Everyone wants to be able to bench more. You could bench 500lbs and be the strongest guy in your gym and not be satisfied. Athletes are competitive by nature. We are constantly striving to improve our form and technique and will apply any and all tips we can find if we think it will help even add just 5lbs to a max lift.
Because I too am always trying to learn more, I recently fell upon a video by Simeon Panda & Mike Rashid that caught my interest titled - "HOW TO INCREASE YOUR BENCH PRESS [INSTANT IMPROVEMENT] WITH MIKE RASHID"
To me, although the tips were okay... but I thought the video left a lot to be desired. Especially when both Mike and Simeon can easily bench over 400lbs...
Nick Wright - Road to 400lbs Bench!
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  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitnessMonth ago

    Everyone wants to be able to bench more. You could bench 500lbs and be the strongest guy in your gym and not be satisfied. Athletes are competitive by nature. We are constantly striving to improve our form and technique and will apply any and all tips we can find if we think it will help even add just 5lbs to a max lift. Because I too am always trying to learn more, I recently fell upon a video by Simeon Panda & Mike Rashid that caught my interest titled - "HOW TO INCREASE YOUR BENCH PRESS [INSTANT IMPROVEMENT] WITH MIKE RASHID" To me, although the tips were okay... but I thought the video left a lot to be desired. Especially when both Mike and Simeon can easily bench over 400lbs... Nick Wright - Road to 400lbs Bench!

  2. tim kenda

    tim kenda3 days ago

    One word but I make it into two: Halo Testin Get way stronger than your GTO's and instantly wreck your ligaments, but hit a sick 1rm for your 17 followers on IG!

  3. Curtis Jackson

    Curtis Jackson10 days ago

    Check out ufpwrlifter channel


    RICHARD LOKE28 days ago


  5. Melvin Genao

    Melvin GenaoMonth ago

    Simeon cannot bench 500.

  6. Hungry Bird

    Hungry BirdMonth ago

    For me , it’s not the weight . It’s the benefit and proper form to engage the muscle . I can’t bench 405 either and I could care less .

  7. Yung Whurlin

    Yung Whurlin8 hours ago

    How to instantly increase bench press... Upper body Wenning warm ups Bench more frequently 2 pull movements for every press movement Basically what Julius Maddox does

  8. tim kenda

    tim kenda3 days ago

    Hes only on TRT. Trenbolone Replacing Testosterone. Scott, I havent watched your channel in years, and your content is FIRE. Thank you! I'm not natty (on test for 6 months after 7 years of lifting), but I'm about to take the tests for my strength and conditioning and nutrition certifications from ISSA, and ill definitely use your channel and website to cross reference anything I teach, if thats okay with you?

  9. qewr4231

    qewr42318 days ago

    Mike Rashid has been on steroids most of his adult life.

  10. Curtis Jackson

    Curtis Jackson10 days ago

    Check out ufpwrlifter channel

  11. azimuthclark462

    azimuthclark46219 days ago

    I got 315 for a 1 rep max. it took everything. months of training and dedication. not something the average man can say. *the mark bell slingshot did make my bench go up to 365lbs 1 rep. prob could have done more. not paid promo, js. 225 is impressive. how many people can bench their body weight? anybody who goes to the gym and his natural nose these guys are definitely not natural. It's exactly like Scott said, it's nearly impossible to keep that size all year around

  12. christian huseby

    christian huseby20 days ago

    when I see "big dudes" benching alot of weight, I'm instantly motivated to finish my phd

  13. BigDaddyCool42

    BigDaddyCool4221 day ago

    It’s obvious he’s not natural.

  14. BigDaddyCool42

    BigDaddyCool4221 day ago

    I’m just trying to give it my all to lift 225. Damn

  15. Truth And cruelty free living

    Truth And cruelty free living22 days ago

    They should both listen to tip 2 again

  16. Adam Sowa

    Adam Sowa26 days ago

    Leg drive Scott, what about the leg drive? Also I disagree on having the belt on so tight. You can't get a big enough "belly breath" to create enough pressure. I might have misunderstood you but I believe you should have enough room to stick a finger down the side of your belt. You get as much air as you can in your belly and brace. Once braced you should not be able to put anything between your core and the belt. Good video though. Respect

  17. Christopher Curran

    Christopher Curran28 days ago

    Seeing/hearing you stumble over your words gives me so much more confidence in myself! Hahaha!! I am constantly doing that in everyday conversations...when trying to make a video for school is 10x worse. So thanks for including those (thanks probably goes to Ricky...)

  18. Lee Constantinou

    Lee Constantinou28 days ago

    Very well said Scott. I think people need to listen to what works best for MOST people rather than the "gifted" people who don't have to think about the small details that make a difference. As always solid advice for your peeps brother.

  19. Nà Zîm

    Nà ZîmMonth ago

    Simeon panda is not. Natural that's so. Clear 😒

  20. StoicCrane

    StoicCraneMonth ago

    Scott, what do you think about Starting Strength?

  21. PersonalFitness3

    PersonalFitness3Month ago

    I just searched for "skull crusher" exercise tips and I came across your video. The form and technique you showed seemed safer and more effective than the way the exercise was originally performed. Thanks for years of teaching proper form. 💪😎👍

  22. Viktor Timofejev

    Viktor TimofejevMonth ago

    No reps were harmed in the making of this video

  23. Lean Ape

    Lean ApeMonth ago

    I know Simeon personally and tough I personally know he uses steroids you can`t take anything from him, he achieved a lot even for a juiced athlete.

  24. Justice Warrior

    Justice WarriorMonth ago

    How to increase your bench.. Just go to Julius Madox channel and have the strongest bencher in the world tell you awesome tips!!

  25. THABOMB98126

    THABOMB98126Month ago

    Black ppl can naturally look like this with a dedicated diet and training regimen without using steroids. Stop hating 🙄

  26. O.G Michael

    O.G MichaelMonth ago

    A lot of insightful stuff in this video but one can smell your insecurities from a mile away too. Nice video though👍🏽

  27. Joe Grasso

    Joe GrassoMonth ago

    Bro all you do is just talk about other fitness you tubers.

  28. Mark May

    Mark MayMonth ago

    This is not from a place of negativity at all Scott. In fact I agree you're one of the best coaches out there and you're more practical than any other coach. I have actually been following you since about 9 years ago and I bought your black tank top back in the day and I was a part of your subscription for a while. But just curious, you have made some small gains. But is this as big as you want to get, or do you think you've maxed out your genes for gaining size. I remember your pics before the gym and you seemed like an ectomorph from memory, so was just curious. Mark :)

  29. Hungry Bird

    Hungry BirdMonth ago

    He’s got great genetics though and looks amazing but the juice thing ruins the credibility

  30. Hungry Bird

    Hungry BirdMonth ago

    Him and mike ohearn achieved their physiques naturally because they said so .,,😂😂

  31. Argel Dolotina

    Argel DolotinaMonth ago

    one of my fav og fitness coach 🤍 much love from 🇵🇭

  32. Witter Fitness

    Witter FitnessMonth ago

    Simeon panda and Mike Rashid are really good entrepreneurs.

  33. O M

    O M28 days ago

    Good way to put it

  34. wrigh2uk

    wrigh2ukMonth ago

    tbf Simeon has been on gear so long hes probably forgot that it's not natural.

  35. azimuthclark462

    azimuthclark46219 days ago

    i agree, gear is not natural. slingshot gave me 50lbs on my max bench instantly.

  36. Ch. J-P

    Ch. J-P22 days ago


  37. IRMxFitness 27

    IRMxFitness 27Month ago

    Insta garbage 110% fakenatty verified

  38. WK IV

    WK IVMonth ago

    I’m new to the channel and loving your approach and content!! I’ve lived most my life in the gym and last week saw a guy walk to the squat rack and half squat 315 cold, no warm ups with sets of 1 rep...🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤣 Still surprised at what people do at the gym!! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  39. Goztepe2002

    Goztepe2002Month ago


  40. howard condoman

    howard condomanMonth ago

    Holy crap! Simeone does 4 plates for reps!!! He should enter a natty powerlifiting contest and lie for that too....

  41. howard condoman

    howard condomanMonth ago

    Scott, Lose 5% bodyfat youd look so much better. Lean looks so much better on a natty

  42. howard condoman

    howard condomanMonth ago

    Couldnt agree with you more. Just because he can bench more doesnt make him a bigger expert...

  43. Jeremy Maksuta

    Jeremy MaksutaMonth ago

    Dude done alot before natty 250 20 times could of hit 315 but that's amazing for natty dude barely meet any one besides sauce up dudes that could do it your waight so your a beast little kids that comment are on sarms and think that is natty

  44. Anugran Mathimugan

    Anugran MathimuganMonth ago

    Well you got a great chest regardless Scott that’s all that’s all that matters.

  45. Jackson Koppenhofer

    Jackson KoppenhoferMonth ago

    I like how Scott Herman really went into it and explained what proper form is, helped me a lot lol



    Mr. Scott Herman, could you please do a review on one punch man workout routine? I'd like to know if the results are actually beneficial.(It's quarantine in my country rn😅)

  47. Super Saiyan Trump

    Super Saiyan TrumpMonth ago

    It’s good but not every single day, somehow add progressive overload, and add back exercises.

  48. Bit Rage

    Bit RageMonth ago

    You actually have the ballz to put Panda and natural in the same sentence?!?!🤣

  49. Vito Kombat Talk

    Vito Kombat TalkMonth ago

    This is just pathetic. Call it what it is, a call out for views. Questioning his Natty status twice? You are pathetic. You and the lots of you that do these kind of videos. P.s, when i first started lifting. I scroll past your channel because it didn’t soothe me. But I learnt a lot from Simeon Panda. Not the point, but you guys that do videos calling out others are Fitness USlikesrs, questioning their Natty status are pathetic.

  50. high psi

    high psiMonth ago

    This is overly passive aggressive haha love it




  52. Joe Velasquez

    Joe VelasquezMonth ago

    They were ego lifting the whole time

  53. Kate Winchester

    Kate WinchesterMonth ago

    Love your training tips and form advice Scott! Keeping it real!

  54. Let’s Talk About

    Let’s Talk AboutMonth ago

    If they share their PEDs yeah lol

  55. Delvante Elliott

    Delvante ElliottMonth ago

    Ummm the second guy butt is completely off the bench. Simeon panda butt is off as well but not like the other guy.I think your throwing all kinds of shade at thiat video.

  56. J G C

    J G CMonth ago

    Everytime you see quick gains, you know it’s full of crap.

  57. Dino MEH

    Dino MEHMonth ago


  58. Kartikay tiwari

    Kartikay tiwariMonth ago

    why do they sound made up names 😆😆

  59. skynard83

    skynard83Month ago

    Did this channel become a name dropping channel now for views?

  60. Reginald Hildreth

    Reginald HildrethMonth ago

    How do go from saying you don’t care if he’s natural or not to basically explaining and picking aside 🤔🤔🧐 lets go back to the teaching of form nd tips content you create👌🏾👍🏾

  61. Cursed Baby

    Cursed BabyMonth ago

    I remember watching his squat tutorial video,but i didn't learn anything.It is also hard to take him seriously when he is a fake natty lol😂i like how you go over tips and then give additional but solid information good vid💪

  62. A Pe

    A PeMonth ago

    Bro you just got that pure honest friendly vibe, I would hang out with you any time, not to mention workouts, that would be a privilege. We all appreciate your honesty and authenticity. KEEP IT UP BIG MAN!

  63. gregthesplintercell

    gregthesplintercellMonth ago

    Simeon Panda and Mike Rashid, 2 roid heads. Nuff said.

  64. parker mccallum

    parker mccallumMonth ago

    They must really be sore..from bouncing 405 off they're chests so hard

  65. Roberto Crescenza

    Roberto CrescenzaMonth ago

    Watch out ,, I saw Dracula 🧛‍♂️ lurking 👀 behind you . Hide those viens !!

  66. Earnest Williams

    Earnest WilliamsMonth ago

    Man you sound like a damn hater, GTFOH!

  67. Chris G

    Chris GMonth ago

    Been watching you for yeeears. Who cares. That's my Boston accent. Gotta pick who learn from on youtube wisely

  68. BriceTVeee

    BriceTVeeeMonth ago

    Surprising form is not number one! I noticed that when I began using better and proper form on my main lifts, THAT is when I saw INSTANT INCREASE! It’s how I hit my 235lb 1 rep max on bench. -I’m 135lbs, 5ft 2in, and 32yrs old- just for reference. And also my 290lb squat max. Those guys on the kook aid lol

  69. Riddled Redemption

    Riddled RedemptionMonth ago

    Simeon Panda is Natural?? Yeah okay....As natural as Chris Bumstead.

  70. Miss Hitomi

    Miss HitomiMonth ago

    I hate Simeon Panda. Can't wait until those steroids take full effect

  71. Julian Abdella

    Julian AbdellaMonth ago

    What did he do to you to hate him so much

  72. Kratos 370

    Kratos 370Month ago

    I thought the most favorite natty was Mike O'Tren 🤣

  73. Kaen Flux

    Kaen FluxMonth ago

    Scott: "Probably the thing I enjoy the most; correcting ppl's form" The Ozzy Reviews in me says: Sheila: "Whops! I better pick ALL those pens up.."

  74. Eric Bowling

    Eric BowlingMonth ago

    Testosterone is natural. #naturalbodybuilder

  75. Sahil Sharma

    Sahil SharmaMonth ago

    No doubt Scott is the best - his videos are worth to see and natural ✌🏼

  76. Keyboard Warrior

    Keyboard WarriorMonth ago

    Simeon Panda probably has that name because he takes PEDs that were tested on panda’s.

  77. Afk. Markt.

    Afk. Markt.Month ago

    wrong... Mike O'Tren is most natty guy on internet

  78. W B

    W BMonth ago

    I’m struggling with bench stuck at 195 at body weight of 160

  79. Abel Banko

    Abel BankoMonth ago

    I don't get the joke, help

  80. Jay Hadri

    Jay HadriMonth ago

    That client of your Tariq (the guys in the video squating) is a beast. I met him a month ago at the gym. Didn’t know he was your client

  81. Rick LilShore

    Rick LilShoreMonth ago

    Scott, do a collab with Calgary Barbell. It's a fantastic powerlifting channel that does form checks among other things. Way under-subscribed IMO.

  82. Prakash Singh Bist

    Prakash Singh BistMonth ago

  83. heavyd

    heavydMonth ago

    Good vid Scott

  84. B Geezy

    B GeezyMonth ago

    Simeon lifts with rashid who was on lots off juice he's alot smaller simeon never comes off

  85. White Lightning

    White LightningMonth ago

    Imagine if panda took roids

  86. An Dinh

    An DinhMonth ago

    Sorry Scoot. I thought u were totally Bullshit when you jokingly said that Simion were natural

  87. SUPER X

    SUPER XMonth ago

    Remember the time when Scott was giving fitnes knowledge but now he is just criticizing other influencers.

  88. Ralphie the truth

    Ralphie the truthMonth ago

    All these years and you still look the same, what's going on? Wheres the growth?

  89. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitnessMonth ago

    This video is packed with great information. Including form cues that someone like Panda and Mike should already know. 👍

  90. Stephen G

    Stephen GMonth ago

    Hey Scott...what happened to to the home band workout you said was coming? Still no open gyms in shit CA so need all the routines we can get here. THX!

  91. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitnessMonth ago

    I am doing them. Just recovering from New Years!

  92. jake ragsdale

    jake ragsdaleMonth ago

    Just watch Simeon’s “towel workout” and realize it was made well before COVID....🤣🤣

  93. donjosue1000

    donjosue1000Month ago

    Scott, I used to like your videos, you gave good beginner tips on how to lift weights, which I really appreciated. But now that you've just become a hater, you come across as bitter. Why don't you just focus on you instead of criticising others and hating. Not cool bro.

  94. igiugui iugiu

    igiugui iugiu26 days ago

    not hating only told the truth....

  95. Ralphie the truth

    Ralphie the truthMonth ago

    @ScottHermanFitness lmao u made sure to compliment them but the hate still shows.

  96. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitnessMonth ago

    I even complimented them both many times. So not sure what you are on about?

  97. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitnessMonth ago

    This video didn’t come across as hate at all. You should watch the entire thing 👍

  98. Kenan

    KenanMonth ago

    1:55 yep! true! Just because someone drive a sports car doesn't mean they are a good driver, just because I drive an econo-box doesn't mean I'm a terrible driver. I prefer mtb's :)

  99. Val †

    Val †Month ago

    There are no genetic freaks. I've never seen any. I've seen guys who have more potential, but that is all. I've also seen guys who were skinny and weak and grew up to be massive( on juice, of course). the term "genetic freak" was created by those on the juice as a defense. Anyone over 12 years of age, with even slight understanding of nutrition and bodybuilding understands Panda and Rashid are on A LOT of juice. Not just trt but massive amounts of TEST plus other compounds. What makes them Human Trash is the fact they openly claim to be natural, lying and deceiving those who don't have a solid understanding of bodybuilding and little boys who aspire to be like them. Panda and Rashid should just stfu and keep quiet about their natty bs. Nobody cares what they eat, but we do care when they lie and keep lying.

  100. Konan Honim

    Konan HonimMonth ago

    Hey Scott !! When are you showing some WAP dance?!! Are you keeping it for Instagram ???

  101. Evan King

    Evan KingMonth ago

    You are correct, these two guys are freaks. Juiced or not they are genetically gifted. They are glib, their form is poor and they misinform. Unfortunately they have a following that eats this up. Thank goodness channels like yours educate the serious lifter. Keep up the great informational content.

  102. hektik

    hektikMonth ago

    Those weight belts are just to look more bad ass right?

  103. hektik

    hektikMonth ago

    I got my +10 strength belt ready to go, should be able to lift 20 lbs heavier now

  104. hektik

    hektikMonth ago

    Word up

  105. K.C.

    K.C.Month ago

    There form is horrible. Especially Mike lifting his hips of the bench for each rep. No one mentions breathing and bracing.

  106. Santiago Rios

    Santiago RiosMonth ago

    Instead of talking about other youtuber...give us a good instructional Bench Press video...a la vintage Scott

  107. Moose92411

    Moose92411Month ago

    7:30 just looks awful. I worry for his ribs. There's a reason you need to pause the weight in competition.

  108. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitnessMonth ago

    Its kinda scary how hard his chest caves!

  109. 100KG Natty

    100KG NattyMonth ago

    I just realised I've become stronger then Scott Herman. I learned from you.

  110. Dramatheone

    DramatheoneMonth ago

    That dude is such a tard. And a fake natty.

  111. henchdurance fitness

    henchdurance fitnessMonth ago

    Lmao Mate, you are a damn troll. Trolly trollyyyyyyyyy

  112. Frankie Rodriguez

    Frankie RodriguezMonth ago

    I'm just trying to beat my p.r of 270. I was surprised I was able to do that at 1 rep since I wasn't really benching much at the time. Just a lot of calisthenics....

  113. Sullooo Lag

    Sullooo LagMonth ago


  114. nunuhukvt

    nunuhukvtMonth ago

    Finally found your channel again! I was watching last year but I forgot you name... Really nice content, nice videos, no fake shit and good workouts!👍👍👍💪👌

  115. Lkh John

    Lkh JohnMonth ago

    Simeon & Mike.......Those Two taught us to Tren Hard ..... Cause More Plates More Dates - Coach Greg Approved

  116. Steven Bryan

    Steven BryanMonth ago

    Did you say Jeff Nipert? I think his last name is Cavalier.



    Nippard is another fitness Jeff

  118. Jari K L

    Jari K LMonth ago

    God loves you. His only begotten Son, Lord Jesus, died for our sins on the cross and rose from the dead on the third day. If we repent and believe + trust in Lord Jesus, we can be saved. ❤️ From hell and lake of fire, to everlasting LIFE.

  119. Josh A Paul

    Josh A PaulMonth ago

    I like big butts and I cannot lie

  120. hylianchriss

    hylianchrissMonth ago

    Warming Up, No Ego Lifting, Conserve Energy are all good tips in general for bench pressing and most/all gym workouts. But NONE of those tips are helpful towards "instantly increase your bench press". All those tips are good, but if your only goal is to increase your bench as fast as possible then ironically enough ALL those three tips are counter productive and are in fact working against you slightly. They are 3 good rules for benching though, and the video should have been about that instead a video of them ego lifting, showing off how much they can bench and how many half reps they can do with dangerous form. A well put together video of PROPER FORM and actual technique and mindset to improve benching would have been better. But hey, we don't need Simeon Steroid for that - we have Scott's brilliant videos already!