Life hit hard and I found myself in the middle of a million things that needed to get done. So I skipped working out for the most part and watched my strength and energy levels tank faster than I thought they would. Did I lose weight / muscle mass too? Who knows, but before I kick things back into high gear I think this is the best time to finally get some blood work done...
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  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness2 months ago

    Life hit hard and I found myself in the middle of a million things that needed to get done. So I skipped working out for the most part and watched my strength and energy levels tank faster than I thought they would. Did I lose weight / muscle mass too? Who knows, but before I kick things back into high gear I think this is the best time to finally get some blood work done... *GUARANTEED GAINS "FREE PROGRAM DOWNLOAD" - **muscularstrength.com/guaranteed_gains_sign_up_FREE*

  2. C.A. Fitness

    C.A. Fitness2 months ago

    Alan roberts has a challenge for ya...... Check it out.

  3. Isaac Taylor

    Isaac Taylor2 months ago

    Can cold showers boost testosterone

  4. drmego

    drmego2 months ago

    hey Scott, i agree with your argument about not depending on outside sources with your life and performances. I'm also -without a medical reason- against the use of ped's. but i want to know what do you think about caffeine use? it's also considered a drug, it increases performance and it is addictive.

  5. K.C.

    K.C.2 months ago

    Good luck on your blood work. Love your content.💪

  6. whiteburr

    whiteburr2 months ago

    @indian victim TRT is way better lol

  7. Zenkakuji

    Zenkakuji5 days ago

    Good points man 👍

  8. XzRe

    XzRe7 days ago

    Another great video bro

  9. FreedomFox1

    FreedomFox1Month ago

    For natty bodybuilders, caloric deficits will lower testosterone more than anything. Your testosterone could easily be HIGHER after not working out for several weeks.

  10. Mike Jumps

    Mike JumpsMonth ago

    when life hits you haad, you gotta hit back haadda

  11. Blair Monkman

    Blair Monkman2 months ago

    Very excited for the SHF & MPMD Collab!

  12. Ross Mazer

    Ross Mazer2 months ago

    Thanks for posting! Just recovering from a mild case of covid. Lifted during it but stopped cardio. Still, weak AF now.

  13. TheonE

    TheonE2 months ago

    I caught Flu last week and doctor strictly prohibited from working out in gyms for atleast 3 weeks because I am susceptible to further infections like covid 😪😪

  14. Sorriso CDO

    Sorriso CDO2 months ago

    I have the same oppinion! Thats why I'd never take stuff either.

  15. Silviu

    Silviu2 months ago

    Dude i haven't been to the gym for the past 10 months because of the lockdown and lost all my gains and you're telling me "maybe you've trained too hard".... i'm tilted as fuck now

  16. Mr Derek

    Mr Derek2 months ago

    That shirt looks like it fits you very comfortably, i commend your shirt for wanting to stay on you and not exercising its freedoms

  17. Mr Derek

    Mr Derek2 months ago

    Can't wait to hit the New Years stride

  18. Joseph Ashby

    Joseph Ashby2 months ago

    I know youtube isn’t your main source of income, because your living room is immaculate.

  19. Jay Stohne

    Jay Stohne2 months ago

    You might say that the guy got your rocks off. Ha cha cha cha

  20. Peter Thorpe - Fitness

    Peter Thorpe - Fitness2 months ago

    It's crazy how Scott sometimes sounds so American and sometimes sounds so Australian.

  21. Jammu and Kashmir

    Jammu and Kashmir2 months ago

    @scottharmanfitness bro haven't trained for 3 months during lockdown it's hard for the first week than gain almost everything I lost in 3-4 months it's not about losing gains it's much about how to cope with the thought of not training it's more difficult thinking u r not going to train

  22. Kenny'z Reef

    Kenny'z Reef2 months ago

    Definitely looking forward to watching the next video with Derek. 💪

  23. Kier Harris

    Kier Harris2 months ago

    Man, seeing all that random stuff needing doing is so bad for my mental health in a way that's hard to explain. I totally get having to sweep through and take care of all that at once.

  24. Doctor Squidman

    Doctor Squidman2 months ago

    My damn gym just shut down for 3 weeks until January 4!!! :(

  25. Gh0st

    Gh0st2 months ago

    yeah theres shitty people like that in the trade. experince it all the time working in flooring where the paint guys dont clean up their shit

  26. josetamad

    josetamad2 months ago

    Boosting the algorithm 👍

  27. Jack Shipman

    Jack Shipman2 months ago

    Scott, beyond the shadow of a doubt, what in your opinion, is the best exercise for over all body building? Deadlift or squats? Enjoy your videos, please keep them coming and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family. Now get back to training.

  28. Freedom Through Gaming

    Freedom Through Gaming2 months ago

    Wants to sleep on time, is super healthy but stays up late due to work and being a gamer. As a University Student + Content Creator + Fitness Lover + Gamer I can totally relate man😂. However, I do want to say thank you for keeping it honest and real. I would have never learned so much about fitness without all your guidance. Been using this channel since I started my fitness journey 3 years ago and got to say the fitness channel I trust the most, is Scott by far!

  29. Oliver Win

    Oliver Win2 months ago


  30. Omni FPV

    Omni FPV2 months ago

    I’m almost 39 and in the best shape of my life naturally. You’ve got a few more ice cream seasons left in you bro! 💪 I also game far too much and fitness is my other necessary addiction to balance it.

  31. Joel Chan

    Joel Chan2 months ago

    I barely had any exercise for 20 years. I started working out in Aug this year as a skinny fat untrained adult. You will do fine, haha

  32. Aaron Kushner

    Aaron KushnerMonth ago

    Joel, how are the workouts coming along? How is your progress?

  33. Christopher Curran

    Christopher Curran2 months ago

    Have you done a video walkthrough of your home gym? Curious what equipment you have that you feel you don't really need, and what you wish you had that you don't.

  34. satinderjit4

    satinderjit42 months ago

    How can less be more, when more is more? (JK)

  35. Brooklinn Ratto

    Brooklinn Ratto2 months ago


  36. Jane Hakanson

    Jane Hakanson2 months ago

    When I went to Massachusetts (I bet I spelled that wrong sorry) for the first time last year, people asked us where we were from because we sounded sort of local and sort of not. I am Australian and I had never realised that we actually sound a bit like a Boston local sometimes! I don't quite say "cah" instead of "car" but I am a lot closer to it than I realised. Which is great, because that was my favourite state to visit so far. But I only just noticed that you sound similar when I read some comments. Too funny. Thanks for the videos :)

  37. Zach S

    Zach S2 months ago

    Can’t wait for the next vid!

  38. Viking

    Viking2 months ago

    Would be cool if you created a vlog channel that shows your day to day life 👍🏻

  39. Juice

    Juice2 months ago


  40. Michael Davis

    Michael Davis2 months ago

    Definitely need more sleep than that. Keep us posted on the sleep and the impact on T levels.

  41. John Hackler

    John Hackler2 months ago

    I noticed this with pull movements after 3 months of lockdown March to June and bodyweight program. All my push muscles were stronger when I went back to the gym but biceps, back were weaker and I was sore 3 days after 1st workout of barbell underhand rows and my weight on them dropped alot but within 2 weeks I got the weight back and even increased it!!

  42. Scotty Mac

    Scotty Mac2 months ago

    I end up training haaahder over the holidays tbh Scott 😊

  43. Isaac Taylor

    Isaac Taylor2 months ago

    I’m currently intentionally taking a week off before AX1 because I will be training for 3 months then

  44. M.W.A

    M.W.A2 months ago

    My Yaaaaaaaaahhhhhhd!

  45. Anthony Troisi

    Anthony Troisi2 months ago

    Mate I could see us being great friends! Fitness and gaming!!

  46. Harshavardhan chintam

    Harshavardhan chintam2 months ago

    Are you tripping, while recording this video, you are jumping from scenes very fast

  47. Clyde Smith

    Clyde Smith2 months ago

    I think we all played guessed what’s that song with the bass being so loud and the distortion so bad. My GF is having a pool built now and she has been dealing with the same issues with her pool company. Seems like most of them sell you a con job and then do not deliver on their promises.

  48. Abraham Kist-Okazaki

    Abraham Kist-Okazaki2 months ago

    Your still too young Scott. I never wanted to have to take a pill every day for the rest of my life just to keep my blood pressure normal. Once we get older, having to take drugs to keep our bodies functioning is just one of the things we have to accept like receding hairlines. When you get a little closer to 60, let's see what you have to say on the subject.

  49. Ron Smith

    Ron Smith2 months ago

    So u wanna train Haaahhderrr than last time? Why do I hear parrot music?


    PRANAV SINGHANIA2 months ago

    My T came back at 450, but I feel great.

  51. K T

    K T2 months ago

    I needed this vid. Been very busy and haven’t been going hard the past 2 weeks.

  52. Keldon Johnson FanClub

    Keldon Johnson FanClub2 months ago

    Is there any tips you have for a 14 year old with only dumbells/ barbells? Im trying to increase my overall arm strength

  53. Eric Nelson

    Eric Nelson2 months ago

    What is TRT?

  54. Steven M

    Steven M2 months ago

    Liked for the mpmd collab.

  55. Craig Smith

    Craig Smith2 months ago

    11:25 is a point that should be reverberated more often. Performance enhancements constantly need to be taken and going off them makes progress pointless

  56. ShockWave ZERO

    ShockWave ZERO2 months ago

    I like what you said about being a North Easterner. Complain but still get it done. Sounds about right

  57. Aaron Kushner

    Aaron KushnerMonth ago

    Are you from the North East?

  58. Joe Olson

    Joe Olson2 months ago

    I’m turning 41 soon and also going to get blood work done to see where my levels are I train 6 times a week sometimes 7 days eat well so I will be watching to see what you end up doing.

  59. F L

    F L2 months ago

    I’m surprised Scott hasnt commented on the coach Greg drama 🤔

  60. K.C.

    K.C.2 months ago

    I'm currently taking a break to save my joints.

  61. maxdamageman

    maxdamageman2 months ago

    Listening to some rich dudes decorating problems, lol. Thought this was gonna be relevant.

  62. Joshua Hoffinger

    Joshua Hoffinger2 months ago

    Fuck this bs EXACTLY nothing but rambles from some fem boy WHO thinks every random youtuber, wants to hear him say and talk about how he had things to do around the house so he barley trained!

  63. Reinhard Rebane

    Reinhard Rebane2 months ago

    This is just what I needed to see, I couldn't train for 3 weeks and I'm starting to hit heavy again

  64. TransformX

    TransformX2 months ago

    Two scoops of rocks, Rich Panini would be proud

  65. Aaron Kushner

    Aaron KushnerMonth ago

    RIP to the MAN!!!

  66. Uilliam Unknown

    Uilliam Unknown2 months ago

    I was told years old when I found out you were on the Real World 🤯

  67. Watkins Bouche

    Watkins Bouche2 months ago

    What pool company was it so we can know in the future to not hire them?

  68. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness2 months ago

    Simple To Sensational Pools. Horrible!

  69. Spitta504TV

    Spitta504TV2 months ago

    Get in the cahh

  70. hektik

    hektik2 months ago

    You're the man. So hard to find honest genuine humans anymore. You're rare for sure. Most guys just can't seem to handle that they're getting older. They act like drop in T with age is a "condition" that needs to be "fixed". No. Its called getting older. It happens to everyone. No matter how much it sucks. Let it happen.

  71. Luca Kane

    Luca Kane2 months ago

    don't use TRT because if a zombie apocalypse happens and you're left to being natural you're screwed

  72. Ae Ef Kai

    Ae Ef Kai2 months ago

    The way he says ‘hard’ and ‘yard’ is so cringy lol

  73. Peter Petering

    Peter Petering2 months ago

    Seriously, nobody is going to mention the genius idea of firepit in the middle of a pool? I am green with envy dude!

  74. StarWarsThoughts

    StarWarsThoughts2 months ago

    supplement vit d, magnesium and zinc for test

  75. TheRealBandito

    TheRealBandito2 months ago

    Wake up at 6 but sleep until 1? That's insane for me.

  76. Fernando Javier Uribe Romo

    Fernando Javier Uribe Romo2 months ago

    Hey man, I’ve followed your channel for a few years, and I like it. I rarely comment because I rarely comment to videos in general. Yesterday I made the very first comment on a video (this video), asking about how to regain strength after a COVID-19 infection. The comment was deleted, I suspect you flagged it and think I am a troll. My comment was legit. If you’re not interested in such questions, then I’ll gladly follow someone else for fitness advise.

  77. Fernando Javier Uribe Romo

    Fernando Javier Uribe Romo2 months ago

    Also, apologies for coming across too belligerent. Believe it or not, covid also messes with one’s head as well. I do like your channel, you have a great body, a lot of knowledge and a good attitude, I follow a lot of your advise. I am a scientist, and everything you say regarding fitness and nutrition makes sense from the point of view of the science. And Goku is super cool

  78. Fernando Javier Uribe Romo

    Fernando Javier Uribe Romo2 months ago

    I’ve been training at a gym for 2 1/2 years now (37 yo, former swimmer in college). Go every weekday religiously, following a program of compound exercises with constant progressive overload. I live in Florida, so while the gyms were closed in the lockdown I was able to stay in shape at home (have barbell bench and some weights), but went back when they reopened in June. In late October I caught COVID-19, and the infection lasted about 2 weeks. After that, I find myself unable to do any exercise. I get exhausted after 5 minutes of yoga or body weights and lost all my strength. Lost 15 lb of body weight (body fat percentage didnt change much, 13%). After a month, I find myself unable to get back to the gym, both due to exhaustion and lack of strength. I used to be able to deadlift 265 lb (at 80%1RM), now can barely lift 95 lb a few reps. It seems COVID-19 has a lot of neuronal effects beyond losing smell and taste, and affected my ability to exercise. Really scary, I don’t wish these symptoms to anyone.

  79. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness2 months ago

    hey man, if you have been following me for a few years why would you jump to such a terrible conclusion that I am the kind of person who would delete a comment from someone who is asking for help? I think that is a very shitty thing to say to someone like me who has been helping people for 10+ years. Now with that out of the way, can you be more specific? Are you going to a gym, training at home? Whats the deal? I can easily help you out!

  80. Unit 0ne

    Unit 0ne2 months ago

    I paused my training for 2 months, almost 3 because of personal stuff. Gained 15kg. Yesterday did my workout. Almost threw up.

  81. General Blumcole

    General Blumcole2 months ago

    I miss the gym. :( All closed here due to lockdown

  82. Intergalactic Caravan

    Intergalactic Caravan2 months ago

    The people making fun of your yard probably still live with their mom lol

  83. Robert Ha

    Robert Ha2 months ago

    Wttffff pool company buried rubbish in your backyard. What the hell. I think they just jealous you so jacked Scott.. I mean seriously wtf?!!!? Also washing the rocks... what the hell can’t you get your money back. This is ridiculous. Screw dealing with that.

  84. 光田狐

    光田狐2 months ago

    Have a safe trip, Rikki! Thanks for another powerful editing work!

  85. Sean Wilson

    Sean Wilson2 months ago

    Scott like "I haven't trained in 3 weeks"... Me: "3 weeks? Man its been like 9 months since I've had a GOOD training session" CA resident btw :D #ScrewNewsom

  86. hans2006

    hans20062 months ago

    3 weeks? Those are rookie numbers!

  87. Modern Warriors

    Modern Warriors2 months ago

    what time off? Looks like you trained pretty hard with all the hand works you did lol. I get tired much more doing handiworks xD

  88. Gary Douglas

    Gary Douglas2 months ago

    Most people have no idea what THEIR T level is naturally. They use TRT to raise their T level, nor to REPLACE what was lost. Those interested in T levels and many other chemical levels, should get a series of complete blood work exams over a period of time during their mid 20's. The median of those complete blood workups will establish YOUR INDIVIDUAL natural level of testosterone and everything else. The medical ranges of "normal" are so vast that they are almost meaningless when applied to an individual.

  89. Elena Pastorinni

    Elena Pastorinni2 months ago

    Yeah im in my 40s, and the endocrinologist make me do 6 months of blood work before putting me in T Replacement and my levels were under the level of any normal male in various ranges from labs. But im not in the US, it seems that in the US they put you on TRT very quickly.

  90. koschwarz

    koschwarz2 months ago

    I too learned the hard way if you want things done the way you want it you have to do it yourself.

  91. Gary Douglas

    Gary Douglas2 months ago

    This is funny. Scott claims he didn't work out. Then he discusses going to the gym for only 30 minutes every couple days. Then he shows video of him shoveling rock and hauling rock to be placed around his house, followed by a story about digging trash out of his lawn after working on his pool. He got exercise, just in a different form than usual.

  92. Gary Douglas

    Gary Douglas2 months ago

    @ScottHermanFitness @ScottHermanFitness True, I suppose your yard efforts might qualify as active rest, deloading, or even cardio if you shoveled fast enough for sufficient time. But agree you probably never shoveled to failure.

  93. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness2 months ago

    yeah for sure got exercise. But man, shoveling and yard work is not the same as a hardcore chest and back day, or arm day man!

  94. its private

    its private2 months ago

    the gyms at my city are STILL closed, i havent gone to a gym since march, i dont know if i would want to go back even if they are open since i live with my older parents, definitely have loss muscle mass, all i have been doing is running a lot 90% of the days

  95. Rajarshi Chakraborty

    Rajarshi Chakraborty2 months ago

    Interesting coz even I was tested covid +ve about 2 weeks ago but kept training anyway (I have a home gym) and actually made some legit PRs. The symptoms were never really there, I had a mild fever for a single day and that's about it. The only thing that differed was I had to drop down from full body 5 days a week to full body 4 days a week, covid never really affected me that much tbh

  96. Clint Keepin

    Clint Keepin2 months ago

    Drive electric.

  97. Navy Vet99

    Navy Vet992 months ago

    I’m 41 and just stahhhted TRT in March of this year. 150mg per week. It’s been going really well. My recovery and motivation are noticeably better. I have a full time job and 3 kids. Stress levels are high most days. Sleep could also be better. I feel like TRT has at least helped me to override some of these aspects that were holding me back from making gains in the gym. Sometimes I wish I didn’t pursue TRT but the gym is my life outside of work and family and if it’s going to keep me going then I have to accept that.


    ENRIQUE GUZMAN2 months ago

    Please go to sleep early! I really want to see a 10000% focused Scott :( I miss Super Saiyan 2 Scott

  99. Jordan

    Jordan2 months ago

    whether you want it to or not your test levels are gonna drop PERIOD, but the dedication this guy has to keep up the hard work is phenomenal and Scott is one of the realest nattys out there keep up the good work

  100. DadBod Fitness

    DadBod Fitness2 months ago

    Dude great video Scott. Really appreciate your perspective so much. You articulated my feelings about Sarms, TRT, steroids etc perfectly. I feel the exact same way. On top of the other potential side effects and frankly research has shown injecting "artificial" hormones into your body is never ideal, I just don't want to rely on something and ALWAYS have to have it. Thanks for the content and I love that video idea. Can't wait for it 👍

  101. Zach Nahmias

    Zach Nahmias2 months ago

    Looking forward to the video on your blood work.. interesting 👍🏼💪🏼

  102. JR

    JR2 months ago

    6:10 All the Housewives on the street at their windows like (@_@)

  103. Stephen Thompson

    Stephen Thompson2 months ago

    Clearly a life plagued with misfortune and catastrophe...

  104. LZ Secured

    LZ Secured2 months ago

    I am so glad you do what you do man. Keep it up.

  105. Nolan Hutchison

    Nolan Hutchison2 months ago

    I'll watch it

  106. Fitness Librarian

    Fitness Librarian2 months ago

    I haven’t worked out in 5 days and I literally feel like I’ve spent 1 year in space atrophying. But probably nothing has changed except my mindset.

  107. Brandon woj

    Brandon woj2 months ago

    MN closed gyms right while I started bulking☹️☹️.

  108. 47

    472 months ago

    Your positivity is very contagious.

  109. Arshith Devanand

    Arshith Devanand2 months ago

    Been a loyal follower for your Honesty 🙌

  110. AD OS

    AD OS2 months ago


  111. anysimmers

    anysimmers2 months ago

    "So this guy drops off my rocks..." Scott, 2020

  112. Kevin R.

    Kevin R.2 months ago

    I’m a perfectionist like you Scott. I’d be out there pre-washing my rocks too. :)

  113. Roberto Crescenza

    Roberto Crescenza2 months ago

    Look at those neck viens !! Watch out for Dracula 🧛‍♂️!!!

  114. Mike T

    Mike T2 months ago

    Topic of the video starts at around 6 mins.

  115. Debra Crawford

    Debra Crawford2 months ago

    This couldn't have come at a better time. Our gyms are closed down again in Washington State and I have been beating myself up for not working out at home.

  116. Peter Rivas

    Peter Rivas2 months ago

    🙌Subs!!!! Class of 01 and bump'n Dr. Dre 2001. Couldnt be a better time