How To Deal With Confrontation || WHEN YOU’RE A RAGING A$$HOLE

If you don't learn how to deal with people and say what you need to say, that is a terrible habit that will follow you your entire life. You will never get ahead in your job if you are afraid to speak up or ask for a raise / promotion and you will never be happy in your relationships with friends and family because they won't know how you truly feel.But worst of all, if YOU don't value yourself then nobody else will, ESPECIALLY STRANGERS.
I really hope this video helps you guys realize that you can still be a kind, polite and generous person, but still have the backbone to not let people walk all over you.
Comment below if this video resonated with you. I would really love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the topic!

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  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness2 months ago

    If you don't learn how to deal with people and say what you need to say, that is a terrible habit that will follow you your entire life. You will never get ahead in your job if you are afraid to speak up or ask for a raise / promotion and you will never be happy in your relationships with friends and family because they won't know how you truly feel.But worst of all, if YOU don't value yourself then nobody else will, ESPECIALLY STRANGERS. I really hope this video helps you guys realize that you can still be a kind, polite and generous person, but still have the backbone to not let people walk all over you. Comment below if this video resonated with you. I would really love to hear your thoughts and opinions on the topic! GUARANTEED GAINS "FREE PROGRAM DOWNLOAD" -

  2. Martins Skutans

    Martins Skutans2 months ago

    Super relevant topic for me right now. I look at this have proved , that you can deal with situations calm and forgiving. Can you prove you can deal with situations aggressive and confrontational?

  3. Dieter Lötz

    Dieter Lötz2 months ago

    Hey Scott, I'm 22 and I'm at that stage of my life where I want to be assertive and have people respect me as a person and my limits instead of being walked over and always being 'nice'. I hate confrontations and fighting but it's lead to me being walked over countless times. However, I messed up big time this week and got SUPER PISSED and became a bit of jerk and I'm quite disappointed in myself. I guess it's a learning process and to find the right balance between being kind and courteous and handling heated confrontations better. I have loads of good points to take away from this video, love it and thanks man!!!

  4. Dodgin_Cactii

    Dodgin_Cactii2 months ago

    Some good lessons, but you're hella pampered these days. Perhaps you worked hard to get there, but you're also super privileged in so many respects. Last video you were upset because you had to wash some rocks so your yard would look "perfect". Consider realizing how much you have and give some of the people around you a break.

  5. Dr. Satidor

    Dr. Satidor2 months ago

    It's a lot bigger, than just "being true". If one does suppress own emotions, the nervous system, hormonal system, immune system, as a whole, will be jeopardized. Check out Dr. Gabor Maté. Health starts with awareness.

  6. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel Lopez3 days ago

    Great video as always Scott! Keep making more videos like this !

  7. Al Taylor

    Al Taylor12 days ago

    I'd love more life advice videos like this one. I personally look up to Scott quite a bit and as I'm finishing University soon and starting my career, I feel like there could be quite a lot I could learn that could help me

  8. Alexander Onate

    Alexander Onate22 days ago

    Dude in the video cover kinda looks like. @ barbarianboby

  9. Charlie In Westeros

    Charlie In Westeros24 days ago

    Woot, I'm the 1000th like. Great video Scott! :)

  10. Adam Seal

    Adam SealMonth ago

    Wait you’re 36 years old and you have a 21-year-old daughter?

  11. your god is in the mirror

    your god is in the mirrorMonth ago

    Ummm being assertive and roid rage are two different things... 😂 But hey I aint judging 😂

  12. steevan wong keitaro kusanagi

    steevan wong keitaro kusanagiMonth ago

    i love the meme " ENGLISH! Motherfxxker! Do you speak it?! "

  13. Im Terrell

    Im TerrellMonth ago

    More videos like this

  14. eterito

    eteritoMonth ago

    Scott, you're the dad that I wish I had.

  15. Info Collector

    Info Collector2 months ago

    Definitely been there with lazy group members

  16. frankg461

    frankg4612 months ago

    Thank you Scott for this video and reminder to stand up for myself. My personal experience when I was younger elementary school, into until Freshman year in highschool was to get picked on until I got fed up then stand up for myself. After that I learned to basically say from the get go, "this the line don't cross it" Since that time I have gotten better at finding a tactful methods of standing up for myself and not being intimidated by others. Although sometimes I need a reminder so again thanks.

  17. Damon Prince

    Damon Prince2 months ago

    Hey Scott, will you ever be collaborating with Austin Dunham again? Or possibly any other calisthenics guys.

  18. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness27 days ago

    I will for sure!

  19. mixed martial arts- Kung Fu Palestine

    mixed martial arts- Kung Fu Palestine2 months ago

    Your channel is featured .... Master Kun Fu Muhanna

  20. Robert Wadlow

    Robert Wadlow2 months ago

    You were on a tv show? Nice

  21. M. Lrbtqvi

    M. Lrbtqvi2 months ago

    Sir, Are you from India???

  22. Sir FishVI

    Sir FishVI2 months ago

    Good video Scott! This is a great lesson, I built two houses now and if you have to express what you want or else you have to live with what you didn't say, literally.

  23. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness2 months ago

    haha yeah, aint that the truth man!

  24. rfridaythe13th

    rfridaythe13th2 months ago

    a good thing about being an introvert is never caring what other people think. i was always my true self, and didn't care about being part of the popular crowd, or being liked. so i've always defended myself. because if a person takes something too personal. when i criticize them, be truthful for their slacking. then i know we can only be co workers, but not friends

  25. Electronic Punk

    Electronic Punk2 months ago

    Samuel L Jackson 😂

  26. burton975

    burton9752 months ago

    Not good to be like you were. If I was the dispatcher- I would have put you on hold for a long time and then hang up on you. I really can’t stand when customers say “I want to speak to your supervisor”. My job , I sometimes have to talk to customers via phone and I’m not as knowledgeable on a topic and once customers exploit it they take advantage. One customer was awesome- because he said “there is a ton of info on this topic, I’ll email you everything and just learn”. He explained how something worked and I understood it much better. He explained it 100 times better than my trainer did, haha. Only time i get mad at customer service is when a company steals money. *Cough* frontier.

  27. burton975

    burton9752 months ago

    @ScottHermanFitness it’s all good and that’s good to hear. Just a little tip to your viewers so that they learn from our mistakes - I once yelled and was pretty mean to a worker via phone. I ended up 4 years later working for that company because they bought the company I worked for. Haha. Talk about weird. Good thing the company is so big (over 10,000 people worldwide) that it didn’t matter. But it could have

  28. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness2 months ago

    yeah normally I dont get that upset on the phone. But thats why even before I was getting upset I told the guy I was venting and not yelling at him. He was actually laughing, and so was I. Was like "Angry laughing yelling. But anywho, yeah I hear you though! I know you guys deal with a lot on the phone!

  29. MissAlbaroudi

    MissAlbaroudi2 months ago

    More of these please! This was great.

  30. Mika T

    Mika T2 months ago

    I'm nearly 32, this video made me realise my perceptions of 36, and now I also feel old.

  31. Sathyamoorthi Hariprassanth

    Sathyamoorthi Hariprassanth2 months ago

    This man is really a life coach. Hey Scott, Thank you for all these knowledge 👍🙏

  32. J Waco

    J Waco2 months ago

    I think this is a topic that ties into fitness and health. Learning how to deal with the people around you especially if you have to work with them everyday is tough. It helps your mental health to learn different ways of treating people and to not emotionally react. I’m a 62 year old Ginger CrossFit athlete and runner, you know a lot of people get on my nerves. I still blow it. You never quit growing. Good job Scott

  33. Action for Animals

    Action for Animals2 months ago

    Nice video, Scott. I agree with your point about refraining from confronting b/c you want to be liked. But, no one should ever unload on an employee who did nothing wrong. I would have hung up on you if you yelled at me like that. I speak as someone who sometimes answers the phone from irate customers so I should know. As someone has commented already, take a step back so you don't react with anger. And, if you do, then apologize profusely, and send a gift to back it up. Also, what's up with the rage?

  34. Action for Animals

    Action for Animals2 months ago

    @ScottHermanFitness Yes, I watched the whole video. You were at one end of the phone yelling, and he was at the other end of the phone being yelled at. It doesn't matter who you were upset at, you were yelling at him.

  35. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness2 months ago

    did you watch the video? I said explicitely that even though I was angry, I told the guy many many many times I was not upset or yelling at him, just upset about the situation. We ended the call on a great note and the customer service guy and I laughed at the whole thing. Not sure what you are on about my bro!

  36. Logan Seaburg

    Logan Seaburg2 months ago

    I really enjoyed this style of video. I am pretty young and this is some great advice. Keep up the awesome videos Scott!

  37. Abhishek Mahendru

    Abhishek Mahendru2 months ago

    I know plenty of people at work that you just want to slap someone's face off. You are right, if you are going to do the job and go above and beyond to do it, then why can't they do the same? Sometimes confrontation is needed. Someone said to me this, if you think someone is nice, its because you are, not them. It really depends on what you are doing.

  38. Saiyan Lifestyle

    Saiyan Lifestyle2 months ago

    What makes me mad is when people say I achieved the things I did because of privilege and have a victim mindset. Or they know they need to change and they don't do anything about it

  39. hektik

    hektik2 months ago

    I for one always try to listen to and at least consider any advice anyone has to give. And, for me, lifting is part of a larger desire to make myself better in every way possible, so this sort of thing, general self-improvement, is certainly in line with resistance training. I hope you do more of these style of videos. I'm down to hear whatever wisdom you might have gained

  40. James

    James2 months ago

    Love these kinds of videos!

  41. Mas Tun

    Mas Tun2 months ago

    Ugh, group projects in college. I'm surprised Dante didn't include it in his version of Hell. Luckily my profs were nice enough to let me just give my own contributions and they flunked the lazy asses

  42. Craig D. Rolle

    Craig D. Rolle2 months ago

    You are young Scotty! Stop it.

  43. Ray13201

    Ray132012 months ago

    I never knew about you being in The Real World. What season were you on? I’m going to go watch. 🤣

  44. Jr Mt

    Jr Mt2 months ago

    Hey Scott good topic and valuable advice to young men and women. As a man in my 60s I have learned that being kind and being respected are not mutually exclusive. I made being kind my mantra in my workplace later in my career and received so much respect and gratitude upon my retirement that it completely bowled me over - it actually sunk into my coworkers and made it a better and more productive workplace overall. Keep it real as always.

  45. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness2 months ago

    Thats so great to hear! And that is my exact message here. Be kind, polite and respectful always. But if someone is walking all over you or disrespecting you, you cant be afraid to speak up for yourself. Congrats on the retirement!!

  46. MrLugar45

    MrLugar452 months ago

    00:58 "for those who are young and goung trough some changes". For a sec I thought Scott was gonna give us 'the talk' :D

  47. Mamoon Ahmed

    Mamoon Ahmed2 months ago

    Good stuff, Scott appreciate the advice

  48. Justin Vasilievas

    Justin Vasilievas2 months ago

    Sound like a Libra. They have red hair when they need to use it.

  49. Justin Vasilievas

    Justin Vasilievas2 months ago

    @ScottHermanFitness In astrology Libra's are considered "the other" or "the mirror effect". Meaning that Libran's grow throw relationships and relating to others. Quite often Libra's or earth signs tend to not get a return in relationships. Forever searching for reciprocity and will forfeit their happiness to please the other. Also, people that have not addressed their shadow may tend to project their insecurity onto you. Again the mirror. One may say your greatest transformations in life occurred in or through relationships. You may enter one person and leave a much different person and most likely transform the lives of others by default. Like an alchemist. It's possible hit a climatic time in your life in relationships and mindset most likely around the age of 29/30 or your Saturn Return where your life was maybe "reset" in a major way. In such a way it changed your mind set and focus. A key to balance for Libra is looking sometimes into an opposite sign. The opposite of Libra is Aries who tend to be very direct, assertive, etc without thinking, dog with a bone driven and ALL - IN what ever their passion is relationship business and other. The balance is this. You are a person who will always accomplish your goals and get to the top. You have done it before and will again I assume. The theme is to not only reach the top of the mountain its about who you touch along the way and the legacy you leave behind. For you it's leaving your mark. Which appears you are doing very well in way of showing people how to empower themselves. The next three years you will have to work very hard in an area of you life (I can't predict without birth time) but TREMENDOUS benefits will come of it and you will see it in it's full manifestation in 3 years to that point where you reinvent yourself at 38 but the next 20 years you will show up in a much bigger way in this world due to Saturn and Jupiter. For you going all in on your passion will pay off more than you can fathom. There are unlimited possibilities in this world as you may have discovered. Always ask what else is possible?! Yes, i'm an Astrologer who watches your work out videos. Astrologers are not all weird. It's a science and a language. Einstein was an astrologer. Just saying. Peace bro!

  50. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness2 months ago

    Hahahah I am! October 18th 🤣🤣🤣. Never heard that one before though. So funny!

  51. Denisa Oprea

    Denisa Oprea2 months ago

    Really enjoying this kind of content, keep up with the good work 💪🏻

  52. scott Peattie

    scott Peattie2 months ago

    Thanks for the vid it’s some really great advice. I think especially now with heightened emotions across the world how to manage confrontation properly and respectfully is essential

  53. Brian

    Brian2 months ago

    Damn good video Scotty

  54. Robin Negus

    Robin Negus2 months ago

    in regards to the video itself, anger is never an attractive attribute. A person can have the best argument, but delivered behind a veil of anger and excitement will be taken less seriously. “Calm is contagious” which is basically saying that if you want to resolve a problem keeping everything calm and concise has the most efficacy. I understand that ppl are not machines and tempers flare, but the true test of character is how fast you can recognize and control that overwhelming feeling to be a raving lunatic and simply deliver your point minus all the excess emotion and theatrics.✌🏼

  55. Robin Negus

    Robin Negus2 months ago

    Hey man! Just want to give a shout out to you and keeping quality content, seems like the youtube shit show is rampant right now, everyone is either at each other’s throats of making content based of the content of others. Thank you for staying out of that nonsense and just straight up passing out some life advice. You and I are the same age, but I definitely value and respect your views and opinions man. Keep on keeping on!🤘🏽

  56. Olly Olly

    Olly Olly2 months ago

    Lighting changed while on about editing wonder if Scott noticed that one 🤣

  57. Rikki Hernandez

    Rikki Hernandez2 months ago


  58. Kevin Pack

    Kevin Pack2 months ago

    love this video. it’s cool to hear your perspective

  59. ss4vegeta1

    ss4vegeta12 months ago

    I think it works both ways. Not everyone is going to have value or get value. Some people have conditions. I agree there is a time and place to rise up and defend yourself but note that not everyone has the skill set your emphasizing and the solution is not to say well that’s not my problem. Also there is a BIG difference between your time and someone respectfully using your time. It all depends. Personally I find too many people are too selfish these days as they try to fulfill their own needs.

  60. BringTheLuck

    BringTheLuck2 months ago

    Sounds like this pool journey of yours has been hell lol

  61. Kristijan Antolovic

    Kristijan Antolovic2 months ago

    Man Scott... You seem to lose the grip on reality: these delivery guys do not earn much money and often by the numbers of deliveries they make per day. Calling everyone they have trouble with would greatly reduce the numbers of parcels they can deliver. IMO the fault lies with the companies paying a bare minimum. Waiting for a parcel sucks but give the dude/ttes some slack for their job, they dont get paid for a better service for you (or anyone)

  62. Gökay Gülerman

    Gökay Gülerman2 months ago

    I am just writing to boost youtube algorithm

  63. Truth X

    Truth X2 months ago

    Ohh dude your finally got tshirt. I bet it was the xams gift. Just kidding lol. Respect man for the hard work throughout the years. From Saudi 👏🏼

  64. Dennis T

    Dennis T2 months ago

    Dr Phil / Scott Herman 🤔🤔🤨

  65. NikkZ

    NikkZ2 months ago

    Huge respect Scott..nice video...needed this!❤️

  66. MattyInTheMorning90

    MattyInTheMorning902 months ago

    Thank you Scott great information👍

  67. Nicholas Domol

    Nicholas Domol2 months ago

    Hello Mr. Herman I was wondering if you could help me out and provide feedback for this survey I am conducting for my college course.....I go to the University of Michigan.....thank you very much.

  68. ShockWave ZERO

    ShockWave ZERO2 months ago

    Thank you so much for making this video. It truly is important. I'd give 100+ likes if I could. People really need to practice learning how not to just yell and to just simply be firm and have boundaries. Really hate the angry yelling to get points across. It's unnecessary and tends to trigger the mental security system to fight back with anger and such.

  69. Ben Jamin

    Ben Jamin2 months ago

    Scott has a ton of experience he was even a sexy model, hubba hubba.

  70. skeletorrobo

    skeletorrobo2 months ago

    Be polite, kind, professional (nice) Facing confrontation, stand up for yourself (not nice)

  71. Erik Reisling2

    Erik Reisling22 months ago

    Parenting 101: Getting pissed with someone on the phone is a reflection of your level of emotional intelligence

  72. AndyHasFeet

    AndyHasFeet2 months ago

    this video couldn't have landed at a better time - for me, it's with my sister; she has a tone that sends me from 0 to 120 in a heart beat.

  73. David Sauceda

    David Sauceda2 months ago

    Love the video, great topic!

  74. zirks

    zirks2 months ago

    Screaming at service reps huh? So you’re that dude? Take a chill pill bro

  75. Scotty Mac

    Scotty Mac2 months ago

    You're a good soul Scotty boy 😊

  76. The Messenger

    The Messenger2 months ago

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  77. Omar Elsherif

    Omar Elsherif2 months ago

    The thumbnail threw me off i thought he was beefing with the dude from Barbarian physique. That's just Ricky apparently.

  78. Omar Elsherif

    Omar Elsherif2 months ago

    @Rikki Hernandez The GOAT

  79. Rikki Hernandez

    Rikki Hernandez2 months ago

    That is me lol

  80. VibeSector

    VibeSector2 months ago

    Scott: explains the first back to the future People that for some reason haven’t seen it: “fuck, there goes that”

  81. John Borealis

    John Borealis2 months ago

    I'm sick of these *censored* snakes on this *censored* plane.

  82. TheMessiah

    TheMessiah2 months ago

    Scott is such a bro. In a good way. He’s a person you would want as a close friend

  83. hektik

    hektik2 months ago

    Or a big brother. He seems like he's a great big bro to his brothers

  84. Adam Brennan

    Adam Brennan2 months ago

    Hi Scott I have been watching you’re vids for a while, and you are completely right about being able to learn a lot from you’re experiences. You’re like 20 years older than me but even just from watching your vids my neck veins grow!😂 keep up the good work!

  85. Lb96

    Lb962 months ago

    I struggle a lot with confrontation. At the gym I work at, there's a guy who used to spit in various bins around the gym on multiple occasions, he's sound to talk to, I guess he was just brought up to think it was acceptable. I called him out on it the other week and it basically ended up with me calling him f**king disgusting after he started to backchat me. Not my most professional moment. It's just hard to keep composure sometimes lol. Although we did end up apologising to each other in the end and he hasn't spat in any bins since haha.

  86. cristian c

    cristian c2 months ago

    The fact that he was laughing just says that he felt nothing but good vibes from you 👍 wouldnt have done that if you were an asshole

  87. Randog

    Randog2 months ago

    Confidence is not spelled: c-o-c-k-i-n-e-s-s. Good life lesson!

  88. RabbiKrieg

    RabbiKrieg2 months ago

    There's nothing wrong with being assertive, and holding your position or standing your ground when valid. There is something wrong with being a jerk, or being nasty, I mean I get it sometimes things happen and people lose their way. And around about way what I'm saying is I agree with you, great video.

  89. Phil Roberts

    Phil Roberts2 months ago

    Here in the uk it’s very different. Here, the delivery company ensured that there is zero chain of communication or accountability between the courier and the sender so if the courier decided to just steal your package and take a shit in your letterbox, you will never be able to do a fucking thing about it.

  90. sadida ulfah

    sadida ulfah2 months ago

    Do you have a video about how to fix skinny fat woman with home workout? Please make it 🙏

  91. Randog

    Randog2 months ago

    Job accountability becomes more important with age. It's a good thing.

  92. Kenneth Williams

    Kenneth Williams2 months ago

    This shit is crackin me up keep em comin bro

  93. King County

    King County2 months ago

    Roid rage

  94. Trollknot

    Trollknot2 months ago

    This is fantastic my dude. After having a rather frustrating experience with my boss at work this last week, this put things in perspective and helped me cool my jets. Appreciate you!

  95. Danny Perez

    Danny Perez2 months ago

    Florida has been like this lately. They don't call, there's no customer service its just if you're lucky they're on time. Its frustrating.

  96. Tim

    Tim2 months ago

    I confused anger with confidence when I was younger. It wasn’t until training bjj that I learned how to be confident in unknown or fearful situations. I think martial arts, in general, is a good way to build confidence but bjj is the best for learning a healthy ego. More young men should get lessons on having a healthy ego when their younger. Thanks for the video!

  97. Resident Evil Umbrella

    Resident Evil Umbrella2 months ago

    This advice would of came in handy back when I was in high school, because I dealt with bad people all the time. I don't know why I was picked on and bullied a lot back then, but it's people like teens and college-age kids and so many others is why I can't stand people.

  98. Keron Williams

    Keron Williams2 months ago

    How do you like Florida so far? I was born and raised in Central Florida, I love it!

  99. Crew Aesthetics

    Crew Aesthetics2 months ago

    I thought Scott was at Greg’s house for a sec

  100. Son Shawnzy

    Son Shawnzy2 months ago

    There’s no couch slithering dog

  101. addyy_boy

    addyy_boy2 months ago

    Only 36? Bruh, Scotty you look so young!!

  102. Ben Robinson

    Ben Robinson2 months ago

    Some good advice Scott, it's something I wish I learnt when I was younger also. Some things you end up learning the hard way, but it doesn't have to be that way. People are afraid of sticking up for themselves because they worry about the consequences of confrontation, but usually the consequences to doing nothing are much worse anyway. The times I didn't be more assertive I ended up being miserable or not getting where I wanted.

  103. BrandonG97

    BrandonG972 months ago

    Good video Scott! I’m 23 and I’m just learning how to be more outspoken and stand up for myself. And up until now I never knew how to or the confidence to do so, and it can have a huge impact on your life, especially with relationships.

  104. Greg Doucette

    Greg Doucette2 months ago

    Good topic

  105. Rikki Hernandez

    Rikki Hernandez2 months ago

    Let's get you on the channel soon man.

  106. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness2 months ago

    Thanks Greg 😎

  107. tariqo16

    tariqo162 months ago

    this is exactly what i needed same thing happened to in last year

  108. Pyxl Perfect

    Pyxl Perfect2 months ago

    I still remember when everybody from The Real World: Brooklyn got into a fight at that restaurant. Dang, I’m old.

  109. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness2 months ago

    Funny enough. My friend Brian who was visiting and throwing all those huge punches is staying with me in FL right now 😈

  110. clamum

    clamum2 months ago

    Good video big 🐕, do moar. This is something I should actually take to heart. I'm the same way as Matt from IG. And like you I was raised to do my job and do it to the best of my ability and it annoys me when others don't act like that. But I also don't want to cause problems and create drama so I tend to just let things slide. What can I say I'm pretty laid back lol. But I should really stand up for myself more often. I think this video has some great advice in it man, I appreciate it!

  111. Peter Rivas

    Peter Rivas2 months ago

    I will pay to hear that recorded conversation with Christian 🙌😂

  112. Nick Fusaro

    Nick Fusaro2 months ago

    Oh kool. DAC and MATTY from BTTF. This guy is right. These things need to be taken to HAT and it's always best to avoid all the GABage.

  113. Guy Lehman

    Guy Lehman2 months ago

    Dude 36 is not old you’re a young pup I’m 60 years old let me tell you something...

  114. Guy Lehman

    Guy Lehman2 months ago

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    Barkage2 months ago

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  118. Jose Garnier

    Jose Garnier2 months ago

    In my personal life I had confronted with a few friends with proof of their actions and not them and 5 plus years of friendship didn't matter I've lost so many friends because they wanted me to not be mad and I never did except for that 1 thing they do and I remain 1 true friend who help each other and I stop confronting people and just let them fail on their own and im less stressful and happier. I don't know if this is the right choice but I'll find out in the future

  119. CrimsonSlayer7

    CrimsonSlayer72 months ago

    Dude I honestly thought you were younger. 👏🏾💪🏾 I honestly do agree, at the age of 26, I too wish I was more confrontational. At the end of the day, if their actions will leave you to suffer the consequences, then do something about it. Still be respectful. I believe you shouldn't worry how they act, but worry how you uphold your respect and how you act. But also don't be a coward, if you are respectful and they try to punk you around, STAND YOUR GROUND. Literally had a guy step up to me threatening to fight me and I stared him dead in the eye and said make it happen. And nothing happened. Do not show fear, do not be a pushover, and do not be a bully. Find balance and stand up for yourself.

  120. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness2 months ago

    Couldn't agree more with everything you've said man! You always have to hold yourself well, but at the same time be respectful of others. But can't be a pushover either. Got to stand up for yourself!

  121. Tawny Lion 18

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  123. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness2 months ago

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