

    Ritik Yadav3 months ago

    scott u r awesom..

  49. Anuar Pherez

    Anuar Pherez3 months ago

    Hey scott! What pre workout do you take?

  50. nazim akbar

    nazim akbar3 months ago

    Nice shoe

  51. ShockWave ZERO

    ShockWave ZERO3 months ago

    Speaking of Supernatural, are you tuning in for the final 3 episodes, Scott? The end is nye.

  52. Will Got no chill

    Will Got no chill3 months ago

    Hell yeah

  53. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Get it Will!!

  54. ThePyroGuy

    ThePyroGuy3 months ago

    Walking the stairs almost every day if not every day several times a day like every time you go for shopping or get the kids or what ever take the stairs but go on your ball of your feet/toes so it goes on the calves more! This works especially if you live like in the 5th floor your calves and legs will grow very much!

  55. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Wear a heavy backpack too! Make it work!!

  56. NIX

    NIX3 months ago

    Iโ€™m asking a serious question โ€œcan my calfโ€™s blow by stretching them too much under load?โ€ I was always scared to go longer than my pain starts

  57. Sava

    Sava3 months ago

    Calves* plural of calf Fun fact: Calf is also a baby cow, plural is also the same (calves) ... one word - two meanings, gotta love English.

  58. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    That would be very hard to do! Just listen to your body!

  59. Danny Perez

    Danny Perez3 months ago

    Triceps and chest!! Thanks Scott!

  60. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    You are very welcome!!

  61. kinga 1129

    kinga 11293 months ago

    Thanks Scott as always. Was frustrated at how little my calves have developed in comparison to the rest of my lower body, but I think your tips are exactly what I need. Will put to practice!

  62. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Its my pleasure!!

  63. twisty. t

    twisty. t3 months ago

    hairs getting pretty thin bro

  64. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Nope, its always been like that. Depends on the product I use ๐Ÿ‘

  65. Ace AJ

    Ace AJ3 months ago

    They should be burning from how stretched they aaaa

  66. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Supahhhh burn man!! Haha. Enjoy your workout!

  67. Warren Paneda

    Warren Paneda3 months ago

    Thanks scott I really want those tips for my calves. Very helpful ๐Ÿ˜Š

  68. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    My pleasure Warren!!

  69. 8 Balled Bastard

    8 Balled Bastard3 months ago

    What if you have flat feet?

  70. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Still works!

  71. SniffingDogArt Official

    SniffingDogArt Official3 months ago

    The DoggCrapp method of training calves was the most insane I've ever experienced. The extreme stretching is just ridiculous.

  72. SniffingDogArt Official

    SniffingDogArt Official3 months ago

    โ€‹@ScottHermanFitness Mate I'm in the UK so they've just shut the gyms for another month bwahahah, but yeah thanks for the support bro! Loved the video as always!

  73. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Yeah, the extreme stretching hurts like hell, but it works. Hope it helps you bust through your plateau!!

  74. dali aljene

    dali aljene3 months ago

    you really are out of ideas huh.

  75. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Clearly not, which is why I am teaching FST. Instead of being insulting, do some research and educate yourself so you can understand what I am teaching you better if you have doubts ๐Ÿ‘

  76. Greg Doucette my favorite natty tren trt dad

    Greg Doucette my favorite natty tren trt dad3 months ago

    Praise God Jesus is king. Trump will be trumpiant. Democrat cheat on Arizona and Wisconsin. Also fox too ๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’๐Ÿ˜’

  77. natsu dragneel

    natsu dragneel3 months ago

    Can a man not wish for a broly chest

  78. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Only if you get the Broly shoulders too! ๐Ÿคฃ

  79. Alaa Mohamed

    Alaa Mohamed3 months ago you must have a look

  80. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt3 months ago

    My calves are actually so large that my body condenses their size severely as to not intimidate other men.

  81. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago


  82. Porscha McRobbie

    Porscha McRobbie3 months ago

    Short rest periods change everything! Love these videos, always learning how to make it hurt more, lol

  83. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    They sure do Porscha!! You would know!!

  84. Sullooo Lag

    Sullooo Lag3 months ago


  85. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Get it man!

  86. Hilton Heslop

    Hilton Heslop3 months ago

    Why do you always shout man ?

  87. Hilton Heslop

    Hilton Heslop3 months ago

    Will be watching that vein

  88. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    I dont. Just how I talk ๐Ÿ‘

  89. Chris Reitano

    Chris Reitano3 months ago

    Oh Yeah! Hammy night tonight.

  90. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Get it man!!

  91. AG.

    AG.3 months ago

    Cows and humans both have calves.

  92. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    This is true!

  93. GR8

    GR83 months ago

    Thoughts on daily jump rope for cardio and calves workout

  94. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Great for cardio, but not a huge calves builder. I mean, they will grow... but you will need weights eventually

  95. Nick Honey

    Nick Honey3 months ago

    Just 7 days!? You clickbait cheeky guy!

  96. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Just a title, watch the end of the video ๐Ÿ˜€

  97. TheGame Mudhasar

    TheGame Mudhasar3 months ago

    Got legs tonight so THANX for the tip on time, gonna crush em today...

  98. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    My pleasure! Train HAHHHD!!

  99. TheGame Mudhasar

    TheGame Mudhasar3 months ago

    Ur thumbnail consists of ur calves Vs Rikki's calves yeh lol

  100. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Haha basically!!

  101. TheGame Mudhasar

    TheGame Mudhasar3 months ago

    What happened to u in the last two weeks MIA?

  102. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Oh man.. A LOT.. check out my latest post here as I explain it all - uslikes.infoUgyQt54xADPrGG5cD8F4AaABCQ

  103. Shreyansh Lal

    Shreyansh Lal3 months ago

    Yes Scott chest or triceps next please

  104. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    For sure!!

  105. Juan Julio Jesus Jiminez

    Juan Julio Jesus Jiminez3 months ago

    Calve cramp hurts man

  106. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    They sure do! Especially if they happen while you are sleeping! Ouch!!

  107. Moses Enriques

    Moses Enriques3 months ago

    Fan from India bro๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ™

  108. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Thanks Moses!! Welcome to the channel!

  109. DarthNoshitam

    DarthNoshitam3 months ago

    The extra cm makes a difference, doesn't matter how deep you go. Got it, thanks Scott!

  110. Moises Hodge

    Moises HodgeMonth ago

    Lol ahahhahaa

  111. James Revels

    James Revels3 months ago

    That's what she said too...

  112. Sava

    Sava3 months ago

    Sounds like a father - son talk ๐Ÿ˜

  113. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Every CM counts!!! haha My pleasure my friend!

  114. Conor

    Conor3 months ago

    Can you show how to do at home with limited equipment please

  115. El Gansito

    El Gansito3 months ago

    Someone needs to tag omarisuf in this video

  116. Jarrod

    Jarrod3 months ago

    Can u do nuclei overload on side delts soon?

  117. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Sure can!

  118. simon lock

    simon lock3 months ago

    Will give this a go once gym open again in the UK

  119. donnn 0666

    donnn 06663 months ago

    locks quasi heard England starts monday for a month when ours and!! I train in garden with a few l dumbbells and bodyweight exercises while gyms shut...wbu???

  120. simon lock

    simon lock3 months ago

    No gyms for 4 weeks we have been told... I live in Bournemouth :)

  121. donnn 0666

    donnn 06663 months ago

    What part of uk you from? Here in wales they open again monday!!

  122. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    I hope they open up soon!!

  123. Anany Singh Baghel

    Anany Singh Baghel3 months ago

    Chest one plz

  124. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    You got it!

  125. Fahadork Y

    Fahadork Y3 months ago

    *Greg Doucette wants to know your location*

  126. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Greg and I chat all the time on IG, I'm sure he already knows ๐Ÿ‘

  127. T90ShottIVFg

    T90ShottIVFg3 months ago

    Hey Scott, another idea for a video would be how to work on ankle flexibility. That's personally my biggest issue with getting squat depth.

  128. T90ShottIVFg

    T90ShottIVFg3 months ago

    @ScottHermanFitness Oh I remember those videos but maybe some of your new subs might like something like that. As always though good video and I look forward to seeing more of your content.

  129. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    I have a fee videos on that. Check out my squat tip videos. Ankle flexibility is a big part of it

  130. Piyush Dwivedi

    Piyush Dwivedi3 months ago

    Saw the title and instantly thought of Omar ๐Ÿ˜‚

  131. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    My Canadian Brosef!

  132. Bamboozi

    Bamboozi3 months ago

    He saw this video and cried

  133. Rachel Dutton-Leyda

    Rachel Dutton-Leyda3 months ago

    "massive almost supernatural pump" hahahaha almost... almost hahahahahaha

  134. Rachel Dutton-Leyda

    Rachel Dutton-Leyda3 months ago

    They're such an awesome pair :) they really are

  135. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    It's the final season for the boys!! So sad!!!

  136. Vikramjeet Sharma

    Vikramjeet Sharma3 months ago

    I see Greg coming after this one sooner than Biden!

  137. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Well Greg is really smart, so I am sure he would agree that fascia stretch training is great for stubborn areas. You should be trying as many things as possible when it comes to training to see what works for you. Especially when stuck in a plateau. Also, watch the end of the video if you are unclear about the title.

  138. XX

    XX3 months ago

    'How to increase your calves.. tip #1: You can't. end of video. thanks! learned a lot XD!! i keep my small calves :(

  139. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Lololol ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  140. Vincente Escalera

    Vincente Escalera3 months ago

    Scotttttt ... He is overrrrrr 9,000 wtf no way .

  141. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    OVER 9000!!!!

  142. Rob Walsh

    Rob Walsh3 months ago

    Scott how come you have not got 10million subs you deserve way better than Jeff and a lot more likeable, keep it love you bro๐Ÿ’ฏ

  143. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    we getting there Rob!! thanks man!

  144. Ghost

    Ghost3 months ago

    He is the goat bro

  145. Reveal Media

    Reveal Media3 months ago

    Scott, you need to address the guys who can't get an inner chest line

  146. Simz Zxy

    Simz Zxy3 months ago

    @Vinnie DeLuca or..maybe if you watch every other video ever on youtube lol.

  147. Vinnie DeLuca

    Vinnie DeLuca3 months ago

    Yup I learned that as well, I spent so many years thinking if I target the inner chest Iโ€™ll eventually get the line but it wasnโ€™t until I realized itโ€™s not targeting itโ€™s progressive overload and hitting your chest hard twice a week consistently and within 3 months or so you will see a noticeable difference and within 6 months youโ€™ll have a small chest line but continue and it will become more pronounced, Scott knows exactly what heโ€™s talking about, only the most experienced lifters know this information

  148. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    It will grow with overall growth! But we got this! I sure can help!

  149. Simz Zxy

    Simz Zxy3 months ago

    less fat, and train more chest. You cant target โ€œinner chestโ€. Its a matter of size and fat.

  150. Josh Blunt

    Josh Blunt3 months ago

    Solid ๐Ÿ’ช

  151. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Thanks Bro!

  152. Volatile Smile

    Volatile Smile3 months ago

    Calf videos rare and much appreciated.

  153. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Happy to make them! As long as they help you guys out I am down to create!

  154. Athlete Express

    Athlete Express3 months ago

    Scott is one of my favorite fitness USlikesr and the best when it comes to knowledge about training, diet eg. Iโ€™ve used the stuff Iโ€™ve learnt from your videos to help me in my own journey and now have started my own channel showing my 6 month body transformation. Iโ€™d really appreciate any support and again thatโ€™s Scott ๐Ÿ™

  155. Athlete Express

    Athlete Express3 months ago

    @ScottHermanFitness thank you, means a lot coming from you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

  156. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Appreciate that my friend! wishing you the best of luck with your channel!!

  157. YeNZeC

    YeNZeC3 months ago

    Trail running, insta 16 inch calfs shredded.

  158. YeNZeC

    YeNZeC3 months ago

    @ScottHermanFitness Yeah bud, Mountian trail running is where its at, sadly most like myself have to put up with less the 100m gain. Some are lucky enough to live on a mountian.

  159. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Trail running uphill!

  160. Shadow Voice Dub

    Shadow Voice Dub3 months ago

    Thanks for tips hope my calves can get big because of this workout.

  161. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Happy to help!!

  162. hi there

    hi there3 months ago

    Rear delt vid next

  163. Giancarlo Acosta

    Giancarlo Acosta3 months ago

    No Views, 9 liktime traveles... this is some high level

  164. sgarcia103

    sgarcia1033 months ago