I guess carrying a satchel, or "man-pack" as I like to call it, just isn't manly...
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#satchel #hatecomments #Manpurse


  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness13 days ago

    What was your favorite HATER comment? LMAO! I'll link to the original post below! USlikes: uslikes.infoUgxptjYHFpu-zEFIRB14AaABCQ Instagram: So weird how people on IG are so much nicer right? I wonder why!

  2. Tom james

    Tom james2 days ago

    I always assume people got a gun in their mac. Especially when they in Florida.

  3. tim kenda

    tim kenda3 days ago

    All the young gang members in my neighborhood use them to carry guns 😂 that super angry dude would definitely not survive down there for more than five minutes. Good shit hahaha *edit* I HAD NOT SEEN THE PART WHERE YOU ALSO HAVE A GUN IN THERE

  4. Habsforthewin

    Habsforthewin11 days ago

    Lmfaooo yooo Scott! We made it!

  5. BigTimeShowdown

    BigTimeShowdown12 days ago

    To be honest I feel it is a waste of your time explaining yourself. It's your money which you spend on whatever you want and your body on which you wear whatever you want. It is people who have nothing better to do who have time to comment on what you wear. It is usually women paying attention to what others are wearing so if any male even suggests your are effeminate or gay because of what you wear it is HIM who needs to look in the mirror. And even if you are one of those things: I watch your channel for workouts. They should do the same or just talk to the hand. LOL

  6. Matthew Cooke

    Matthew Cooke13 days ago

    I fucking hate putting shit in my pockets.. I love these.. so not arsed..

  7. Ryan

    Ryan2 days ago

    Your gun is useless in your bag unless you decide to defend a scene you walk up on. Just put that boy in your waist it'll be okay

  8. DJF

    DJF3 days ago

    What satchel is that?

  9. Alex Williams

    Alex Williams3 days ago

    More power to you with the mac but I feel like you should have your gun holstered even if it's in your mac.

  10. tim kenda

    tim kenda3 days ago

    "USlikes... is toxic!" Idk why but that made me laugh

  11. Gabe Lewitt

    Gabe Lewitt4 days ago

    imagine getting so upset about what somebody else is wearing🤣

  12. Eka

    Eka4 days ago

    They are (almost?) always anonymous accounts with no clear profile picture or videos of themselves. Hmm I wonder why~ (not) 😂

  13. Johnny Ray

    Johnny Ray5 days ago

    I wish I had a trainer like you in real life

  14. Brian Williams

    Brian Williams5 days ago

    Murses and men's satchels have been around since I was in high school early 2000's. I used to rock an LV murse almost 15 years ago myself lol. Guess people have been living under a rock.

  15. Gregg Masnick

    Gregg Masnick6 days ago

    Fitted jeans eh? Everything old is new again...we were doing that in the 80s (sort of...the legs were folded and rolled just over our Chuck Taylors or Nikes) but essentially the same as the fitted jeans today. LOL...I was going to suggest that your MAC would be good for concealed carry and then the video got to that point. Good on ya!! In the 90s when I was in the Army running around different parts of Asia, our team wore fanny packs turned to the front with our 9mm in them with polo shirts and tourist-bro look.

  16. Alexi Berthe

    Alexi Berthe6 days ago

    youtube comment kinda hurt but in a fun way, like a tickle

  17. Fancy Esquire

    Fancy Esquire7 days ago

    I've been wearing a 'man-satchel' for over 10 years. I didn't and don't give a shit what other people think. It's like a small stylish backpack. Carrying junk in your pockets is for backward cretins.

  18. Emily Sheffer

    Emily Sheffer7 days ago

    Then don't wear a satchel.. lol if you can't handle being made fun of.. and would you look at that, this videos over 10 mins long and most likely monetized. what a fucking joke.

  19. Ricardo Ribeiro

    Ricardo Ribeiro8 days ago


  20. cottonbrad

    cottonbrad8 days ago

    Saddleback leather has an awesome everyday carry satchel that is really nice, but i’ve been eyeing the Indiana weatherproof canvas. I think they’re cool and you don’t wreck your pocket lines with junk or have to sit on your wallet or phone.

  21. TrueBagel

    TrueBagel8 days ago

    OH NO THEY CALLED HIM GAY!!!! Who the fuck cares. Wenies and Pusays are both coolerino imo.

  22. Niccolo

    Niccolo8 days ago

    Gotta say, Scott, as a firearm instructor who's been following you for a long time for fitness advice, I LOVE that you're a gun owner! I actually forgot you were.

  23. Takudzwa Nyamuzihwa

    Takudzwa Nyamuzihwa8 days ago

    Literally bought that MAC two days ago!!

  24. Deiondre Perkins

    Deiondre Perkins8 days ago

    Scott Herman your awesome!

  25. Sharpey's World

    Sharpey's World8 days ago

    awesome that you can carry a gun.

  26. FinancialCrisisWatch

    FinancialCrisisWatch9 days ago

    Yeah, but now you have to worry about purse-snatchers ----- and now besides having to remember not to leave it laying, you lose that and everything in it, you've practically lost your life!

  27. Zenkakuji

    Zenkakuji9 days ago

    I remember when bowties were considered nerdy to wear and then they became trendy and cool. Satchels have been worn for centuries and with all the electronic junk we "need" now, they are rather practical. If yours matches your personal style, great 👍

  28. Xavier Robinson

    Xavier Robinson10 days ago

    And why it looks like you were at teak?

  29. Xavier Robinson

    Xavier Robinson10 days ago

    I have tumi satchels and love it lol

  30. RGV

    RGV10 days ago

    Personally I would never carry a "MAN PURSE." To each his own...

  31. StarWarsThoughts

    StarWarsThoughts10 days ago

    Thought the pocket knife was for self defence then 2 seconds later U pull out a pistol haha

  32. Dan Pham

    Dan Pham10 days ago

    If a simple hand bag makes Scott gay, I'd send him hundreds. Lol. He is so hot and manly unlike those sissies scared of a tiny handbag.

  33. Glenn Rawley

    Glenn Rawley10 days ago

    I can't believe I am actually watching a video about a guy explaining why he wears a satchel... What am I doing with my life 😐

  34. BigDaddyCool42

    BigDaddyCool4210 days ago

    It is the same thing as a purse.

  35. Thomas Talks

    Thomas Talks11 days ago

    I like Louis Vuitton, its a nice bag! I also have a few LV videos on my channel too :)

  36. jumar38

    jumar3811 days ago

    Your money , your "man-pack". Looks like a purse? Yeah. So what? !! I'm still loving you!!! You're the man. BTW...I hate Louis Vuitton !!! Won't buy it ever. But will buy a satchel soon and will send you the pic. !! YEahhhhh !!!

  37. Coty Yantis

    Coty Yantis11 days ago

    Sad you're not carrying a glock.

  38. L Lyons

    L Lyons11 days ago

    I like your sense of humour

  39. jayme mok

    jayme mok11 days ago

    I always carry a cross body bag way to much stuff to carry in pockets

  40. Jay23 isBack

    Jay23 isBack11 days ago

    99% of the hate comments couldn’t even afford that Mac

  41. jett jeff

    jett jeff11 days ago

    What's with the hair. Do. Man ?????

  42. Stephen G

    Stephen G11 days ago

    Bro. NEVER advertise that you carry. But I'm so jealous that you actually can. Must be nice to live in such a free thinking state.

  43. tapp3r

    tapp3r10 days ago

    Wouldn't it be better to live in a place where you don't need to carry?

  44. Barry the Bartender

    Barry the Bartender11 days ago

    Didn't even spell label correctly.

  45. Hien Nguyen

    Hien Nguyen11 days ago

    Yikes. Imagine masculinity so fragile you define yourself based on your accessories. Don't mind the haters, Scott!

  46. rubiksmastr

    rubiksmastr11 days ago

    As soon as I saw it I thought gym bro+man purse=gun.

  47. frankg461

    frankg46111 days ago

    " I can literally push you over steal all your stuff and run away" Lol 🤣🤣🤣

  48. HappyHappy JoyJoy

    HappyHappy JoyJoy11 days ago

    Be you brother, don’t buy into the hate

  49. Denine Spruce

    Denine Spruce11 days ago

    I am one of Erica’s followers and have also subscribed to you to support the family... But this is the best “what fits in my bag” video ever 😂! Erica - take notes from Scott. Nailed it!

  50. william chow

    william chow12 days ago

    Having a crossbag is cool! I have one too! Its so convinient!

  51. Lord Crawfish

    Lord Crawfish12 days ago

    Everyone was quick to make fun of the bag and call you gay, until you pulled out that mufuckin strap.

  52. MichelleFouche1

    MichelleFouche112 days ago

    Scott, who the hell has the right to decide what's 'manly' anyways. You just do you. Your muscles are way bigger than most guys in anyways so whatever man! They are just trying to put you down cause you make them feel insecure.

  53. paranoidjohndroid

    paranoidjohndroid12 days ago

    thought the gun remark was gonna be a joke till you pulled it out

  54. paranoidjohndroid

    paranoidjohndroid12 days ago

    on another note tho having it in a zipped back on your back is obvs not optimal

  55. Xainfinen

    Xainfinen12 days ago

    It always baffled me how condescending Americans are about satchels. In Europe, everyone use them since the late 90's simply because a backpack is too cumbersome especially during the summer or in hot places like the caribbean. I understand that things can be ridiculous from an outside point of view but at some point, mocking something simply because it's different become extremely gringy, immature and absolutely ignorant. I know America is big, the country span the entire width of a continent and there is 4 time zones, you don't consume a lot of foreign media and not everyone can travel... but please, open your minds to how things are in the rest of the world, it's not hard!

  56. Žydrūnas Gira

    Žydrūnas Gira12 days ago

    It's all giggles and insults until Scott pulls out his handgun

  57. Alenezi989 A

    Alenezi989 A12 days ago

    I love the fact that Americans carry handguns with them and it's completely normal, I would love to carry one myself but I don't know if it's fortunate or unfortunate that it's not allowed in my country, I would love to carry a gun to protect myself and my family but at the same time I don't want some lunatic shooting at people in the streets, it's kinda hard to decide on this matter

  58. Cristian Gonzalez

    Cristian Gonzalez12 days ago

    Man, we like you all the way! This is who you are and your Mac is not for show. Nobody has ever said you can't combine functionality and durability with fashion

  59. Mike Zimmerman

    Mike Zimmerman12 days ago

    Was not expecting the gun at all 😂😂😂

  60. Mohamed Mohamed

    Mohamed Mohamed12 days ago

    Got the same one great bag very useful !

  61. Karate Chap

    Karate Chap12 days ago

    Every cool dad has one of those. Never mind the haters

  62. Cole VonCole

    Cole VonCole12 days ago

    Hfs I watched this channel in high school when I got into weightlifting... what a trip! Edit to clarify I'm talking like 10 years possibly longer

  63. Pedro Dias

    Pedro Dias12 days ago

    That intro 😂😂😂😂

  64. Steve Meloccaro

    Steve Meloccaro12 days ago

    I'm 66 carried a wallet 40 yrs, it knocked my hips out of wack, carry cards or cash in pockets, haven't had back problems from 3 yrs of no wallet, i still wouldn't carry whatever you called it, makes NO difference what you do couldn't care less

  65. Robbie

    Robbie12 days ago

    Woah gun and knife in your bag, wasn't expecting that! In the UK we'd get arrested just for the knife and could get 4 years in prison! Up to ten years for a gun. It's a different world over there man!

  66. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness12 days ago

    Yeah America is super different!

  67. Brotaku

    Brotaku12 days ago

    Wooahh Scott you're a One Piece fan? I only ever hear you talk about DBZ. Good to know!

  68. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness12 days ago

    Yeah man!! Zoro is my favorite!! Such a beast!!!!

  69. Amon

    Amon12 days ago

    Ppl are hating because it’s an expensive bag

  70. MrKayouh

    MrKayouh12 days ago

    "I only drive a 2010 camaro" wtf is that flex my guy i'd kill my own mother for that car

  71. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness12 days ago

    Haha. Well i meant it in terms of. I bought the car brand new in 2010 and because I value the things I own I take very good care of it and built up the engine / other modifications. Didnt just go buy a 2021 Camaro. Hope that makes sense.

  72. Shaw Tro

    Shaw Tro12 days ago

    "Twink" and "Bear"! LooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooL

  73. blackzombie149

    blackzombie14912 days ago

    Where are your muscles? It is smaller you are getting. Do they fit in the small pocket of your girly boy bag?

  74. Steven Fulton

    Steven Fulton12 days ago

    Gay 😂

  75. woodstock16996 II

    woodstock16996 II12 days ago

    You look like a regular-size person next to them two 😅

  76. चिंग चोंग पिंग पोंग

    चिंग चोंग पिंग पोंग12 days ago

    Yeah I dunno Scott assless chaps are pretty gay fam.

  77. Anthony Romzek

    Anthony Romzek12 days ago

    Great video, nice to see a different side of you sometimes haha

  78. Mitch Harrison

    Mitch Harrison12 days ago

    Pocket knife belongs in thr pocket

  79. XzRe

    XzRe12 days ago

    Awesome uplifting video Scott! Idk if I'll get the mac right away but I'm saving up to join the Camaro club 😤

  80. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness12 days ago

    You are welcome anytime!! #SSCamaro yeah!!

  81. Oli M

    Oli M12 days ago

    Dunno about hate comments think your guys were just winding u up

  82. Kyle Jarmolych

    Kyle Jarmolych12 days ago

    I wasn’t expecting you to pop a handgun out 😂

  83. Michał Skibiński

    Michał Skibiński12 days ago

    "you can buy whatever you like with your money" Don't say that to ATF and DEA

  84. Andrés Felipe Silva Acosta

    Andrés Felipe Silva Acosta12 days ago

    Advertisiment: MAC doesnt work in 3rd World countries. You Will be robbed as fast You blink. 🤣.


    LORD SMIZ12 days ago

    IDGAF what anyone says, these satchels are super effective for pickpockets LOL. We had them while I was in the Military. ANYWAY, I like the man bags, satchels, Fanny packs, whatever. U wanna tell me what to wear? Buy my wardrobe. Drones. Keep going, SCOTT!!

  86. timmian85

    timmian8512 days ago

    You stole the story about the wallet from Seinfeld.

  87. aiden woods

    aiden woods12 days ago


  88. Daralantan

    Daralantan12 days ago

    "Homosexual couple taking their adopted son out for his birthday" It's Scott's birthday?! I have a somewhat similar pack that I take when hiking. Though it's more "TACTICOOL BRO" with molle straps and such on it. Generally just have some First aid type stuff in it, a few protein bars, water bottle. Never really got anything for it... but I guess it's that the three of you have matching bags on the front in the pic and they are shiny and patterned....? I like my bag but wish it was a bit less "tacticool" looking... and that it had a pouch of some kind on the strap so I could keep a bar in there to eat more easily. It's not like we're wearing neon fanny packs! ;)

  89. videoboy28

    videoboy2812 days ago

    Live your life... you do you... you look great with that Mac. :-)

  90. Mukker Fluker

    Mukker Fluker12 days ago

    Scott does things besides lift monstrous amounts of weight? Lit 🔥

  91. Dandeeman26

    Dandeeman2612 days ago

    Hmmm? Ok functional but no way in heck could I do it.

  92. daneus10

    daneus1012 days ago

    Hahaha something’s not right when you feel the need to carry a gun. How unsafe is it where you live.

  93. Girth

    Girth13 days ago

    Bobby hill “that’s my purse! I don’t know you!” Love it dude

  94. hobman

    hobman13 days ago I don't consider that a "manpurse"'s just a downsized backpack and who hasn't worn a backpack?

  95. Ned Dunbar

    Ned Dunbar13 days ago

    Can you make a build series for your car?

  96. just Ego

    just Ego13 days ago

    It's a Naahhhh.... BUT who cares, not everything needs to be traditionally 'manly' or whatever. Looks well made and spacious. Useful

  97. Madhur Chari

    Madhur Chari13 days ago

    Ok Scott the moment you took out the gun, the whole youtube "toxic" community is like holy shit, that purse is the most masculine thing ever made. It is made from the blood and guts of gladiators!

  98. Alan Rolph

    Alan Rolph13 days ago

    Did you notice that all the haters have weird names instead of using their real names. They can only give an opinion on something if they can hide behind a made up name.

  99. Chris

    Chris13 days ago

    Has a bag to carry a gun, gets called gay because he has a bag. The gun is used to shoot the name caller. The name caller is dead and the bag man is in prison embracing his new gayness. Moral of the story: Shoot people if they call you gay.

  100. MrTryAnotherOne

    MrTryAnotherOne13 days ago

    Some people are so superficial.

  101. Ragin Pooh

    Ragin Pooh13 days ago

    NAAAHHH... you call it a satchel, it’s a man purse.

  102. ZionTopSound / TheSoleCabinet @Instagram

    ZionTopSound / TheSoleCabinet @Instagram13 days ago

    Soon you only will be talking blogs n fashion and forgot all about training 😅

  103. K. SharkyBot

    K. SharkyBot13 days ago

    Bro I laugh so hard at this. Give it to youtube to be mean as hell to the point of laughing

  104. MightyBull Fitness

    MightyBull Fitness13 days ago


  105. insectosaurus-rex

    insectosaurus-rex13 days ago

    Because a WIMB with Scott Herman doesn't have the same ring

  106. xGamerGuy

    xGamerGuy13 days ago

    You should have pulled a box of tampons out of the big pocket as a joke to the comment 😩 hahaha

  107. Brian Goku

    Brian Goku13 days ago

    2:13 had me dying

  108. Ralf Altmayer

    Ralf Altmayer13 days ago

    Good video Scott, everyone should buy and wear what they want, after all we live in the year 2021. Although baggy jeans would certainly look cool on you too ;) I always find it amazing how differently people live in different countries, here in Germany I would never worry that I would have to run away quickly or defend myself...

  109. MidNightRider2001

    MidNightRider200113 days ago

    I knew that Scott had a gun in the bag.

  110. Kira

    Kira13 days ago

    Radiations from the phone can harm your balls alright but you are putting those radiations ☢️ closer to your heart what do you think 🤔 About that Scott ?

  111. Aman Bhardwaj

    Aman Bhardwaj13 days ago

    Lets just say, (hypothetically speaking) If I had an emergency situation and had to carry aborted fetuses through airport security and got caught. If I was carrying them in that satchel bag of yours, I'd be convicted for sure. Because that would be the real crime. Edit: I'd plead guilty.

  112. lilttlekevin89

    lilttlekevin8913 days ago

    Wow he is a boomer. He just called the 😂 a crying face lmaoooo