5 Things You Do In your 20s That WILL RUIN Your 30s!

We all need to grow up sometime, but the most important thing when becoming an adult is that you have the life skills to be able to take care of yourself and your future family.

(1:44) #1 Not Focusing On Your Education
(2:40) #2 Not Getting Enough Sleep
(4:04) #3 Eating Junk & Partying Too Hahhhd

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(5:34) #4 Not Training Hahhhd Enough
(7:02) #5 You Don’t Learn Any Life Skills
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  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    We all need to grow up sometime, but the most important thing when becoming an adult is that you have the life skills to be able to take care of yourself and your future family. (1:44) #1 Not Focusing On Your Education (2:40) #2 Not Getting Enough Sleep (4:04) #3 Eating Junk & Partying Too Hahhhd (4:46) PRE-MADE MEALS! (MS10 for 10% off) athlete.iconmeals.com/2379.html (5:34) #4 Not Training Hahhhd Enough (7:02) #5 You Don’t Learn Any Life Skills (9:45)- Check out my Programs! (MS7 for 7 DAYS FREE) muscularstrength.com/Full-Workout-Programs/Muscle_Gain

  2. tim kenda

    tim kenda3 days ago

    @SamianHQuazi i just turned 32. We found this video in the nick of time brother 😂

  3. සාන්ත productions .

    සාන්ත productions .3 months ago

    My mom is october 18 too

  4. Christopher Huber

    Christopher Huber3 months ago

    Good post. I would add learning the basics of cooking, for instance, know basics of harm and safety, like don't throw water on a grease fire, don't open the radiator cap to a hot engine, know what a carbon monoxide detector is, learn how to read your 401k, fully read instruction manuals to power equipment like your lawnmower, snow blower, learn to replace a fuse in your house, learn how to switch off power before touching electrical, know what color wires are hot in electrical, understand how to turn on a pilot light, learn how to drive in poor weather, learn about what to do if you hydroplane or how to drive on icy roads, learn to not pour hot water on glass in cold weather, learn how to thread piping or replace a leaking pipe, learn how to understand your medical plan and what deductibles are. The more you are proactive in learning these basic life things, the you won't run into them when they hit you hard.

  5. TheRealBandito

    TheRealBandito3 months ago

    @SamianHQuazi The only time when it is too late is when you're dead.

  6. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    ​@SamianHQuazi Its never too late with hard work! Check out the programs on my site! I recommend starting with Push Pull Legs! muscularstrength.com/program/Push-Pull-Legs

  7. tim kenda

    tim kenda3 days ago

    I was homeless at 17. Put myself through college for accounting and economics, but got addicted to opiates and by my mid 20s I was homeless again, in and out of jail, shooting dope. In my late 20s I got clean, I went to school for substance abuse counseling, and I got really into fitness and advocacy for people in recovery. I had to learn a lot of things the hard way, but I learned about building a future, credit, being honest, caring for others, and building a nasty deadlift. Now, in my early 30s, I'm going to school AGAIN. Im hoping to combine fitness and recovery, as fitness was my ticket out of a crippling drug addiction. The lessons in your video are so valuable. So real. Balance. Building for your future. Health. Finding enjoyment out of life. Im behind the ball, but I know that no matter what ill get to where I want to be.. Thanks once again for your content!

  8. Neuroperformance

    Neuroperformance8 days ago

    Really great video

  9. GirdhaR

    GirdhaR19 days ago

    Hes being goddammm honest

  10. Slavo Majić

    Slavo Majić28 days ago

    D..did he really recommend bro split?

  11. Kevin Smith

    Kevin SmithMonth ago

    I have no clue why youtube is suppressing this amazing channel.🤦🏽‍♂️

  12. Emmanuel Cordoba

    Emmanuel CordobaMonth ago

    Wise word man!

  13. Mahdi Menallah

    Mahdi MenallahMonth ago

    And number 6 is : Stop Fapping.... Tell them the whole truth !

  14. gjj101

    gjj101Month ago

    I'm about to hit 30, and this is so true, I've always stayed in shape, and feel better now more than ever!

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  18. Simoo 77

    Simoo 77Month ago

    Omg I am taking notes cus I am approaching my 30s in four years and I am already stressed out :D :)

  19. Thommy Johansson

    Thommy JohanssonMonth ago

    Turning 40 this fall. Grew up rough with drinking parents and ended up in a foster family where life got really rough. Really wish i could have had a rolemodel like you back then... Got into my 30's before i managed to become a proper adult and unlearn all the crap i grew up with.

  20. saul johnson

    saul johnsonMonth ago

    awesome advice and hope this video helps some of the young adults' who watch you.

  21. Prince Vegeta

    Prince VegetaMonth ago

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  22. IRMxFitness 27

    IRMxFitness 27Month ago

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  23. St. Paul MN

    St. Paul MNMonth ago

    Follow the work of Pythagoras

  24. Vintage Swiss

    Vintage SwissMonth ago

    36 with a wife and kid. Been exercising my whole life and making zero progress the last 2 years. Just get hyuge while getting fat, or getting shredded with small 15" arms... We're getting juicy this year. It's time...

  25. Marta Buck

    Marta BuckMonth ago

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    3FT8 keshav TrivediMonth ago

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    Churiken the blind gamerMonth ago

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    Law Student Till 20242 months ago

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  29. Theo Uhrik

    Theo Uhrik2 months ago

    Some real wisdom here, I'm less than a month away from turning 20 so I'm glad I'm watching this now

  30. James Carmichael

    James Carmichael2 months ago

    Don't party like crazy in your 20's because you will start paying for it in your 30's.

  31. Douglas Aldrich

    Douglas Aldrich2 months ago

    6.) If you have a 401K with your company, at least match it to the max they will contribute. If they don’t, open up a Roth IRA account and contribute what you can.

  32. Malik SE

    Malik SE2 months ago

    I'm already in late 30s, n I realise now what's mentioned in video applied to my 20s, so is there any hope to reverse that n get in shape. ?!

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    Carl Shawen2 months ago

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  34. Mudri

    Mudri2 months ago

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  35. Savage Saiyan Fitness

    Savage Saiyan Fitness3 months ago

    I started getting my health together in my late 20’s and I’m always listening to my body when it comes to working out and nutrition, also I’m always pushing myself to always get stronger

  36. Herman Wong

    Herman Wong3 months ago

    really late but happy birthday scott!!!

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    Fishnshits3 months ago

    Great video Scott! Please do more of this

  38. Oscar Holst

    Oscar Holst3 months ago

    When i was 18 i ate 3 horses and gained 2 pounds. Nowadays i eat a small cookie and add 2 inches to my waistline :/

  39. 108 Pathik Chakraborty

    108 Pathik Chakraborty3 months ago

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  45. Lazarus 나사로

    Lazarus 나사로3 months ago

    One of those old philosopher guys said something about it's truly a shame when a man grows old without seeing how great his body can be. Great advice 👍

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    dapartypossum3 months ago

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    GlizzyBuilds3 months ago

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    Virendra Purane3 months ago

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    Ahmedo Jabrah3 months ago

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    Gorgy Porgy3 months ago

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    The Beast3 months ago

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    Conner Sheets3 months ago

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    Red Rose3 months ago

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  67. Prime

    Prime3 months ago

    Good morning, sir. I'm on my early 30s and starting Ranger school soon. What would you recommend for a training regime? I can currently do 78 push ups, 59 sit ups and 2 miles in 14:03. Thank you sir

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    Unit 0ne3 months ago

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  71. Drew Bennett

    Drew Bennett3 months ago

    Scott or anyone in the comments is it smart for me to dirty bulk if I’m skinny? I’ve been doing it for a couple months and have put on weight and mass but I’m the long run if it messes me up I don’t want to. Btw I’m 140 510

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    Luch Hao3 months ago

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    Nabeel Khan3 months ago

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  79. sychkid

    sychkid3 months ago

    The three things you need to constantly pay attention to (I don't want to say "worry") when you're an adult: 1) finances 2) health 3) relationships

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    Yvonne gledhill3 months ago

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    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

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    ScottHermanFitness3 months ago

    Thanks so much. Really means a lot to have you say that my friend :)

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    Sondley Cajuste3 months ago

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  96. Aleksi134

    Aleksi1343 months ago

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  97. Moose92411

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    Taylor Rodriguez3 months ago

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  101. Jeremy Helbing

    Jeremy Helbing3 months ago

    I'm 43 and agree with all the advice offered in this video. I'll add that as soon as you start working contribute 10% of your income into your retirement plan.

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