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  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness5 months ago

    If I'm really being 100% honest here guys, until I started making videos like this over a month ago I really had no idea just how bad USlikes Fitness had gotten. I mean I knew it was getting trashy, but it's about 1 gazillion times more toxic than I realized. It's really sad and the anger you hear in my voice when I talk about stuff like this is coming from a place where I see so many people unknowingly being lied to and lead down a path that is going to do more harm than good. Right now it seems like a lot of these younger dudes are trying to "NORMALIZE" TRT, like it's the new cool thing to do if you want to take your gains to the next level. They are trying to make you think "DOCTOR PRESCRIBED" = "100% OK AND SAFE!" when in reality as soon as you jump on TRT you are on it for life and things will NEVER be the same. Do you guys think this is ok? Do you think these dudes in their 20s - 30s with normal T-LEVELS should be jumping on TRT because they're "tired" in the morning? Doesn't it seem insane that we are normalizing this behavior?

  2. Alex Boehman

    Alex Boehman28 days ago

    @scotthermanfitness is mad jealous and is over the hill already with his peak physique in the past. This video is annoying and shows the inferior complex Scotty is suffering from. Pray for him.

  3. Kyle Jimenez

    Kyle Jimenez3 months ago

    Incase test ever lowers just use stem cells to regrow balls no need for roids.

  4. chris johnson

    chris johnson3 months ago

    @Cole Cole some people dont have optimal levels of testosterone to make “gains”. Sheesh.

  5. Cole Cole

    Cole Cole3 months ago

    @Deek Loo Thats why you go to a doctor. Thing's like prostate cancer. You will be prone to. It isn't caused by the hormone.Just like most sides. Its individual. But if you do it blindly yes.

  6. Cole Cole

    Cole Cole3 months ago

    @ClunkyDoo I looked at your pic bro. One you don't look like shit. So you mite a body image issue. Two you still look young so I would say you are on the right track. Three from the looks of it. You still have plenty of growth potential. I don't have your specs.But unless you dream of competing. Gear for you is a rabbit hole you just don't need. Atleast not now.

  7. Kane Spangler

    Kane Spangler11 hours ago

    So just to clarify if they lie about it then they’re a piece of trash and if they tell the truth then they’re a piece of trash

  8. Kgotso Hlapolosa

    Kgotso Hlapolosa6 days ago


  9. sk8orhate55

    sk8orhate556 days ago

    oyy the longer i watch this video the more cringe it is

  10. sk8orhate55

    sk8orhate556 days ago

    lmao shut up you look like you have the body of a 9 year old boy with good genetics. people make their own choices. get over it.

  11. Enrique Moreno

    Enrique Moreno6 days ago

    LMFAO if his 1rpm on deads is 505, thats my 5 rep max and im all natty hahaha xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD LOL

  12. PastaGainz

    PastaGainz7 days ago

    Tee are Tee

  13. Tadeh Petrossian

    Tadeh Petrossian22 days ago

    Hey Scott you yourself take TRT.

  14. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight22 days ago

    Damn dude, he had me until I watched HTB's response. Scott's projecting HARD, so much so he's created a straw man for him to take down when nothing he's saying is na accurate representation of HTB. Surprised this video is still up tbh

  15. Raul Tula

    Raul Tula27 days ago

    This guy gets mad because he low key wants to be on TRT.

  16. Relict2k

    Relict2kMonth ago

    Let a man do his thing, that’s all I’m gonna say

  17. Benny King

    Benny KingMonth ago

    Despite this, David is a fake person. His videos are terrible.

  18. MAAZ 93

    MAAZ 93Month ago

    U still have to work hard on trt...

  19. Dexavion Sanders

    Dexavion SandersMonth ago


  20. C. chelious

    C. cheliousMonth ago

    You are a typical natural training guru who only sees things one way. TRT is not steroids. Steroids are testosterone derived, testosterone is not. Testosterone is produced by the body, steroids are not. Know the difference. Taking testosterone for a man is no different than taking estrogen for women. Low testerone will kill you. Literally kill you. TRT isn't bad for you, low testosterone is. Age is not the only reason men might need testosterone. Nine out of ten patients on TRT under the age of 40 suffer from low testosterone suffer from familial hypercholesterolemia, which is a genetic disorder. It is caused by a defect on chromosome 19. The defect makes the body unable to remove low density lipoprotein (LDL, or bad) cholesterol from the blood. This results in a high level of LDL in the blood. If you have a good diet and have high cholesterol, you most likely suffer from this. The liver cannot process cholesterol effectively, which reduces the amount of testosterone the body produces because testosterone is made from cholesterol. TRT is not the same as taking steroids and is actually better for your health. You act like TRT is taking steroids, which Is idiotic. You sound like a male Karen. Educate yourself before making a ass out of yourself. Which is exactly what you just did.

  21. F.A.T.H.E.R. with a GoPro

    F.A.T.H.E.R. with a GoProMonth ago

    Clown. Always trying to make content trashing other men. Garbage tactic.

  22. Salvador Chang

    Salvador ChangMonth ago

    You mad bro?...

  23. mikael cummings

    mikael cummingsMonth ago

    If he wants to eat that much and cut has he look into coach Greg’s cookbook? Cue the heavenly music*

  24. Dakota Bartlett

    Dakota BartlettMonth ago

    Youre coming off as an asshole with this one

  25. Zee

    ZeeMonth ago

    I have friends on trt and steroids and I dont judge 😑😤 all fitness videos now are talking shit and judging. WHY DO YOU FN CARE! WHATS YOUR PROBLEM IF YOU DIDNT NOTICE LIFE IS SHORT AND SHITTY DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY EVEN IF ITD PEDS ULL BE UNDER THR DIRT WITH WORMS UP YOUR ASS IN 65 YEARS

  26. Pavlo Valero

    Pavlo ValeroMonth ago

    You remind me of the guy at the gym that looks like shit, and says everyone else is on steroids just cuz they look better

  27. mrexon

    mrexonMonth ago

    Telling folks to try TRT is not responsible!!!

  28. Simplified Fit

    Simplified Fit2 months ago

    WTF man. I am not How to Beast's fan. However, what's wrong with sharing his TRT story?

  29. Clarence Benjamin Lim

    Clarence Benjamin Lim2 months ago

    Just rewatched this...I realised I'm 39 hitting 40, sighh....

  30. David Cunningham

    David Cunningham2 months ago

    I hate people that think age has to do with when to start trt. If your test is low its low. Now if you jump on it without knocking everything off the list on why its low then is shady.

  31. Travis Anderson

    Travis Anderson2 months ago

    Oooo Vegeta was a bad reference 😂Later on he gets the boost to surpass 3rd form to go into SSJ 4 . However, DBZ series I’ve gotchu. Love the content Scott

  32. beast mode

    beast mode2 months ago

    You're coming off kinda weak bro

  33. Je Gr

    Je Gr2 months ago

    "Tee ahh tee"

  34. WeTakeAction

    WeTakeAction2 months ago

    Hmm instersting stuff

  35. Jacob Ueland

    Jacob Ueland2 months ago

    You’re jealous of his gains.

  36. Ali Nuder

    Ali Nuder2 months ago

    I feel you are trying to imitate greg doucette. Please don't, be original

  37. daniel andrzejewski

    daniel andrzejewski3 months ago

    You do not ever have to take TRT! Jesus is our strength for whosoever trusts in the Father through him! Caleb (was this stated in the book of Joshua, KJV?) when he was 80 was still fit for combat. And many men in their 70's and 80's were still having children in the 1800's!

  38. Michael Wood

    Michael Wood3 months ago

    I’m concerned about the neck veins. Blood pressure check Scott

  39. HL HL

    HL HL3 months ago

    Why does your face look so puffy? What are you on? ....oh wait, you're probably one of the dishonest USlikesrs. Lol

  40. Glenn Furton

    Glenn Furton3 months ago

    How to Beast >>>>>> ScottHermanFitness. By a lot.

  41. Glenn Furton

    Glenn Furton3 months ago

    Unsubcribed. You owe David a serious apology.

  42. Glenn Furton

    Glenn Furton3 months ago

    I've lost so much respect for Scott here. It's incredibly patronizing and self-righteous for Scott not to take David at his word and to attribute to him some sort of deception. Let HIM explain his reasons. You can't possibly know his reasons. And he's one of the only USlikesrs being transparent about the process and what it looks like. Furthermore, the notion that TRT and Steroids are can be equivocated is misleading. As Greg D. says: One is guided by a medical professional and the other introduces black market variations that can be much more harmful. There's a good chance I will never watch another Scott video again. This level of moral grandstanding and offering some "natty" litmus test that only Scott can grade is fucking dispicable.

  43. La Barbe

    La Barbe3 months ago

    Your face is so effeminate. You should start taking AAS instead of talking about them...

  44. Its Beto

    Its Beto3 months ago

    I love how to beast❤️✌🏻

  45. coltspwnall18

    coltspwnall183 months ago

    So if a guy has to go on to trt at 30 from basically no LH do you think that is not natty. Not mad just asking? Test level was 318 321 and 315 after 3 tests at urologist. Wouldn't wish the hell I went through apon my first enemy

  46. Gabriel Gonzalez

    Gabriel Gonzalez4 months ago

    Hey Scott, interesting video. Great content. You prob won’t have time to read this, but w/e fuck it... I am 29 years old and my most recent labs showed that my total T is now 164 ng/dL. Ive had low T since age 26. I’ve been holding off on TRT for as long as I can for the same reasons you listed in your video. I didn’t really start to feel symptoms until several months ago. It’s gotten pretty bad to the point where it’s effecting me as a father, as a husband and as a firefighter. Mood swings, low libido, hell I’ve drank 2 bang energy drinks and have fallen asleep minutes later. In my line of work I can’t exactly tell people not to call 911 in the middle of the night, so sleep has always been an issue and always will be an issue for the 20 plus years for me. With that being said, I’m starting TRT next week. I’ve tried many over the counter test boosters, they have just made it worse. I’ve always loved weight lifting and to see my numbers go down consistently is quite humbling. Anywho, I think it’s time. Sucks that I have depend on it but I’d rather give it a “shot” (lol) then continue to be the ghost of a man that I’ve been.. Thanks again for the video.

  47. bozley149

    bozley1494 months ago

    Scott I'm gay . I am not going to make a video about how to lick pussy ... As you shouldn't be making videos about trt... Lots of guys need it. Have you any idea that those suffering with low hormones suffer massive anxiety and depression... Yes there are guys who don't need it and just want to be bigger with the help from trt but I think your video may put guys off who really need help with their hormones. .. not a great help mate . Not responsible video

  48. Hampus S

    Hampus S4 months ago

    Why are you so jealous of other people man stop...wake up do your thing and let other people do theirs! Ridiculous rely ridiculous felling sorry for you bro!

  49. Slim

    Slim4 months ago

    Bruh there are 19-20 year olds hopping on test...

  50. Camden McInnis

    Camden McInnis4 months ago

    Scott needs to get on TRT because he's acting like a whiney little b*tch

  51. Drake Moore

    Drake Moore4 months ago

    Lol everyone please go watch How To Beast’s video in response to this. Scott totally took everything out of context. He always calls Alpha M., Jose Zuniga, and other men influencers “liars” but the only real liar is here is Scott. You should be embarrassed.

  52. Drake Moore

    Drake Moore4 months ago

    You’re trying to lie your way up the charts in terms of men’s fitness here on USlikes and in doing that, you’re attempting to ruin people’s reputation. You lie to try to get everyone to think you’re right and you know it all just so you can get more views. You’re desperate. So much respect lost for you and your channel.

  53. Jun Fan

    Jun Fan4 months ago

    I’m on trt cause I need it shouldn’t put other guy down cause he doing better then you who does this as a job it’s bad look. Just leave guy alone and work at your body more.

  54. Lo Wang

    Lo Wang4 months ago

    You came off sounding like a whining child here, I am unsubbing on the base of this video.

  55. Emmanuel Pacheco

    Emmanuel Pacheco4 months ago

    My testosterone was 380 at age 22... years of training and healthy living behavior. It never went over 400 so I jump on trt and I feel a lot better. I’m doing low dose btw

  56. ry dub

    ry dubMonth ago

    my numbers are about the same, the main thing is i have an estrogen deficiency tho, so considering it, what benefits have u had?

  57. Masterclass

    Masterclass4 months ago

    Drama Queen

  58. Rahul Sethi

    Rahul Sethi4 months ago

    While ranting about another man juicing up Scott is naturally raising his blood pressure and cortisol levels...

  59. Deepak

    Deepak4 months ago

    Scott, you really need TEST!

  60. BostoRox

    BostoRox4 months ago

    Why is this man in a double G-String singlet yelling? TRT's?

  61. Shon Hartvigsen

    Shon Hartvigsen4 months ago

    Why u always so worried about other you tubers ? Just do your thing man and stop wearing those wife beaters makes u look like a clown lol

  62. Viktor 57

    Viktor 574 months ago

    Scott lost all respect for you. Lying and scewing what David says. You are butthurt and cannot tolerate that he takes TRT. Grow up and let people make their own choices. Why do you even care if someone takes TRT? David totally DESTROYS you in his response video.

  63. Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln4 months ago

    Bro, I heard about that guy. His mental process of determining he needed TRT.......just admit you want to be on gear, but not brave enough. So you chose the closest thing to both natural and unnatural.

  64. M A

    M A4 months ago

    I am 100% on your side with your views on steroids.on a side note, Howtobeast shows that he lacks "free testosterone" in some of his blood work results. He could never achieve the results he has without steroids and i kind of view him the same as i would a transgendered person who needs to make intense medical decisions to promote his own happiness and well being. What i like about him is that he doesn't brag about "hard work" and he seems very humbled and looks like he feels almost guilty about it.

  65. Lorenzo Avila

    Lorenzo Avila4 months ago

    Scott is a heater, or he just trying to make noise, or he didn't watch the video, or videos SMH, I really don't know what the point of this video is completely crap...

  66. Robert Rey Tejada

    Robert Rey Tejada4 months ago

    Well said. I am 30 yo. and i do both gym and street workout what you are saying is basics which should be followed by majority. Thank you for informative videos!

  67. lealoctavio18

    lealoctavio184 months ago

    David is a smart kid but you can’t fuck with the GOAT ScottHermanFitness his been on USlikes ever since I hit puberty.

  68. Raymond Jamieson

    Raymond Jamieson4 months ago

    The DMT .. works the same as the NZT..

  69. Johnny Welsh

    Johnny Welsh4 months ago

    You obviously have no clue how it feels to be symptomatic of low T or you wouldn't dare make such an uneducated response. Stick to lifting weights and let us guys who struggle with life and hypogonadism work this out

  70. Venom Bunny Fitness

    Venom Bunny Fitness4 months ago

    OMG ! And then wondering why so many young people in the gyms are taking steroids… AND this results for 1 year are not impressive at all! Now I remember that i CAME ACROS THIS VIDEO AND i was like…what!? I almost can’t say the difference between before and after photos … 😮🤔You can HAVE this results if you just train hard for 1 year… 🙀 🤔

  71. LifeOfRiduan

    LifeOfRiduan4 months ago

    Blabla vegeta? U mean the guy who got ss4 with a machine? U realy dont know anything do you lol, u lost here, and u know it.

  72. Orion Tech Tips

    Orion Tech Tips5 months ago

    I’m going to be honest you don’t seem like a very nice person, leave how to beast alone.

  73. Linus

    Linus4 months ago


  74. Leif N

    Leif N5 months ago

    Most muscular fitness people that claim natty are not.

  75. Borthyy

    Borthyy5 months ago

    Talking about views😂 you're literally going out your way to lie and bitch about another USlikesr for VIEWS. you've outdone yourself now

  76. csllover

    csllover5 months ago

    Dude, you're a mess.

  77. Игорь Бобров

    Игорь Бобров5 months ago

    I'm 34, 15 years of natural training, working at a warehouse(pretty hard work) and having a lot of energy. TRT in your 20s or 30s is madness. IMHO

  78. Fred Durst

    Fred Durst5 months ago

    People who are intimidated by you talk bad about you in hopes that others will not find you appealing. #ScottHermanlittlemansyndrome #Davidistheman

  79. socalraiders

    socalraiders4 months ago

    shut up incel

  80. Stewart Mills

    Stewart Mills5 months ago

    Dude i admit its Fked; but in fairness? I just saw you do a workout with Nick Pulos who is clearly Gassed up! So... i think youre a little bit of a hypocrite pointing the finger at Cheats when you also advocate Gas Monsters. I know youve got an honest physique as do i, where im still training at nearly 50 with with 33 years training Naturally behind me. Yes TRT at 29 is fking disgusting and the Guy is clearly a Bitch especially if hes telling the World that its all natural.

  81. Little-Brute Training

    Little-Brute Training5 months ago

    I used to watch how to beast but soon as he was posting about trt I was shocked watch a few videos yeah his decision but then it turned into a look at me I'm the greatest kinda channel but it's just Chad I feel like a lost respect and I unsubscribed, I was the same with athlean ex (see what I did there) used to love his videos but seeing the comments thrown at Greg about the plane ticket bullshit, it was really sad too I really looked up to him hey but at least I still got you scott Don't ever change 👍😂

  82. Limit Less

    Limit Less5 months ago

    Maybe scott should consider TRT to deepen his screeching voice and actually gain some muscle. This drama queen has been working out longer than i've been alive and he still looks the same

  83. Ali Raza Waqar

    Ali Raza Waqar5 months ago

    Man you know your loosing viewers but coming to this point to get attention just shows how jealous you are you own him an apology the dude is being honest and upfront on everything you share or not his point that's up to you but don't disrespect him for his desicions and this is the last time I am being on your channel I've seen you can't bring any value but only criticise other you tubers out of jealousy

  84. James Caputo

    James Caputo5 months ago

    This is a message that has to be preached from the rooftops. Virtue-signaling through testosterone use is an abomination. Greg Doucette’s advocacy of its use will result in many young people choosing to do likewise. I’m not saying that is his intention. But that’s what will happen given his high profile as a USlikes influencer. There are side effects to everything. I wouldn’t be so sure TRT is as innocuous over the long term as its advocates make it out to be. Time will tell.

  85. Guyver782000

    Guyver7820005 months ago

    Good post

  86. Danny Bossa

    Danny Bossa5 months ago

    Scott, leave the TRT stuff to the TRT guys and stick to coaching. Your understanding of TRT is virtually nil. Here is our response.

  87. Armen Kostandyan

    Armen Kostandyan5 months ago

    Ughhh scott is disgusting

  88. Willy Gee

    Willy Gee5 months ago

    Narcissism at its best...... unsubscribed

  89. Sazar Razas

    Sazar Razas5 months ago

    Great Video man

  90. Oh Hi Mark

    Oh Hi Mark5 months ago

    Imagine making a video bitching about someone, lying and geting destroyed anyways Grow up please

  91. Nocturnal Sky

    Nocturnal Sky5 months ago

    You are a soft ass beta. I watch how to beast and dude always comes across as genuine, sincere, and cool. Regardless on how either of you accomplished your fitness goals. There's no reason for you to hate the men. His channel is way more entertaining than yours. IT'S THE TRUTH! Next time you work out make sure you are wearing high heels. Punk ass!

  92. Rodrigo Hernandez

    Rodrigo Hernandez5 months ago

    This guy Scotty is a dweeb, the guy looks lunatic barely blinking & caring so much about what another man does.. literally using his USlikes channel to put another man down.. worry about your life my guy

  93. Carlo Luciano

    Carlo Luciano5 months ago

    why are you so mad??? It's his life the F*ck you care

  94. Kanishk Shukla

    Kanishk Shukla5 months ago

    I know some of you will say Scott sir is jealous. But seriously bros trt is not an option if u don't wanna be disciplined. How to beast shows how to be lazy and still make gains by using trt. We hv to get on trt when our balls need it, like in age of 40s or 50s. And Scott is 100% right on after effects and the reasons to start trt.

  95. Robert J

    Robert J5 months ago're still talking about David? Hes married so no chance for a bromance.

  96. Jaz Sebastian

    Jaz Sebastian5 months ago

    Gotta love Scott, the best, the go to role model/mentor for young guys in the fitness industry. I agree with all his points! His an inspiration!

  97. zoo1990naruto

    zoo1990naruto5 months ago

    2:57 good one!

  98. Alex Jones

    Alex Jones5 months ago

    I'm in my 30's now. I'm a bit overweight (BMI at 27), something I'd like to change. But I'd find it very hard. I'm tired most of the time. I don't enjoy going to the gym. There are days when I feel it's pointless. I'll never archive a good physique anyhow, I'm too old. There's not enough time to change and progress goes too slow. I did train out for a year. I think my lowest at that point was 68 kg or something. But then I fell off the train. Because even though I had lost weight, I didn't see any change. No definition. It's difficult to push yourself when you don't see any of these "gains". I've been overweight most of my life and it really sucks. My confidence is pretty shot. I'd love to look like that guy even before he went on trt. That physique is way better than anything I can accomplish on my own. it really doesn't help me when I see guys like that everywhere. I just hate my body... and there's nothing I can do about that.

  99. Joe Barrera

    Joe Barrera5 months ago

    This guy is the true definition of a "hater." I'm pissed that you have a loud pitch voice! You should learn to mind your own business scott.

  100. Shekhar Rathi

    Shekhar Rathi5 months ago

    I m happy that he is honest enough to come out. Though Scott is also right in his approach. Nice video coach.

  101. Tyler Claassens

    Tyler Claassens5 months ago

    Brother you aren't being completely honest either about this whole situation.

  102. drew nielson

    drew nielson5 months ago

    Am 25 my test is low at 300

  103. Hoffnungslos

    Hoffnungslos5 months ago

    Apologies scott, you lost me with this. It’s a shame as I have been a big fan but I feel this was a little nasty and extremely inaccurate. Wishing you well for the future buddy 👍🏻

  104. Chosen One

    Chosen One5 months ago

    scott, your argument of vegeta is invalid... vegeta never went to get trt... ahhh Majinn Vegeta? but what's your views on people who actually need replacement therapy?

  105. Vlad Gabriel

    Vlad Gabriel5 months ago

    Look at this screaming clown lol

  106. Travvv94

    Travvv945 months ago

    Some LLLLLLLLLLs for you, petty content

  107. --

    --5 months ago

    Props Scott for calling out these fools! All the angry TRT babies coping in the comments are hilarious! TRT shuts down your body's natural test production and you have to be on that shit for life.

  108. Jack Kenney

    Jack Kenney5 months ago

    avoiding losing muscle on a cut as a natty is F****** hard, what it takes is peeling it of like your peeling an apple to the core losing 2lbs of fat a month with optimal training and nutrition, unless youve got some stellar muscle sparing genetics

  109. jay tee

    jay tee5 months ago

    chest veins - not natty