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#GymShark #Canceled #BLM


  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness5 months ago

    We're living in an era where we're putting politics above humans. However, we need to understand that different experiences shape different beliefs. People should come before politics... ALWAYS.

  2. John K.

    John K.4 months ago

    @Lee Brock you're weird.

  3. Tc Updt

    Tc Updt5 months ago

    @scotthermanfitness you have never spoken out on ending racism but on Instagram spoke out on ending sex trafficking. Why is that?

  4. Semiotichazey

    Semiotichazey5 months ago

    "People should come before politics... ALWAYS." I agree with some of what you're saying, but this is a meaningless phrase unless you start with the assumption that politics are NOT about people in the first place. I think people use "politics" as a dirty word without considering that politics doesn't fit within a neat box, starting and ending with discussions about voting and legislation. It's a much bigger topic than that, and you're already well into it yourself with this content.

  5. Danny Murillo

    Danny Murillo5 months ago

    What’s getting cancelled is you Scott and I hope others follow suit and unfollow you for your lack of comprehension of this movement and why it even started. Black Lives Matter is addressing issues in regards to racial inequality for the Black community in particular and in regards to how 1 in 4 Black men face brutality at the hands of the men in blue. It is NOT about politics as you stated in at the start of the video. Your ignorance is nothing new to the world, as you are a white man living in your bubble of privilege, incapable of ever seeing the reality that your rhetoric is destructive and divisive. You have A LOT to learn and A LOT to reflect on. Yet, I can’t change how you think as you’re clearly set in your ways, but I can unfollow you, never watch your videos and stop buying any products you advertise and letting those brands know that I did and that it was because of you and YOUR polarizing views to belittle the Black Lives Matter movement, as to mitigate racial inequality of Black people at the hands of police officers. Ultimately, your poor analysis is a reflection of your own perceptions of Black people, as they’re clearly racist in nature and an indication that you are simply not a good person, nor did you ever intend to be. I’ll pray for you and may you find a better path for you and for those that you influence on your platform

  6. White Rose Project

    White Rose Project5 months ago

    @fatdepressedveg knight No you should have said black lives mattAH ya know cause having an accent is Sooooo unique and definitely the funniest joke ever created.

  7. Andrew A

    Andrew A14 days ago

    I’ll admit I am impressed with how Gymshark started from nothing to a successful business and give credit to the founder. But I’m disappointed when the business starts getting into promoting these “woke” politics.

  8. D Whyte

    D WhyteMonth ago

    So Scott is white lives matter, least we know now. Cancelled

  9. Loner

    Loner2 months ago

    Why even bother apologizing? If the dude doesn't like cops or blacks, own that shit. It's your company, don't fold to the masses fuck'em.

  10. Elon Tusk

    Elon Tusk2 months ago

    Blm is a terrorist organization

  11. Shandy Staggs

    Shandy Staggs2 months ago

    Whoa! I had no idea this happened. Taking a break from politics 😉 sounds like a woke social media intern gone rouge! Haha! I love black lives and I love our law enforcement, tend to hate woke companies with no integrity. Won’t be getting that gymshark goal outfit now. ✌🏻

  12. LordDanko

    LordDanko3 months ago

    Can't blame them for being hyped about avatar though...

  13. ER7

    ER73 months ago

    Alphalete brand is gonna get a boost

  14. Truer words have never been spoken, My Princess!

    Truer words have never been spoken, My Princess!3 months ago

    I'm glad I never bought any gymshark clothing, even though they were pushing their ads everywhere in any fitness related videos or even other sites

  15. Jon

    Jon3 months ago

    Fuck gymshark from now on and thanks Scott for bringing this out in the open, I wasn’t aware.

  16. Desmon Ramseur

    Desmon Ramseur3 months ago

    Racist exist and some of them are in the police. Scott, you sound like a supporter of the racist.

  17. Deux Poissons

    Deux Poissons3 months ago

    " BOOOOOM " They got what was coming to theme, SEE WHAT OFFICER TATUM SAYS ,on You-Tube !!

  18. Brandon Reeder

    Brandon Reeder3 months ago

    Gymshak lmao

  19. Moh A

    Moh A3 months ago

    That’s why business and emotions don’t go together.

  20. Kyle Perry

    Kyle Perry4 months ago

    Gym Shark is a joke. It is such a pure marketing ploy that is so easy to see through.

  21. J

    J4 months ago

    DBZ in the background is why you've got a lifetime fan in me

  22. Tadeh Petrossian

    Tadeh Petrossian4 months ago

    Gymshark promotes Athletes on steroids and PED.

  23. ladev91

    ladev914 months ago

    I will never buy another item from them again

  24. Michael Barber

    Michael Barber4 months ago

    If you must have Gymshark get it from AliExpress and knock their profits out. LOL. Get woke, go broke

  25. Nick

    Nick4 months ago

    Fuck gym shark only small pussy boy betas wear that crap

  26. Matthew Miller

    Matthew Miller4 months ago

    Glad Gymshark made a statement on BLM. I stand behind their initial statement and only regret that they released an apology. Blue Lives Matter began as a counter-movement to BLM, which comes out of police violence against the black community. The lack of accountability for unjust violence perpetrated against the black community and other communities of color by police isn't a "political" issue, it's a moral one.

  27. Michael Barber

    Michael Barber4 months ago

    Matthew Miller try reading some factual statistics on crime and get back to us.

  28. T N

    T N4 months ago

    It’s like: I like dragon ball z and someone says how about marvels comics, how about Batman, how about... just because some likes DBZ doesn’t mean they don’t like other things. Why is it so hard for some dumb dumb?

  29. Diamond Garcia

    Diamond Garcia4 months ago

    Gymshark didn't really do anything wrong tho.. Anyone: "blacklivesmatter" Randon person that can't mind their own business: "but but but.."

  30. Martin Game [NZ]

    Martin Game [NZ]4 months ago

    As a business. It's better to be apolitical. Sell products, not politics. Whenever a brand pushes a political "You should think this!". I'll boycott, tell others, replace their services with another business and won't come back.

  31. Mark

    Mark4 months ago

    Yea f gymshawk buy scott Herman apparel hes legit ✌👉👈🙌👏🤘 💯💯💯😃 lets get it stawwwted lol series. . . .be a 10 in 2010 captain America shield small little apartment lol....scott???

  32. Hamstray

    Hamstray4 months ago

    if you don't support body positivity you are obviously a racist =p

  33. Ransana 5730

    Ransana 57304 months ago

    want to get a fat loss plan click the link down below

  34. Musa Ibrahim

    Musa Ibrahim4 months ago

    Never knew that you are a huge fan of dragon ball.

  35. SniffingDogArt Official

    SniffingDogArt Official4 months ago

    I don't think GymShark are in a bad position at all. They caused controversy and their sales are just going to go up and up, especially now that more people are making videos about them. Even if police officers everywhere stopped buying their stuff, pff, will it really matter to them? They're already working their way towards being a multiple billion dollar company; the responses that were deleted were totally right, they'll be fine, and all this drama is like free advertising for them. P.S. Scott keep up the good work bro.

  36. ladev91

    ladev914 months ago

    Guarantee you thier sales will go down. Anyone who is right leaning that sees this shit isn't going to buy their stuff anymore. That's alot more people than just police officers.

  37. Jesse Porras

    Jesse Porras4 months ago

    Brand awareness skyrocketing 💵💰

  38. Swesal Piraal

    Swesal Piraal4 months ago

    Not sure why it's so hard for people to understand that you can not be racist, well also not supporting a group that is using violence in an effort to make political change.

  39. Sky’s d limit

    Sky’s d limit4 months ago

    Sounds like from this video you’re a trump supporter and racist.. now I’m gonna go and buy some gym shark

  40. ladev91

    ladev914 months ago

    Trump 2020

  41. marcus duncan

    marcus duncan4 months ago

    If anyone doesn’t agree with gym shark, then they must be racist. GYM SHARK CARES ABOUT EQUALITY. BLM

  42. isaac07y21

    isaac07y214 months ago

    screw the #bluelifesmatter movement!!

  43. Oliver Howard

    Oliver Howard4 months ago

    Should go see @tridentfitnessclothing they are a veteran owned brand. They offer military, blue light and emergency services 15% off

  44. James Grist

    James Grist4 months ago

    Hey man just wanted to say keep the yelling it’s emphatic and it’s real. We don’t need more soft spoken spineless liars out there, you’re killin it!

  45. P eace

    P eace5 months ago

    Those who don't support law enforcement and want to rid us of them shouldn't be allowed to call the cops when the shit hits the fan. Let them deal with criminals themselves then sit back and watch them cry for law enforcement.

  46. A B

    A B5 months ago

    Do they think antifa and the like lift? Huge mistake on their part.

  47. Vansh Negi

    Vansh Negi5 months ago

    You racist.

  48. Semiotichazey

    Semiotichazey5 months ago

    Scott, why are you going here? I see you flirting with political content, even though you know better. You're going to make the same mistake as Gym Shark at this rate.

  49. Bob Kelly

    Bob Kelly5 months ago

    It's amazing how Democrats find new ways every day to alienate new communities. Politics poisons everything it touches.

  50. Drivsno

    Drivsno5 months ago

    Scott getting amped up before a workout with DBS in the background.

  51. ninjatears

    ninjatears5 months ago

    You and jaxblade need to link up in some vids together!

  52. Y P

    Y P5 months ago

    Db bent over rows vs bb bent over rows

  53. Y P

    Y P5 months ago

    Lat pull in vs lat pulldown

  54. Y P

    Y P5 months ago

    Overhead extensions vs skull crushers

  55. Y P

    Y P5 months ago

    Meadow rows vs t bar rows

  56. Y P

    Y P5 months ago

    You can also do arnold press vs shoulders press

  57. Y P

    Y P5 months ago

    Please do decline bench press vs chest dips!!!

  58. Ben Lee

    Ben Lee5 months ago

    Oh boy, the person running that ig page def got fired.

  59. Shalama_

    Shalama_5 months ago

    Who fucking cares anyway? The blue lives matter people are just right wingers that jump on anything that is just remotely against their beliefs like a pack of rabbid dogs. Those people that spam them are not even interested in their product, they just want to feel like they are fighting and winning something. It's just the regular US social media crap. Most of those people just chime in because they enjoy being outraged. I doubt this will have any impact on Gym Shark as a brand. It might even make them more money. I would even consider buying their clothes now to support them speaking out about the blue lives matter campaign. Blue lives crap is absolutely a whataboutism response to BlackLivesMatter, just aiming to discredit and dimish its meaning. That person saying that there are cops of all races? Yea that person is probably white. This is nothing new. Of course Gym Shark is going to delete their posts referencing it and will just wait for it to die off. These fights are only won by not taking part. There is no way anyone could be satisfied with anything they do now. Double down and the nutters will keep brigading them, delete posts and people will call them out for backing off.

  60. MightyBull Fitness

    MightyBull Fitness5 months ago

    I really hope you plan on rewinding and actually watching that dbs episode if you haven’t already. Saiyan Lives Matter 💪

  61. Squirrel King

    Squirrel King5 months ago

    Fuck blue lives because gymshark said it with their chest. Go avatar

  62. Bad Joke Podcast

    Bad Joke Podcast5 months ago

    This dude in the red keeps interrupting the Dragonball Z Frieza Movie

  63. EricIsntHere OrThereEither

    EricIsntHere OrThereEither5 months ago

    Lesson to be learned here, liberals dont lift.

  64. Dank Poster

    Dank Poster5 months ago

    Do you even *Left* bro?

  65. Corey Menzinger

    Corey Menzinger5 months ago

    Been saying it for years. Fuck those cunts. Overpriced garbage company that sponsors garbage human beings

  66. Sam S

    Sam S5 months ago

    I’m not American so I’m not going to involve my self in this debate as over there, it’s especially complex. Anyway, from a marketing and PR perspective, Gymshark really fucked by being GymSnark. A snarky attitude will never get you’re message across successfully, it just will piss people off. You are basically pandering to your existence audience while alienating the people you’re trying to get on board with what ever cause you have, we see that in the White House but we also see it happening in the other side too, it’s not right coming from either. Anyway, it was an absolute terrible move, PR wise, for a brand that’s frankly is mostly associated with the Male version of Insta Thots than being a social conscious fitness brand.


    AMREY LEE5 months ago

    Who else is here for avatar..... and ended up feeling coned 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  68. PifchoBG

    PifchoBG5 months ago

    if they hate the police so much next time they need 911 - dont call.

  69. TheUKWin

    TheUKWin5 months ago

    'we are revising our response process' Yeah sure.

  70. Russell Lerner

    Russell Lerner5 months ago

    Scott herman munster with no built why people follow this guy i dont know



    Who the fuck is running their marketing department...

  72. trav w

    trav w5 months ago

    Literally never would have thought of what so many brands thought politically, but now so many of them want to get woke and go broke. Just can’t see supporting a company like this.

  73. Tom

    Tom5 months ago

    I have still never seen evidence of police being racist to someone of another 'rsce'. What would a police officer stand to gain? Surely they stand to lose more.

  74. Marc Caramelo

    Marc Caramelo5 months ago

    Anybody responding to "BLM" with "what about Blue lives matter" or "what about all lives matter" is just plane dumb....didnt understand nothing the past half year and needs to go back to 4th grade.....sorry not sorry smh :/

  75. Priscilla Horne

    Priscilla Horne5 months ago

    I rock with GymShark for life! I got on all their gear now otw the gym! They ain't going nowhere! Too many people rock with them! Y'all comments ain't gonna matter they sale out daily🤣they still rocking over 4.5 million followers!

  76. Kareem Yousry

    Kareem Yousry5 months ago

    What's #bluelivesmatter ? I mean why is it a thing ? I'm not American but aren't the police the ones killing black people (not all of them, don't want to generalize; I mean regarding recent events)?

  77. brettwrb

    brettwrb5 months ago

    Kareem Yousry Statistically, whites are killed more per 1000 police interactions than blacks. This is how you compare it to account for there being more white than black in the population. Think about per capita Covid infections. In all, only 14 IIRC, we’re unarmed in all of 2019, but had done things to resist or fight with police that led to choke holds or actions that resulted in their death.

  78. Kareem Yousry

    Kareem Yousry5 months ago

    @brettwrb Elaborate plz.

  79. brettwrb

    brettwrb5 months ago

    It’s not nearly that simple. They’re killed by police at a lesser rate than whites, but statistics aren’t important to emotional people.

  80. Player 1

    Player 15 months ago

    Gymshark customers were stupid to begin with. A 2$ shirt helps you lift the same weight as a 70$ tanktop.

  81. TheFirstCocoPop

    TheFirstCocoPop5 months ago

    How strange that Gymshark say that they stand against racism yet they then say comments discriminating Police Officers as a whole 🤔

  82. TheFirstCocoPop

    TheFirstCocoPop5 months ago

    @lou kush hence why I stated 'comments discriminating Police Officers' discrimination doesn't just mean race.

  83. lou kush

    lou kush5 months ago

    police officer not a race, it's a profession.

  84. W.J. van der werf

    W.J. van der werf5 months ago

    Who gives a shit about Gym Shark. They’re not a go-to place for virtue or whatsoever. They’ve always supported fake natties in the past. Just give us actual content Scott 😗

  85. TEKASHI69

    TEKASHI695 months ago

    Gymshark needs to fire the dipshit valley girl running their twitter account

  86. Enrique Leon

    Enrique Leon5 months ago

    4.8 million followers- They aren't going anywhere, anytime soon. And they will be fine just as they said.

  87. 89AriGold

    89AriGold5 months ago

    warfighterathletic said it well. Lame brand anyway.

  88. LEO Spearhead

    LEO Spearhead5 months ago

    I think GymShark messed up. They are a fitness clothing business. Why did they add something other than that is beyond me.

  89. Angel of Wrath

    Angel of Wrath5 months ago

    Never had much respect for gymshark as a company, honestly just another large company like Netflix, Nike, McDonald's, Apple, etc. parroting leftist talking points, not surprising. I've only bought 1 tank top from them, wasn't planning on buying more anyway. F*ck liberals 🤮🤬

  90. Barry Anderson

    Barry Anderson5 months ago

    Great vid

  91. Gains

    Gains5 months ago

    Boycott GymShark

  92. Matt Davis

    Matt Davis5 months ago

    Good for GymShark honestly

  93. Roldan kreais

    Roldan kreais5 months ago

    Can we get this with English subtitles?

  94. whiteburr

    whiteburr5 months ago

    The problem is that Blue Lives Matter is always announced in opposition to Black Lives Matter, why has it got to be black people versus law enforcement? Nobody is saying Criminal Lives Matter

  95. lifeaftercave

    lifeaftercave5 months ago

    Been subscribed to your channel for your years. Just unsubscribed because it's abundantly clear Herman has become a right wing shit talking stooge. Good bye.

  96. Todd Martin

    Todd Martin5 months ago


  97. Djmike Lost

    Djmike Lost5 months ago

    ur brain must have been on fire during that chess workout !!

  98. Hassan Yousif

    Hassan Yousif5 months ago

    Hi Scott You have been attacked for your knowledge about coaching and trt

  99. Tyler Wilson

    Tyler Wilson5 months ago

    Gym Sharuk hahaha love the accent

  100. Van Wilder

    Van Wilder5 months ago

    Politics should be left out of business...that's business 101.

  101. CJ Baker Fitness

    CJ Baker Fitness5 months ago

    I think a funny video would be you working with a speech pathologist trying to correct the "AR" Boston accent lol JK but seriously it'd be funny

  102. Schniebel

    Schniebel5 months ago

    I'm very certain that they lost a lot of customers to this but in a few weeks, no one will remember anyway.

  103. Randog

    Randog5 months ago

    No excuse, #gymshark. Never watched you love lost here😂

  104. Randog

    Randog5 months ago

    Oh. #gymshark sells clothing? I’m sure We the People will “be ok” without their clothing 🤣

  105. tainopr777

    tainopr7775 months ago

    Wow so many people are being con! Blm movement has been high jacked by socialists whites! If blm why are there more plan parenthood clinics in black and Hispanics neighbors! People look at how many abortions are done in those neighborhoods then look at how many blacks and Hispanics killed by cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and cops. U will be surprised to know the number! Also research who was the person that started plan parenthood! U also will be surprised! Racism is a disease and it’s in every group white Latin and African Americans! But a show of kindness and love can change a person wicked heart! But first you need to inform yourself and check your self if u are living with hate in ur heart that’s the worst disease!

  106. Janet rodriguez

    Janet rodriguez5 months ago

    Back the blue 💙💙💙💙 they are not the enemy people... they are not pulling over good citizens. Just saying .......

  107. Evan Dickson

    Evan Dickson5 months ago

    I just came here for Resurrection F

  108. NumbChild99

    NumbChild995 months ago

    Gross. Clear to where you stand on this "Political" issue about how much Black Lives actually Matter. Lives isn't political. And Blue is a profession. Sad that you don't see the difference. Lost a subscriber

  109. Jose Garcia

    Jose Garcia5 months ago

    Its seems anytime blue live matters gets brought its always a trump supporter, I wonder why that is. Also blues lives matter is not a race and its been used to draw attention away from the urgent problem of anti-black police violence we see so often.

  110. Scorpion 9300

    Scorpion 93005 months ago

    Oh ffs hot water over what? 😂😂 who cares this isnt this even that big of deal. Ppl upset over fuckin tweets n shit

  111. Thomas Megabezemboy

    Thomas Megabezemboy5 months ago

    Imagine thinking some company cares about your feelings

  112. James Bichard

    James Bichard5 months ago

    I think it's quite telling, that while gymsharks responses were quite dismissive, bringing up "blue lives" in a post about black lives matter is essentially the same as the "all lives matter response". I'm glad that these bigger companies are using their platforms to try and spread awareness because it's a bit of an uphill struggle for them when everyone else expects to be included when the focal point of the post is on black lives. THAT BEING SAID they could have simply outlined this in their responses, using their page as a platform for discussion rather than issuing some quite sarcastic responses.

  113. Guillermo Lifts

    Guillermo Lifts5 months ago

    Everyone makes mistakes, luckily instagram has a delete button. Unluckily the internet won't let you forget when you make one mistake.

  114. Andrew Lancefield

    Andrew Lancefield5 months ago

    They should have stuck to their principles and kept the post up, people spamming about all lives or white lives etc is just whataboutism and I can take a good guess at their political leanings

  115. Alyssa F

    Alyssa F5 months ago

    I don't know when politics and fashion became unison but it needs to stop. And we as people need to stop wanting politics with who we choose to buy from. Clothes are clothes. Stop linking politics to everything.

  116. Aryavir Munshi

    Aryavir Munshi5 months ago

    Bro the fact you think a BLM post is soo controversial tells me a lot about u, blue lives is a choice lol while black lives isn't so please Scott cut the crap and stop comparing them. Being a person of color I would say I support Gym shark and so would 95% of the athletes. Its sad how y'all never speak about the BS happening in America for 200 years while Scott u are soo quick to bring this?? I really like your content but this kinda made me sad......Blue lives ain't a thing, there are 2 things good cops and bad ones and the bad ones need to come under fire and need to stop being protected by republicans under the cute blue lives umbrella. and btw buddy its politics that affects most of the minorities severely, not all are privileged to not worry about who is in office like u bro... so politics matters! Its because of this callous attitude we have Trump in office, looks like nothing matters when people are on cloud 9...

  117. A mc

    A mc5 months ago

    the people saying what about blue lives clearly dont understand the point of blm and their opinion should be immediately voided. Blue lives dont exist and equating a job title to a real movement is a sign of a total lack of understanding of the issue.