Increase Your Biceps Size & Strength NATURALLY in 7 Days!

Today I want to discuss a training technique that you can implement right now into your weekly workouts to help you start to see noticeable biceps growth in a short amount of time. Too often we blame “genetics” for lagging areas, but in reality what it really comes down to is your level of “intensity” when training. But as you can imagine, short of having you here in my gym so I can physically train you, it can be very hard for me to convey what “INTENSE” training really feels like.

So to help you gain an understanding of the kind of intensity I want you to have, I created a biceps routine that I want you to perform at the END of your workout that utilizes “Fascia Stretch Training” because this technique is only effective when your muscles are pumped and full of blood.

What Is The Fascia?
You see, your muscles have a protective barrier, or casing, that holds them in place called the fascia and while we need this internal support system to survive, at times it can be limiting to your growth. So the goal here is to try to “stretch” the fascia utilizing the “pump” we get from intense training and then HOLD a deep stretch with very specific exercises to force the fascia to stretch even more allowing the once restricted muscle to grow.

This works because when your muscles are fully pumped, they’re pressing against the fascia and by stretching hard at that time, you increase that pressure on the fascia greatly, which can lead to expansion of the fascia. So this is very different than just normal stretching.

Dumbbell Spider Curl: (4 Sets: 10 - 12 Reps)
Our goal here is to isolate the biceps and obtain a massive pump, so you want to pick a weight that will allow you to reach you goal of 10 - 12 reps. Then keep the rest periods short, so about 45 - 60 seconds.

Now, if done with the right intensity you should already have a decent pump by set 2 and this going to get us to reach our goal of forcing a lot of blood into the muscle and apply pressure to the fascia. So REALLY make sure you keep the rest periods SHORT, we do not want to lose the pump!
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  1. ScottHermanFitness

    ScottHermanFitness4 months ago

    Today I want to discuss a training technique that you can implement right now into your weekly workouts to help you start to see noticeable biceps growth in a short amount of time. Too often we blame “genetics” for lagging areas, but in reality what it really comes down to is your level of “intensity” when training. But as you can imagine, short of having you here in my gym so I can physically train you, it can be very hard for me to convey what “INTENSE” training really feels like. Continue to FULL ARTICLE here: So to help you gain an understanding of the kind of intensity I want you to have, I created a biceps routine that I want you to perform at the END of your workout that utilizes “Fascia Stretch Training” because this technique is only effective when your muscles are pumped and full of blood. (1:33) Dumbbell Spider Curl: (4 Sets: 10 - 12 Reps) (2:10) Incline Dumbbell Curl: (3 Sets: 2 - 3 Reps with 20 sec. Hold) (3:12) Half Barbell Biceps Curl: (2 Sets: Slow Negative with 20 sec. Mid-Hold) So if for example you are training BACK / BICEPS or BICEPS / TRICEPS, you would utilize this as your biceps workout and do it AFTER Back or Triceps training. It might also be a good idea to start supplementing with creatine to help with your recovery between sets as well. 15% off All BSN Supplements and Free Shipping! (CODE: SCOTT15) CREATINE: But above all else make sure you’re training SAFE. Know the difference between a good stretch and a bad stretch on the muscle and at no time during this routine should you feel any sharp pain, just a steady pull on the area being trained. - - - Try my 5 Day Bodybuilding Split program for 7 DAYS FREE with code “MS7” when you join as a platinum member!

  2. Joseph Roessler

    Joseph Roessler15 days ago

    @Scott Herman can you please do a video on properly doing like extensions and also glutes on the machine thank you very much what's appreciated

  3. David Musenzeka

    David Musenzeka4 months ago

  4. Aybars Bınarcık

    Aybars Bınarcık4 months ago

    Hi Scott I am ortopedic surgeon from Turkey who is watching your videos 10 years. So ı am not hater. :) I want to discuss a point. Excelent workout but, exantric contraction is the most effective method for increase strenght and power. however I tried this exercise and finally got a pump :) I think pump exercise is also necessary but I think the theory of the mechanical compression of the fascia may not be correct. In patients with compartment syndrome, the fascia can expand too much, and this happens within a few seconds. Pump exercises may provide metabolic preparation for hypertrophy with increased sarcoplasmic rediculum in the muscle cell. What do you think about this topic.? we love you :)

  5. sdragon28

    sdragon284 months ago

    This is a vey good option for someone that doesn't feel the biceps in a curl. But eccentric training and progressive overload has their limit. But how do you overcome that? By incorporate more metabolic exercises, cluster sets etc. Remember that only by going through failure is the best way to gain muscle mass.

  6. Mike Taylor

    Mike Taylor4 months ago

    Finally! Someone talking about fascia. This connective tissue, that’s all throughout your body, needs to be talked about more. I’ve been in physical therapy due to an out of the gym accident, which lead to not training for quite some time. I’m back in the gym and my body has been fighting me all along the way. Stretching is so important. Avoiding muscle imbalances as well. Your breathing can even be compromised if there’s any fascial tightness around chest, ribs or neck. The body is highly adaptable, and will always take the path of least resistance with any sort of imbalance. Stretch, stretch, stretch! I’ve even got a cupping set that I was shown how to safely use at home - gliding technique. I had my pec minor and areas along my ribs worked on with a FAT tool. Not comfortable at all. Even tightness in your pec minor effects your breathing. Please, do more videos on fascial tissue. Not for me, but to spread some not commonly talked about knowledge.

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    Chirag Parmar3 months ago

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    Kenan Kagan3 months ago

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